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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jd"s issue's !


Howard played a few clips from yesterday's Wrap-Up Show in which JD discussed his love life. In the first, he wondered if he 'aimed too high' romantically: "I've been told that before. I was told that in high school, actually, by a girl that I liked. She said, 'You go for girls that you can't get' – whether that means they're too high or you know...I'm attracted to who I'm attracted to. I'm sorry if, you know, that I'm not attracted to everyone...I like who I like. I'm sorry."

JD said this pattern continued with the last girl he dated: "She got a boyfriend...because I'm not necessarily looking for something totally serious because I don't – I don't – you know, because I can barely handle myself, let alone having to be a part of sort of a relationship and dealing with someone else...I'm just not in that mode." JD went on: "I just, eh, I don't know, I'm just not looking for something...if it comes along, sure, but I don't know."


JD finally confessed: "It sounds stupid but I have a wandering eye I guess you could say...I'm not looking for something...I hate this show. I hate talking on these shows. I like a lot of girls so I don't know how so – forget's not working out so well." Asked about times he'd lowered his standards, JD said they went no better: "Nothing works out." Howard saw where JD was coming from: "If I'm gonna be shot down, I'm gonna go for the best."


JD told the crew he hoped to visit his Mom soon, as she feels like he has a closer relationship with his father: "She's had these thoughts and that's not how it is." JD was happy with her renewed efforts: "She said her New Year's resolution is to see me and my brother more." Howard didn't think it sounded that very difficult, so JD explained she just felt "more out of the loop" because he visited/talked to his father more and felt left out.

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