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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sal & Richard's Pizza call using Autotune / Sal and Richard strike again

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

PETE ROSE AND KIANA KIM Visits Howard Stern & Robin News Talks about ERYKAH BADU WINDOW SEAT Watch OFFICIAL VIDEO ( Window Seat World )

Erykah Badu's new album is taking a window seat to her controversial new video.
For her "Window Seat" music video, released Saturday, Badu strips as she walks down a Dallas sidewalk before collapsing naked near the spot where John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.
The video was shot for Badu's new album, "New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh" without a crew in one take on March 17, according to her Twitter.
Badu says she was verbally harassed on the day of filming, though the taunts did not make the final cut.
"they were yelling, 'THIS IS A PUBLIC PLACE : YOU OUGHTA BE ASHAMED : PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON : DAMN GIRL! etc," she tweeted.
As the music video progresses, a naked Badu reaches Dealey Plaza and a gunshot rings out in the distance. Badu's head snaps back and the naked singer crumples to the floor.
Badu wrote that she was "too busy lookin for cops" to be shy about her nudity, though she was aware that children were around and “prayed they wouldn’t b traumatized.”
When the cameras stopped, Badu tweets that she and her cameraman fled.
According to the singer, she was speaking out against "groupthink," a psychological term referring to a group of people who sacrifice individuality in order to embrace collective thought and avoid conflict.
A Dallas Police spokeswoman told CNN that the songstress would not be charged for indecent exposure.
Badu's Tuesday morning post on Twitter appeared to ring true, "The butt naked truth is powerful America !!!!"


Howard welcomed baseball legend Pete Rose and his girlfriend, Playboy Playmate Kiana Kim, to the studio and congratulated Pete: "Boy, your girlfriend is super hot. Look at can handle her? You are a legend." Howard then asked about the infamous 'apology balls' Pete had signed (including the one he signed for Howard), so Pete said they were meant to personal gifts: "The reason we signed 303 was because that's my career batting average." It wasn't until someone sold theirs on eBay that they made news: "And then all hell broke loose. They weren't supposed to get out."
Pete said he now followed legal gambling practices: "I do no more illegal gambling. No more." Robin asked how much Pete used to gamble per day, so Pete confessed: "Back when I was playing? A couple thousand." Howard read a poll that said 60% of people would vote Pete into the MLB Hall of Fame--if he were eligible--a figure Pete found a little lacking: "That disappoints me a little bit. I was thinking 85 or 90 percent." Pete later added: "I was wrong. There's no question about it. What I did was wrong." Pete also reiterated what he's claimed all along: he only ever bet on his team--never against it.


Pete said he hoped to be reinstated, as he would love to return to coaching. He confidently addressed the MLB team owners: "But don't call me unless you wanna draw a lot of people and win." Howard thought Kiana would draw fans of her own--especially after they see her Playboy pictorial.
Kiana said she had enjoyed the shoot: "They do it in a way where they slowly take your clothes off." Kiana also told the crew that Pete was quite virile for a 69-year-old man, as they have sex every day: "Every day we see each other. But we don't see each other every day."


Before he left, Pete told the crew a story about visiting the troops in Vietnam with fellow MLB great Joe DiMaggio. Joe--known for his meticulous hygiene--insisted on showering in the jungle, a process that required Pete to stand over him and pour water down a bamboo shoot. Pete said he got clear view: "And the best way to describe Joe DiMaggio is a penis with a man hanging from it."
Pete began riffing, saying it was the biggest penis he'd ever seen: "He's quite a man. He is the Yankee Clipper...if I would’ve had a camera-phone I would’ve taken a picture with it. You could’ve signed Carl Yastrzemski on it. It's why [Marilyn Monroe] only spent 260 days with him."

Monday, March 29, 2010

Kill, Sal Or Richard ?


A caller presented Howard with a 'Sophie's Choice' scenario, asking him to choose--if forced--to kill either Sal or Richard. Howard struggled with the question: "I really think of them as one person...I don't know enough about what they do individually. Personally I'd probably kill Sal, because I like Richard better as a person. Richard seems sweeter...I like Richard a little bit more than Sal." After he'd made his decision, Howard wanted to follow through: "Let's really do it. Gary, bring in a gun and let them defend themselves." Gary refused, saying he'd kill Richard: "Sal provides so much more material for the show with his personal life."

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ben Stiller Visits howard


Ben Stiller stopped by to promote his new movie, 'Greenberg,' and Howard immediately asked why he was making a 'small' film. Ben explained: "It's not about the money at all. It's about trying to make a good movie...this kind of movie is never gonna be--it's not gonna get released on that many screens." Robin asked if it was his bid for an Oscar, so Ben joked: "That's what the 'Night at the Museum' movies were."
Howard commended Ben for being a successful comedic actor who didn't try and go 'serious' all the time. Ben said he loved to be funny, but now he just had more freedom: "It just becomes a choice you make in the get to a point where you want to do what's interesting to you. You don't wanna keep doing the same thing."


Robin asked what happened to the 'Avatar'-spoofing bit he and 'Borat' star Sasha Baron Cohen had planned for the Oscars, so Ben explained: "Sasha didn't do'd have to ask him [why]. I honestly don't know what the process was with him...I know that the producers didn't kill it."


Howard read Ben a tabloid story claiming that he was a "terror" and exhibited "vain, obsessive behavior" on the set of 'Meet the Parents,' so Ben joked: "Is it weird to have a full-length mirror by the camera when you shoot?" Ben added that movie sets were a weird workspace where you're doing very private work in a public sphere: "It's sort of a vulnerable place."
Ben told the crew he’d recently visited Uganda on a humanitarian aid mission, leading Howard to joke about Robin's 'fact-finding' mission to Guatemala. Ben laughed: "We found some real good facts there, yeah. I saw a cow being slaughtered." Howard wondered why a man who's generated billions in box office dollars would go to Africa, so Ben explained: "I don't equate the gross of a movie in any way with--first of all, my personal sense of self. Ok? Because it doesn't relate to that."

Monday, March 22, 2010

Howard stern returns from vaction and talks about Robin's trip to Guatemala

ROBIN'S TRIP TO GUATEMALA Howard mockingly thanked Robin's Twitter feed for keeping him updated on every moment of Robin's 'fact-finding mission' to Guatemala: "What a waste of a week's vacation." Robin accused Howard of cynicism: "You call everything a waste." Howard then read a few of his favorite Robin-Tweets: "We saw your Twitter. You don't need to tell us [about the trip]. I could tell you when you took a shit." 1. "It's nice that a dollar still means something in some part of the world." 2. "I need a nap from a heavy lunch. Beans, beans, beans." 3. "I'm at a coffee farm. This is where they grow coffee." 4. "I'm with the Guatemalan children. We're playing Duck-Duck-Goose." HOWARD (FINALLY) GET’S TO RESPOND Howard said he was disappointed with the media's handling of his comments on 'Precious' star Gabourey Sidibe's weight: "I'm sad that this has become fodder for debate instead of a wake-up call for this girl." Howard continued: "This isn't about me. I'm commenting on has nothing to do with her per se. Her problem is she's not gonna live a long healthy life. She's gonna miss out on a's not worth it." The media's spin also had a negative effect on Howard's anxiety levels, as the show was 'dark' and he couldn't answer every accusation the next morning. Eventually he had to see a doctor to have an EKG: "I thought I was having a heart attack." Beth thought his 'heart attack' was just bottled anger, and Howard agreed: "I go, 'Yes! And I've got nobody to talk to!' People need to be straightened out. They're ganging up on me." BEN & RAY COME TO STAY Howard confessed that his parents also played a big part in his heightened anxiety levels, as they'd stayed with him for a few days while their power (and heat) were restored at their home Roosevelt. To compound things further, his parents' steadfast routine nearly botched their ride out to Howard's house. When they arrived, Howard had to deal with the complications of their aging ears: the TV at top volume and replies of 'What?' to anything he

Monday, March 15, 2010

Howard Stern Sidekick Scores with Ashley Dupre at Nobu in L.A. ...

jd enchants ashley with his words, she wants some hot cock... i mean chocolate with him. GameFly - Black AnimStern gave JD $5,000 to spend on Ashley any way he wanted -- and he chose to fly out to Los Angeles for a night on the town. They went to Nobu for dinner but what we wanted to know ... what were they planning for breakfast? Read more:

Saturday, March 13, 2010

JD on his date with Ashlley Dupree..This is from Ashleys Twitter.....Do you think he scored that night at Nobu???.....

JD on his date with Ashlley Dupree..This is from Ashleys Twitter.....Do you think he scored that night at Nobu???.....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Watch And Listen to Howard Stern - 2010-03-10 - Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant - Howard Stern: Mistress Beauty Pageant

won the Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant on the "Howard Stern Show" this morning. The winning alleged mistress earned $75,000 for her championship performance, and listeners were treated to juicy tidbits from Jungers, Jaimee Grubbs and Loredana Jolie. According to tweets from listeners and attendees, Jungers claimed that Woods was well endowed. "Tiger's wood was nine inches," she evidently said. Former Playboy model Loredana Jolie, meanwhile, claimed Woods was "bigger and better" than Michael Jordan. Both Grubbs and Jungers said that Woods never used condoms when sleeping with them, which echoes previous reports. Jungers reiterated that she slept with Woods the night his father died. For those with a financial interest in the outcome of today's pageant, Jungers' victory is a bit of an upset. The gambling odds made both Jungers and Grubbs a +500 bet, while Jolie was the favorite at +250. (Another alleged mistress, the sometimes revealingly dressed Cori Rist, was also at +250, but she did not compete.) The Howard Stern Show 2010-03-10 Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant

Tiger Woods Pageant Winner, The Results are in: Jamie Jungers - Howard Stern's pageant winner of $75,000

Tiger Woods has been trying to put the scandal behind him, and get his life back for himself and his family. Despite this fact, Howard Stern forged ahead with his planned beauty pageant of the golfer's alleged mistresses. According to reports, Jamie Jungers won. It is now being reported that Jungers as "the winning alleged mistress earned $75,000 for her championship performance." Fox News previously reported of the pageant: "As if Tiger Woods’s apology last week for his serial philandering wasn’t enough of a public humiliation, several of his former mistresses have agreed to take part in a beauty pageant in which they will compete for a $100,000 prize. The Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant, organized by shock jock Howard Stern, will be held on March 10. So far, only four of the golfer’s former mistresses — out of the 13 identified in the press — have agreed to take part. They will compete in categories such as 'Swimsuit,' 'Personality' and 'Talent' to earn the judges’ votes." What do you think of Stern's pageant?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant is live Wednesday (contestant photos)

The Howard Stern Show's highly anticipated "Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant" airs live Wednesday morning on Sirius XM.At least four of Tiger Woods' twelve identified mistresses have signed on to compete for the $100,000 cash prize according to Howard Stern Show producer Gary "Baba Booey" Dell'Abate. Fox News reported last week that one of the four mistresses was backing out of the competition, but fans will have to wait until Wednesday to find out who shows up for sure.Tiger Woods' original identified mistress Rachel Uchitel has already stated that she is ineligible to compete in the competition due to confidentiality agreements signed with Tiger Woods' lawyers.That leaves 11 other potential mistresses in contention for the title of "Mistress USA". 1. Jaimee Grubbs-the reality show star from "Tool Academy" 2. Kalika Moquin-the party promoter from Las Vegas 3. Jamie Jungers-the "" model 4. Cori Rist-the NYC cocktail waitress 5. Mindy Lawton-the Orlando, Florida Perkins waitress 6. Holly Sampson-the porn star 7. Joslyn James aka Veronica Siwiki-Daniels-the other porn star 8. Loredana Jolie-the model 9. Theresa Rogers-the cougar 10. Julie Postle-the Orlando area charity events planner 11. Michelle Braun-the Hollywood madam Tiger Woods mistress prototype Rachel Uchitel won't be competing in the Howard Stern Show's Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant on March 10th. Check out photos of all the eligible contestants below! Howard Stern Show producer Gary "Baba Booey" Dell'Abate said on Wednesday morning's Sirius XM broadcast that he had spoken to Rachel Uchitel by phone on Tuesday afternoon: "I spoke to her yesterday and it was really funny because I had asked her to be in the contest. I was buttering her up because she said she couldn't be in the competition but she couldn't tell me why, and she wanted to do, you know, the flat cutout and she said: 'It was really funny because I knew I couldn't be in it, but then I was like: 'God-how come they're not asking me?' Cause she said a lot of guys are coming up to her and asking her, and I said: 'Rachel, let me tell you something...You were number one on our list. You know, I did leave a message with your lawyer. I'm surprised she didn't tell you.'"howard Stern Examiner . com[*We've Got Your Game at Austad's*] GameTap - Get Unlimited Access to Hundreds of Games

Jesse Ventura talks American Conspiracies with Howard stern ..


Before today’s guest, Jesse Ventura, arrived, Howard asked the crew how many times they thought he'd mention 'Navy Seals'--or just 'Seals.' After Howard initially placed the over/under at 14, Gary dropped it to 5. Robin and Howard both went with the over. Gary took the under. Later, after Jesse had left, Jon Hein reported that he'd said 'Seals' exactly 5 times--no one but the bookie can claim a victory.


Former Minnesota Governor Jesse 'The Body' Ventura stopped by to promote his new book, 'American Conspiracies,' and told the crew he didn't have a TV in his Baja home: "It kind of traps you. You become so addicted to it you can't go a day without looking at it." Jesse said he recently made an exception: "I did drive to a friend’s house to watch the Super Bowl. Football don't count."
Jesse continued to extoll the virtues of his life in Mexico: "There are no newspapers down where I live. Where I live, I'm an hour from pavement and an hour from electricity..I'm completely off the grid." Jesse explained that he uses generators and solar panels for the little electricity he and his wife required.


Jesse then held court on a variety of topics, starting with gays in the military ("How dare us not allow gay people to serve their country. This is not the Hetero States of America. This is the United States of America." Jesse joked that he'd have appreciated more gays in Vietnam, as it would've meant less competition for the whores in Saigon: "Hell, bring those gay guys in!"
Jesse also indulged in his favorite subject: American conspiracies/mysteries. He first claimed Nixon was set up to be a fall guy with Watergate ("It's all documented."), then explained why he believed the 'second shooter' Kennedy assassination theory ("The key is the bullet that missed."). He later speculated on McCain's reason for picking Sarah Palin as his running mate: '[He] said, 'We'll get someone prettier than Hilary...with bigger tits than Hilary.'"


Jesse told the crew he recently filmed a scene for the new Wachowski brother movie: "Except they're not brothers anymore. One of them went from Larry to Lana." Howard asked how Lana looked, so Jesse shrugged: "He looks feminine but he's not a pretty woman." Jesse said his scene had no script--but required a day's-worth of hair (long, multi-colored dreadlocks) and make-up: "They put almost like a third eye in the middle of my forehead."
Jesse reported that his scene took place 100 years in the future, but he was asked to comment--in his heavily-accessorized character--on the 2010-era situation in the Middle East: "I got to vent." Instead of a script, Jesse was interviewed off-camera by 'Lana' Wachowski for the scene, leading Howard to wonder if Jesse could ever have any desire for a transsexual. Jesse recoiled: "No. How could a man be that hot?"


When Howard revealed the crew's bet on the number of times Jesse would say 'Seals,' Jesse said he referred to that time in his life often: "When I start feeling sorry for myself or get depressed, I always think back to BUDS training or Hell Week and all that and I go, 'What the hell have you got to be depressed about?'"

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A fictional tale of one of the world's most famous sports figures. Who would have ever guessed golf could be so sexy? Lusty mistresses satisfy Tyler's every carnal desire. Sex, money, a supermodel wife, sexy young women in cheap hotels and more holes than the back 18 at Pebble Beach. Who hit who? Who screwed who? Find out when you watch Tyler's Wood. A cautionary tale of how a tiger in the sack became a cheetah. Starring: Andi Anderson | Capri Cavali | Diana Doll | Evan Stone | Kayden Kross | Natasha Nice | Richelle Ryan | Tyler Knight Director: David Lord Studio: Adam & Eve Pictures Categories: INTERRACIAL | PAROD

Sunday, March 7, 2010

MR. SKIN PRESENTS THE 2010 “ANATOMY” AWARDS on the howard stern show - Buy Mr. Skincyclopedia here ! !!

Crocs, Inc.d=0&type=4&gridnum=13"> MR. SKIN PRESENTS THE 2010 “ANATOMY” AWARDS MR. SKIN WORKS OUT WITH OBAMA As he has done for the last 10 years, Mr. Skin stopped by to share his 11th annual 'Anatomy Awards' and told the crew he worked out at the same gym as Oprah Winfrey: "I've seen her on the Stairmaster...I used to see Barack Obama there." Howard asked if he'd ever seen any presidential skin, but Mr. Skin claimed Obama was only a Senator at the time: "He was there in the shower and I saw his butt..." Mr. Skin said his company now has a board of directors, explaining: "Over ten years of doing this, there's a lot of money changing hands." Mr. Skin said he oversaw a team of nudity-hunters: "I'm not the frontline anymore, Robin. [There are] 8 guys total. All they do from start to finish is go through movies looking for nudes." Mr. Skin also commended Blu-Ray technology for making the job easier: "We're finding scenes and nudity we wouldn't of--not been able to see on DVD." THE 11TH ANNUAL
ANATOMY AWARDS Mr. Skin then announced a few of his 'Anatomy Award'-winners: Nude-comer of the Year: Jessica Blank on HBO's 'Bored to Death.' Best Butt: Eva Mendes in 'The Spirit.' Best Breasts: Alice Eve in 'Crossing Over.' Breast Picture: 'Spread.' Best Breast-feeding Scene: Heather Graham in 'The Hangover.' Best Shaving Scene: Rachel Blanchard in 'Spread.' Best Nude Water-skiing Scene: Willa Ford in 'Friday the 13th.' Best Nude Daughter of a Famous Father: Katie Cassidy (David Cassidy) in 'Live!' Best Lip-slip: Amy Smart in 'Crank 2.' Best Network Upskirt Shot: Molly Shannon on NBC's 'Kath & Kim.' Best Nude Daughter of a Famous Mother: Eva Amuri (Susan Sarandon) on HBO's 'Californication.' A One-Armed Salute to 2009’s Most Skintastic Achievements in Motion Picture and Television Sex and Nudity It's time to announce the nude celeb winners of Mr. Skin's 11th Annual Anatomy Awards, a celebration of Hollywood at its breast. Along with nude celeb categories like Best Boobs, Best Butt, and Breast Picture, this year we added a special nude celeb Viewer's Choice Award to give you a chance to cast your vote for your favorite nude celebs. We'll also announce the lucky winner of this year's Skin-Prentice contest and present a very special Lifetime Skinchievement Award to one lucky nude celeb. The skinvelope, please! Part One: Nominated Categories * jessica blank Nudecomer of the Year Winner: Jessica Blank in Bored to Death Pic: 1 Runners Up: Courtney Ford, Naturi Naughton, Ellen Woglom * eva mendes Best Butt Winner: Eva Mendes in The Spirit Pic: 1 Runners Up: Paz de la Huerta in Limits of Control, Sienna Miller in Mysteries of Pittsburgh, Naturi Naughton in Notorious * alice eve Best Boobs Winner: Alice Eve in Crossing Over Pic: 1 Runners Up: Eva Amurri in Californication, Julianna Guill in Friday the 13th, Sophie Monk in The Hills Run Red * eva amurri Best Nude Scene - TV Winner: Eva Amurri in Californication Pic: 1 Runners Up: Anna Paquin in True Blood, Charlotte Salt in The Tudors, Alanna Ubach in Hung * jessica biel Best Nude Scene - Movie Winner: Jessica Biel in Powder Blue Pic: 1 Runners Up: Alice Eve in Crossing Over, Amber Heard in The Informers, Betsy Rue in My Bloody Valentine 3D * californication Best TV Show Winner: Californication Pic: 1, 2 Runners Up: Crash, Hung, True Blood * spread Breast Picture Winner: Spread Pic: 1, 2 Runners Up: American Pie Presents: The Book of Love, The Informers, Powder Blue Part Two: Special Awards * helen mirren Lifetime Skincheivement Award Winner: Helen Mirren Pic: 1 * heather graham Best Breastfeeding Scene Winner: Heather Graham in The Hangover Pic: 1 * rachel blanchard Best Shaving Scene Winner: Rachel Blanchard in Spread Pic: 1 * katy mixon Best Body Double Winner: Katy Mixon's Body Double in Eastbound and Down Pic: 1 * kourtney kardashian Best Underwear Scene Winner: Kourtney Kardashian in Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami Pic: 1, 2 * nydia mcfadden Best Skinterracial Scene Winner: Nydia McFadden in Funny People Pic: 1 * anne heche Best Over 40 Nudity Winner: Anne Heche in Spread Pic: 1 * kendra wilkinson Best Reality TV Nudity Winner: Kendra Wilkinson in Kendra Pic: 1 * willa ford Best Nude Water Skiing Scene Winner: Willa Ford in Friday the 13th Pic: 1 * betsy rue Best 3D Nudity Winner: Betsy Rue in My Bloody Valentine 3D Pic: 1 * sasha grey Best Porn Star Gone Hollywood Winner: Sasha Grey in The Girlfriend Experience Pic: 1 * rebecca creskoff Best Bush Only Scene Winner: Rebecca Creskoff in Hung Pic: 1 * paz de la huerta Best Nude Wearing Glasses Scene Winner: Paz de la Huerta in Limits of Control Pic: 1 * melissa jones Best Boobs on Glass Scene Winner: Melissa Jones in Butterfly Effect: Revelations Pic: 1 * amurri sarandon Best Nude Daughter of a Famous Mother Winner: Eva Amurri in Californication (Susan Sarandon) Pic: 1, 2 * katie cassidy Best Nude Daughter of a Famous Father Winner: Katie Cassidy in Live! (David Cassidy) Pic: 1 * odette yustman Best Camel Toe Winner: Odette Yustman in The Unborn Pic: 1 * amy smart Best Lip Slip Winner: Amy Smart in Crank 2: High Voltage Pic: 1 * kelly lynch Best Blu-ray Find (Blu-ray Released in 2009) Winner: Kelly Lynch Reverse Furburger in Roadhouse Pic: 1 * molly shannon upskirt Best Network Upskirt Winner: Molly Shannon in Kath and Kim Pic: 1 * gwyneth paltrow Best Nude in a Window Scene Winner: Gwyneth Paltrow in Two Lovers Pic: 1 * kate french Best Skinny Dipping Scene Winner: Kate French in Fired Up! Pic: 1 * michelle nordin Best Outdoor Sex Scene Winner: Michelle Nordin in Red Velvet Pic: 1 * moon bloodgood Best DVD Deleted Nude Scene Winner: Moon Bloodgood in Terminator Salvation: The Director's Cut Pic: 1 * asia argento Best Making Out with a Rottweiler Scene Winner: Asia Argento in Go Go Tales Pic: 1 * eve mauro Best Shvitz Tits Winner: Eve Mauro in The Chaos Experiment Pic: 1 * dita von teese Best Long Lost Nudes Uncovered Winner: Dita Von Teese in Andrew Blake Five Stars Pic: 1 * christina hendricks Actress We Most Want to See Nude in 2010 Winner: Christina Hendricks Pic: 1 * broken embraces Best Foreign Film Winner: Broken Embraces Pic: 1 * eva amurri Viewer's Choice Award - Most voted for Celeb Winner: Eva Amurri Pic: 1 * skinprentice neumann The 2010 Skinprentice Winner: Neumann See Neumann's slideshow here This year's Academy Award nominees and the best place to see them naked Best Actress Nominees Sandra Bullock nominated for The Blindside, nude in Fire on the Amazon Helen Mirren nominated for The Last Station, nude in Savage Messiah Carey Mulligan nominated for An Education, nude in When Did You Last See Your Father Gabourey Sidibe nominated for Precious, never been nude Meryl Streep nominated for Julie and Julia, nude in Silkwood Best Supporting Actress Nominees Penelope Cruz nominated for Nine, nude in Jamon, Jamon Vera Farmiga nominated for Up in the Air, nude in Never Forever Maggie Gyllenhaal nominated for Crazy Heart, nude in Strip Search Anna Kendrick nominated for Up in the Air, never been nude Mo'Nique nominated for Precious, never been nude

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

howard stern on CBS " The Early Show " Howard's rant on Jay Leno live on The Early Show on CBS from his Sirius Satellite Radio show.


Howard honored an interview request from CBS 'The Early Show,' as they wanted to talk to him about the late night TV shake-up. When the program's co-anchor, Harry Smith, finally opened up the feed, Howard went off: "Just the mere mention of Jay Leno's name makes me want to vomit." Howard also shrugged off rumors he'd return to terrestrial radio: "I don't miss free radio at all."
Harry asked if Howard planned to replace Simon Cowell on 'American Idol,' so Howard repeated that he would--if they paid him $100 million: "For four months work judging a karaoke contest, Harry? Even you would take that." Harry ended the interview (as planned) just four and a half minutes after it started, but Howard was unsatisfied: "They should've let me go longer. Letterman must be [happy] after what I said."


Gary said the CBS producer on-site had left in a hurry after the interview: "I think he got some weird calls from his bosses. He looked kinda shell-shocked when he left." Jeff the Drunk phoned in a review: "You did good. You didn't swear. I'm so proud of you." Howard was appreciative: "One thing Jeff the Drunk does is watch TV all day. So if anybody knows if something's entertaining, it's anyone ever proud of you?" Jeff said yes, so Robin laughed: "Who? When?" Jeff replied that his mother was always proud of him.
Howard's rant on Jay Leno live on The Early Show on CBS from his Sirius Satellite Radio show. Howard also took a congratulatory phone call from his sister, Ellen, and Ralph came in to fawn: "You looked very handsome and you were very funny." Howard said he hoped Letterman liked the appearance: "I do feel an allegiance to him." Fred later reported that he'd gotten an alarming e-mail ("They cut off a significant part--the last part--of the interview."). However, JD checked the tape and reported that they cut away at the last moment, missing the Reba McIntyre joke Howard had

Monday, March 1, 2010

Get BeetleJuice iphone App.


Beetlejuice stopped by to promote his new iPhone app and claimed he was the one who developed it: "I'm a scientist." Beet went on to say he'd banged Tiger Woods' wife, Elin, "about two weeks ago" as well as most of Tiger's mistresses--even brandishing the golf club he'd used on them. A caller asked how many women he'd managed to bang in a day, so Beet bragged: "Like 30."
On his way out, Beet also claimed to have banged Beth O: "Howard, everyone's got to get a piece of it." Robin wondered if he'd used his golf club on her as well, and Beet nodded: "Oh a couple times...I'm a delivery man...I just have to do it."

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