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Monday, November 28, 2011

HOWARD STERN: Benjy's new look courtesy of his new girlfriend!

HOWARD STERN: Benjy's new look courtesy of his new girlfriend! HOWARDTV 94 videos Subscribe Loading... You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from Adobe. 308 views Like Add to Share Uploaded by HOWARDTV on Nov 28, 2011 Benjy came in to work fresh from the Thanksgiving break sporting a new necklace, earring and horribly dyed goatee.

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Howad talks about LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett , watch video

LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock LMFAOVEVO 14 videos Subscribe Loading... You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from Adobe. 299,514,999 Like Add to Share Uploaded by LMFAOVEVO on Mar 8, 2011 | #4 on the YouTube 100 Buy now Music video by LMFAO performing Party Rock Anthem featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock LMFAO - Sexy and I Know It LMFAOVEVO 14 videos Subscribe Loading... You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from Adobe. 137,008,056 Like Add to Share Published on Sep 16, 2011 by LMFAOVEVO | #1 on the YouTube 100 Music video by LMFAO performing Sexy and I Know It

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BENJY Gloria Allred's “PRESS CONFERENCE” video

BENJY BOMBS ANOTHER “PRESS CONFERENCE” Benji Bronk -- The Ultimate Prank 2,678 videos Subscribe Loading... You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from Adobe. 496 views LikeAdd toShare Published on Nov 8, 2011 by One of Howard Stern's finest played the ultimate prank on a group of reporters before one of Gloria Allred's recent press conference. At the top of the show, Howard noted that Benjy crashed Gloria Allred's press conference yesterday, and, instead of promoting the show, he repeatedly dropped the name of his crush, Elisa Jordana: "If this doesn't get you in her pants, I don't know what will." Robin disagreed ("This is pushing him further away."), but Howard didn't think it was so serious: "It was another one of these Gloria Allred conferences." Robin saw his point: "When Gloria Allred shows up, it doesn't have any credibility whatsoever." WHO WANTS ME TO LEAVE In one clip, Benjy could be heard grabbing the mic before Gloria arrived and haranguing an indignant press corps, saying he could just as well be Herman Cain's most recent accuser ("Maybe I have unknown genitalia! Maybe that's my problem!") but eventually revealing his true motivation: "Calm down. This is not what you think it is. Just calm down. This is about Elisa Jordana." Howard saw a parallel with Reagan's assassin: "You know, Hinckley wanted to impress Jodie Foster." Gary said the entire press conference was carried live on TMZ--Benjy had the mic for well over twenty minutes: "There were points where he was just leaning against the podium." In another clip, Benjy introduced Gloria as she entered the room: "Ladies and gentleman, all the way from Los Angeles, California, Miss Gloria Allred and the accuser! I will walk out. Elisa Jordana! Let's take a vote real quick. First the yays, then the nays. Who wants me to leave?" Howard cracked up: "You're a professional at irritating people." AND IT WORKED! Benjy admitted he had done it just to impress Elise--and it worked: "Oh yeah. We went out last night. Yeah. Well, we made out. I don't know if I have to do a press conference every day." Benjy said the press conference was the cherry on top of years of groundwork: "It's been progressing since [her appearance on] the show every was a very typical bulid-up." And once they started, they couldn't stop: "We were kissing and talking for, like, a couple hours...we talked about going back [to my place], but I knew I had to get some sleep" Benjy said they'd even discussed building a life together: "We've been talking about moving in together...she says she's interested in me." Howard wasn't surprised, warning Robin: "He will wear you down. As much as you are repulsed by him right now, in the right circumstance, he will get you." Benjy later admitted that Elisa had just one dealbreaker--his baldness: "I don't think she ever wants me to take my hat off." by

Sunday, November 6, 2011

BENJY’S in love with ELISA JORDANA ?

BENJY’S CRUSH: ELISA JORDANA ELISA JORDANA, BENJY’S DREAM GIRL Howard welcomed singer-songwriter Elisa Jordana to the studio to discuss her bizarre friendship with Benjy. Elisa said she first met Benjy over the Internet: “We [first] spoke on J-Date a few years ago.”) when she was still playing in Cobra Starship: “I played keytar. Which is a keyboard that you hold like a opened a lot of doors for me.” After she was kicked out, the band went on to great success--she nodded when Howard likened her situation to that of ex-Beatle, Pete Best: “I think about him all the time, actually. Because I really relate to that.” BENJY CONFESSES HIS LOVE Asked how he felt about Elisa, Benjy confessed that he was in love: “This is someone I could spend my whole life with and every day be happy and look forward to being with her. I’m not in love in a commitment kind of way because we haven’t really--we haven’t dated.” Howard watched Elisa’s face as Benjy spoke, laughing: “Poor Elisa’s saying to herself, ‘Why can’t this guy just be a little hotter?’” Elisa said she enjoyed spending time with Benjy--but felt guilty: “I don’t want to take advantage of him because I feel like he’s such a great person. I actually get sad sometimes...the other night we went to this, like, kind of romantic dinner and I got so sad, because there’s, like, these people next to us and they’re on a date and we’re having so much more fun than them.” BENJY WOULD MARRY HER IN A WEEK Elisa said she just couldn’t manufacture a sexual attraction: “He’s been growing on me [but] not in a sexual way.” Howard understood: “Something about a guy has to turn a woman on in order for her to orgasm.” Benjy laughed (“Well, I’m trying to convince her that it doesn’t.”) that he’d marry her regardless: “Would I get married tomorrow? No. But maybe next Monday.” THE (SICK) LOOK OF LOVE Elisa wished Benjy looked more like his J-Date profile picture: “His picture is amazing. It’s really good. He’s got a nice hat on.” She thought he even looked better (than usual) while in-studio: “The lighting in here, he looks really good right now.” Howard said Benjy couldn’t always benefit from professional lighting: “The problem is when he gets out of that seat.” Elisa nodded: “I know. Yeah.” Elisa then performed her single, ‘F**k You, I’m Fine,’ but Howard was more interested in watching Benjy: “You’re in love, dude. Look at you.” After she’d left, Benjy confessed that he’d shed tears over Elisa: “Sometimes I get really really really sad and I start crying.” Howard told Benjy he had to move on: “She ain’t the one. You don’t want to be married to a woman who isn’t attracted to you.”

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