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Friday, January 30, 2009

Hawaiin Tropic Zone Sued ?

Former Hooters girl Melody Morales sues Hawaiian Tropic Zone for discrimination BY J. MARTINEZ DAILY NEW Hawaiian Tropics paid me to keep mum on rape - suit A former Hooters girl who says she's got the right assets - but the wrong accent - is suing the Hawaiian Tropic Zone for crushing her dream of working as one of its bikini-clad beauties. Melody Morales said she was rejected for a job by a manager at the Times Square restaurant who griped, "You don't speak white" and "you are ghetto." The 21-year-old Latina lovely is the latest woman to sue over working conditions at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone, where employees in skimpy beachwear parade nightly before diners. "Not to brag, but I look good in a bikini," Morales said Tuesday. "I could have done a perfect job there." The suit says Morales went with her mother to the restaurant last March in search of a job. It claims a manager told her to get lost, saying, "I am not going to ruin my business with your Latin accent." Morales, who said her dream job is to pour drinks while strutting her stuff in a bikini, returned to the Hawaiian Tropic Zone months later still in pursuit of a position. Her suits says another manager instantly rejected her, telling her, "We will not hire you because you have a speech problem," and "You have a Latin accent." "It is 100% illegal to discriminate because of where you're from or because you have an accent," said her lawyer, Derek Smith. "Melody certainly has the assets for this job." Morales, who sports an ample 34-D cup size, said she was appalled. "They never even looked at me in a bikini," she whimpered. A lawyer for the Riese Organization, which operates the Hawaiian Tropic Zone, said the suit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, is "without merit." "We are proud of the many Latino and Latina employees in our diverse workforce," said James Rosenzweig. The restaurant that bills itself as "The Hottest Place on Earth" is facing a $600 million federal suit from four former female workers accusing an ex-boss of sickening sexual antics. "I believe everything they're saying," Morales said. Morales, who is of mixed Dominican and Puerto Rican background, works at a bikini bar in Westchester County. "It was kind of like my dream to work at the [Hawaiian Tropic Zone]," she said. "It's the bikini, I guess." The restaurant is spread across three floors and 16,000 square feet. It features a two-story waterfall, a setting that "tantalizes the senses" and menu items such as hung barbecue ribs and crispy chicken lollipops. On its Web site, the restaurant features pictures of several of its sexy staff, which include a go-go dancer from Russia, a hostess from Nigeria and a bartender from Puerto Rico. But Morales said the place has no room for someone with her accent. "I guess they want their girls to speak white," she said

Gary"s Home Theater Pic !

GARY’S HOME THEATER TAKES OVER THE SHOW GARY’S STOOL PROBLEM Gary told the crew that he was having some people over to watch the Super Bowl in his home theater, but Howard thought it was weird that Gary planned on entertaining during a game he wanted to watch (and giving up all the good seats to his guests). Gary quickly became annoyed with Howard's criticism: "Everybody's got an opinion." A caller came to Gary's defense, so Howard explained his issue was more general: "He just does everything wrong." GARY FILIBUSTERS Gary slipped and said he stood behind the decision, and Howard seized the opportunity: "You're right. You will be standing." Gary admitted that there were 8 "comfy" chairs and 3 stools at the bar in the back of the room. Adding that he and his wife would probably be on the stools (with Sal: "So I can keep an eye on him."), and the guests Mary invited would get the comfy chairs. Gary quipped that the guys in the back always wonder who Howard’s “wheel” would land on on the days there were no guests on the show: today was Gary’s turn. Howard looked at pictures of Gary's home theater and asked if Gary got paid for allowing it to be photographed. Gary refused to answer and repeatedly yelled "LALALALALA" over the crew's questions/discussion on the topic. Everyone cracked up over Gary's behavior and added that Gary made a mistake by allowing Sound & Vision magazine to publish both pictures and floor-plan of his home.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Howard Stern: Sal in Harlem 2

Lisa Lampanelli visits Howard today !

LISA LAMPANELLI Lisa Lampanelli stopped by to promote her new HBO special, "Long Live the Queen," and sarcastically said she was jealous that Sal once called a black audience member “King Kong,” because: "If I were funny, I'd have thought of that." Howard asked about an invite Lisa sent him last week, so Lisa explained it was a viewing party for her special at the Friar's Club: "It's a thing where you go, wow, I have to invite people." Lisa told the crew that HBO tried to censor her special over two jokes: one that featured "American Idol" runner-up David Archuletta and another in which she tells Sarah Palin to stop having children: "A retarded kid is the warning shot of the reproductive system." Lisa laughed that she changed the Archuletta joke to Andy Dick because Archuletta is under 18 - but the Palin joke stayed: "I'm the executive producer." TWO LISAS ON THE PROWL Howard asked how Lisa felt about co-hosting Lisa G's cookie party, so Lisa laughed: "Lisa [G] really knows how to party like it's 1949." Lisa added that when she and Lisa G go out to dinner together, she has too pull teeth to get Lisa G's share of the tip: "I'm famous, Lisa, I have to leave 25 percent!" Lisa added that she was now dating again, but she refuses to date Asian dudes: "I like men like I like my coffee, not my urine."

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Artie Lang On The Rolling Stone Mag. ?

Artie Lange called Rolling Stone writer Vanessa Grigoriadis an “uppity bitch” on this morning’s Howard Stern Show, but Grigoriadis tells Rock Daily the comic is “really generous and sweet.” Grigoriadis, who profiled Lange in the current issue, adds, “Although I think he may have been trying to kiss my ass. Also, he’s very fat.” He’s also very troubled: When Rolling Stone’s photographer arrived at Lange’s Hoboken, New Jersey apartment to photograph the funnyman for the story “America’s Biggest Loser,” Lange was admittedly in the midst of a five-day heroin bender. “His apartment is hilarious,” she says. “It was entirely decorated by his mom. There is nothing in that apartment that makes any sense to Artie Lange. He put out all these vinyl records so I can see them.” Bruce Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town and Neil Young records were left out in plain sight; Lange also made it clear he was a big fan of Hunter S. Thompson, so the Rolling Stone interview was especially important to him. So important, in fact, he reportedly left a Florida rehabilitation center early so not to delay the profile any longer. “I’m sure he was really happy that his name is on the cover with a picture of Bruce Springsteen,” Grigoriadis says. Even though Grigoriadis and Stern agreed the profile is an accurate portrait of the comic, Lange vented that the piece was “horrifying and awful” and complained that Grigoriadis was condescending. “I usually don’t tell people, ‘Wow, I’m such a fan,’ I just don’t do that,” Grigoriadis says. “I hung out with him three times, and by the third time it was almost uncomfortable, because it was so clear that he wanted me to be like, ‘Oh my God, Artie, you’re the best.’ So I was like, ‘You know what, dude, I’m just going to sit here and ignore your attempts to bolster your confidence.’ ” Lange also accused her of instinctively not liking guys like him. “I don’t think I’m better than him. I don’t think I was being condescending. I think he’s really funny, and I liked his book, I thought it was really good,” Grigoriadis says. “I don’t think the article was condescending either. Look, I’m sure he’s not happy about the picture [above]. I wouldn’t be happy about the picture either. But honestly, I don’t think the article is bad. Just look at his book.” Lange’s insecurity also came out when Grigoriadis told him that most of his stand-up routine was probably too offensive to publish in the interview. “He got really offended, and said, ‘Do you think my stand-up is offensive?’ I said, ‘I thought that what was you were going for.’ Apparently he does not take criticism well. He was like, ‘Saying my stand-up is offensive is like insulting my livelihood. I don’t want people to think they shouldn’t come to my stand-up,’” she adds. “That was the only thing I said to him that was even borderline confrontational. “This is the whole problem with Artie: He’s a crazy attention-seeker,” Grigoriadis observes. “He wants the attention. It’s like a huge daddy complex with Howard Stern. He wants to be bad and good and have Stern make fun of him and also care about him.” The wear of doing stand-up and then waking up to do the Stern show is also affecting Lange. “That’s a hard thing on your body, even if you’re not doing what he’s doing.” “Look I got into comedy so I could stay out all night,” Lange told Grigoriadis, “And I get the one fucking great job in comedy that’s like having a paper route.” Despite his funny demeanor and rock star habits, Lange’s patterns surprised Grigoriadis. “You’d expect that someone like him, when they’re out on the road, after the show is like ‘Right on’ and runs around and gets totally wasted and picks up some hooker,” Grigoriadis says. “But what really goes on is that he goes back to his hotel room, gets high and hangs out by himself and stays up all night. And that’s very scary. That’s a stage of drug use that’s linked to depression.”

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sir paul, Eric The Midget & Jeff The Drunk Visit Howard Stern Today

SIR PAUL SINGS FOR THE LADIES Sir Paul McCartney stopped by to promote his latest project, "Electric Arguments," and presented Howard with a signed Hofner bass, just like the one he plays. Howard was blown away and thanked him - and promptly started in with the questions, asking if the record's darker tone "could be" due to his recent divorce. Howard asked Paul how he liked single life, so Paul complained it was getting pretty bad - all he has to do is greet a woman in public (like Christie Brinkley or Renee Zellweger) and the media immediately reports that he's dating them. Robin wondered if Paul had, as rumored, dated Rosanna Arquette, but Paul would only say that "there were some ladies during that summer that I dated." WAS JOHN HOT FOR PAUL? Howard asked what Paul thought about the rumors that John Lennon might have been in love with him, and Paul went off: "We spent many drunken nights together and nothing like that ever [came out]...You can make up theories about anything, and particularly with the Beatles, that's what happens." Robin then threw her hat into the ring, saying she'd like to fill John's shoes: "You need someone to be with...I think we'd be very happy together. I'm low-maintenance." Paul, however, turned her down. Reminded of Ringo's recent "no more signatures" video, Paul said, "You've got to love Ringo. The truth is, Ringo was always like that. Fans would come to his door and he would say 'piss off.'" Howard wondered how Ringo ever joined the band, so Paul explained: "We were just a fan of Ringo's night Pete [Best] was ill, and Ringo sat in and we were like, 'Oh.'" WHY? BECAUSE ERIC THE MIDGET WANTS TO Eric the Midget called in to discuss his "American Idol" commentary show, so Howard played a few clips from the show in which the introduction was riddled with technical difficulties and Eric yelled at the show's listeners/commenters. Howard compared the clips to the Batman radioplays he made as a child, noting that even those recordings were better produced than Eric’s show. Ralph called in to ask why Eric even bothered to do the show, so Eric explained: "Just cause I want to do it." Howard also played clips of Eric’s co-hosts arguing with Eric about his desire to have one of the Bunny Ranch girls on his show and Ralph suggested that Eric just “put his wheel down” and do what he wants with his show. JEFF THE DRUNK IS THE OPPOSITE OF GOOD Jeff the Drunk came in to sing a song, and Howard laughed, "Jeff grew a beard! Why?!" Jeff said he thought it looked good, but Artie didn't agree: "No you don't. You look the direct opposite of good." Jeff went on to note that he won his all-expenses paid trip to New York City on the Game Show Network - but "all-expenses" might not cover the fine he's incurred for smoking in his non-smoking hotel room. Howard demanded to see the results of the life saving ass surgery Jeff had last year, but when Jeff took his pants down, something strange was going on. Artie laughed uncontrollably ("That's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen!") and Robin remarked: "It looks like Picasso painted your ass." Undaunted, Jeff then sang a version of Keith Whitley's "I Wonder If You Think of Me," creepily dedicating the effort to his first girlfriend. DRUNK AND UNGRATEFUL Gary came in to report that Jeff was trash-talking Artie on Sunday's “Miserable Men Show,” and Jeff tried to claim that the Reverend Bob Levy told him what to say. Shuli came in to dispute Jeff's account, and the drunkard eventually gave in, turning to Artie and saying: "You're afraid of the truth." Artie shot back: "The truth is that you have no ass!"

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dr. Drew Talks Celebrity Rehab & Sober House

DR. DREW DEFENDS CELEBRITY REHAB Dr. Drew stopped by to promote the upcoming season of "Celebrity Rehab: Sober House," and Howard asked him if he felt like he was taking advantage of sick people by putting them on TV. Drew admitted it had the potential to exploitative, but the trade-off was threefold: 1. the celebrities do get good treatment; 2. the cameras and publicity motivate them to stay strong; 3. the show helps them serve as an example to others struggling with addiction. Artie asked if Drew would have Jeff Conaway back for a third season/try, but Drew refused: "No. I'm done." Artie told Drew about the "wellness center" where he kicked drugs over the Christmas break and asked if it sounded legit to him. Drew was honest: "In my experience with opiates, there are four outcomes: death, recovery, using or seems to me [after reading your book] that you want to join your deserve a better life." THE DOCTOR TREATS THE STERN SHOW Howard wondered how the show should go about testing Artie for drugs, and Drew recommended that they be sure not to give him the opportunity to cheat - for a urine test, someone should watch to make sure it's really Artie's "penis in the cup." Artie objected, but Gary assured him he would be quite close: "Artie, I love you, but I don't think you're above buying urine." Artie said he wouldn't do it if Gary had to see "penis in the cup": "I don't have the Whizzinator...I don't know one person who doesn't do drugs or drink! Who am I gonna pay [for urine]?" The crew thought Artie might be more agreeable if Lisa G were the one to watch Artie put his penis in the cup, but Artie didn't think so: "If my penis is out in a room with Lisa G, it's going in her mouth." Howard then asked Drew about Robin's addiction to colonics, and while Drew had his reservations, he admitted, "It seems to be working for her."

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eric The Midget Visits the Bunny Ranch ( Sexy Picture with Air Force Amy )

Eric the Midget called in to complain about Howard distributing the nearly naked pictures of him and Air Force Amy at the Bunny Ranch on New Year's Eve, but Howard shot back that he wasn't distributing anything - he found them on the Bunny Ranch Website like everyone else. Fred agreed, saying the pictures had been widely distributed in the public domain. Eric claimed he was in hot water with his family over the pictures: "They finally got to the point where they don't mind me going up [to the Bunny Ranch] but now..." Artie suggested that Eric just try to live his life. Air Force Amy called in from the Bunny Ranch to say she had tried to get a better picture of Eric's penis, as she was surprised by its size. Howard asked what sex acts Amy committed with Eric, so Amy laughed that they 69'd, despite a little difficulty: "I kind of had to scrunch myself up." The crew wondered if Amy scrubbed herself with a wire brush afterward, but Amy laughed that she actually didn't shower at all: "I just left it on me so the next person had to deal with it." Artie was shocked: "That's not an advertisement for the Bunny Ranch, honey."

Monday, January 5, 2009

Artie in Rehab ?! Comes back to face the music on Wednesday ?

LET’S HOPE THE WHEAT GRASS WORKS The Howard Stern Show for January 5, 2009 THE ARTIE SAGA CONTINUES The first show of the new year started with Howard announcing that Artie was absent yet again: "Here's 'The Artie Saga' as best I know...I was contacted by some guy who wanted me to come do some intervention." Howard passed on the opportunity and was later informed that Artie had checked in to an "intensive rehab" (after a small intervention which, according to Gary, consisted of just Artie's sister Stacey and Colin Quinn). After hearing the news, Howard sent word that Artie should take as long as he needed to get better. BUT...LANGE LIES AGAIN Howard continued, saying he got a message from Artie over the weekend in which he claimed to have been sober for 12 days and was undergoing daily therapy. Artie also said he'd lost 20lbs thanks to a new diet (and wheat grass enemas) and "felt the best I ever had in my life." But when Howard told Gary about the message, Gary reported, "It’s all bullshit! He's on a boat in Miami with Ross [Zapin]." Gary explained that Artie was really at a fat camp: "I wouldn't call it a rehab, it's more of a detox." Howard laughed at the prospect of Artie taking a break from his fake rehab to spend a weekend partying with Ross in Miami. Gary came in to say that Artie had repeatedly moved up his return date - from the 17th to the 13th to the 7th - and after the final date change, Gary received a mass email from Caroline's promoting Artie's newly booked stand at Caroline's (starting this Thursday). Fred shook his head: "It's all bullshit. Artie does things half-assed." I'VE GOT THE AFTERNOON OFF FROM REHAB Later, Ross came in to say he was never with Artie on a boat, but they did nearly meet up in Miami: "I swear to you...we tried to hook up, but the timeframe didn't work out 'cause he only had afternoons off." Robin laughed that an intensive rehab facility wouldn't allow their clients to leave every afternoon: "It's a spa." HOWARD'S VACATION Howard said he went to Mexico for a week over the break and (as in the past) never left the resort - he spent most of the time reading Artie's book, "and it's a really, really good book...but man, he really needs help." Howard laughed that he needed the time away after his parent's stay at his NY home - keeping his parents entertained (including yet another futile attempt to teach his father how to use a Tivo) exhausted him
The absent Artie called in to defend himself late in the show: "First of all, I went through eight days of the biggest hell of my life...I'm calling it rehab because it's a place where people go to get off drugs." Artie explained that he'd relapsed before the break and had been dishonest: "You wouldn't lie about that?" Howard questioned the legitimacy of Artie's rehab, so Artie admitted, "It's not a lockdown...I'm in a hotel right now. It's a nice hotel in Miami...I'm still doing treatments at the place...I commute back and forth." Artie confessed that he'd endured three wheat grass colonics so far and had some bloodwork done: "I feel like a new person...I've been clean for two weeks, and when I come back to the show, I will totally submit [to a drug test]...I will submit to random drug tests. Just let me know when they're gonna be." Howard said a drug test won't be necessary: "You never even have to lie to me...I'll encourage you to get help anytime."

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