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Monday, January 4, 2010

Howard stern talks about Artie Lang's condition ?

Howard Not Talking About Artie's Situation. 01/04/10. 6:45am

The caller asked Howard if he could clear up some stuff about Artie. He asked him about the rumors about why he was out. Howard said he was going to make a blanket statement about this. He said that he read that this is a family matter and the family wasn't going to talk about it. Howard said they released that statement about keeping it all private so he's going to honor that and respect it.

Howard said that he's just going to say that he was reflecting on Artie over vacation and he has given them a lot of great moments on the show. Howard said he had 10 that he could think of that were just great. Howard said there are a lot of people saying a lot of negative stuff about Artie on SternFanNetwork. he said we all have our demons and he respects the way the family is handling this whole thing. Howard said when he sees these people talking about him and his wife and Artie. Howard said it's just wrong and he doesn't like that.

Howard said Artie has given this show tremendous moments of great comedy. he said he's a great contributor and a great man. Howard said he's going to put together some of the great Artie moments from the show. Howard said people were saying they hope Artie dies and he doesn't understand that. Howard said Artie is so funny. Robin said he's loving and very giving too.

Howard said the family is saying that it's their business and they'll talk about it when they want to. The caller asked about the SIRIUS aspect of the whole thing. Howard said the Jim Breuer thing was false and he's not sure what Jim said but it wasn't true that he's joining the show. Howard said he's not sure where it came from.

The caller said there are some tag lines for Beth's book on Amazon and he doesn't get that either. He didn't even want to talk about that. Howard said his fans are just brutal and they're like wolves. Howard said he has to imagine that it's a small segment of the audience that does this stuff though. He said he hopes that's the case anyway.

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