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Thursday, July 29, 2010



Jason--the guy most had picked to win--beat Richard by only one point. Howard told Jason he shouldn’t be upset by the number (118) but that his rival had bested him: "Jason, you're not smarter than Scott DePace." Scott was laughing his ass off: "I'm so happy!" Jason was crushed: "Oh no. I'm not upset by the number...I wanted to win. I really did."

Howard asked if Jason would up his anti-depressant dosage to deal with the loss, but Jason said his doctor wouldn't allow it: "I can't! I'm already maxed out." Jason said he stood no chance at being competitive in any other staff contest: "This is it. There can't be another contest I could win. I came in second in the weight loss contest, I came in second in the trivia contest yesterday." Howard empathized: "I feel so bad for Jason, I'm going to have a hairy back contest."


Howard said the final two contestants, Gary and Scott DePace, had scored close--121 and 122. When Howard revealed that Scott was the winner, he screamed: "YEAH! God, why didn't you guys talk me out of this! SUCK IT!"

Robin was disappointed: "This is what everybody was afraid of." Jon Hein came in with the betting results, reporting that Gary had won $900, Scott was up $500, Howard was down $350 and Robin lost $500.

Thursday, July 22, 2010



Medicated Pete stopped by and started singing along to his intro music: Prince's 'Purple Rain.' Howard was mock-impressed: "You're doing good…Robin’s disrobing. I like it. Very tortured." Pete told the crew that his life post-Stern Show internship had returned to the same boring routine it was before. He now heads to the library "every one o'clock" and hangs out for hours on end.

Howard asked Pete to outline his typical day, so Pete confessed that he sleeps until "elevenish," eats breakfast and walks to the library, where he works on his resume: "It's not my designated computer section but..." Pete said there was a 3-hour time limit on computer use at his library, so he usually takes a lunch break and "come back for the afternoon session."


Pete said he was still dating his girlfriend, Sarah, and crashing at her house, and would consider marrying her one day: "That's a down the line kind of thing." Sarah came in to say her parents were confused by her relationship with Pete: "They haven't said it but I think they are." Howard asked if Pete was the greatest guy she's ever dated, and she nodded: "In bed, yes. He's got a little growing up to do...he needs to find a job."

Sarah continued to complain about Pete's joblessness: "I pay for everything." Robin asked if Pete stayed at her place every night, and Sarah confirmed it, adding that he didn't come over so much as she went to fetch him: "I have to go pick him up." Howard was happy to see Pete in a 'normal' relationship: "Look at you! You're like a normal guy. You've got a woman nagging you."


Sarah told the crew that she doubted Pete would make a great husband--or father: "I can't even leave him home alone. I get home and the house is trashed...he needs guidance and he needs to take initiative." Sarah said she avoids talking about his employment status with her family: "I would hope by the end of summer, he could find's embarrassing when people ask me, 'What does he do?'" Pete knew what that meant: "The clock is ticking."

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: The Tape That Could Destroy Mel: "No One Will Believe You", He Says After She Charges: "You Hit The Baby" |

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: The Tape That Could Destroy Mel: "No One Will Believe You", He Says After She Charges: "You Hit The Baby" | t is the audio tape that could destroy Mel Gibson.
The Hollywood star is accused by Oksana Grigorieva of hitting her and their infant daughter in an explosive argument recorded on tape, obtained and released exclusively by
“You hit me, and you hit her (Lucia) while she was in my hands! Mel, you’re losing your mind. You need medication,” Oksana tells him on the newly released tape.
And Mel, raging at Oksana, is caught on audio telling her: “I want my child, and no one will believe you.”
PHOTOS: Celebrity Racist Rants
It may be the most damaging tape against Mel yet. has released five other audio portions with Mel spewing vile, racist rants, threatening Oksana and telling her she “f*cking deserved it” after she complained that he hit her.
But this, the sixth excerpt released exclusively by, may have the most serious consequences for Gibson, as a criminal investigation has been launched against him while he and Oksana battle in court for custody of their eight-month-old daughter Lucia. An investigation by the Department of Children and Family Services is also ongoing.
PHOTOS: Oksana Through The YearsThey Call Me Baba Booey
In the crucial part of the newly released tape, Oksana refers to January 6, the night she alleges Mel punched her in the face and damaged her two upper front teeth. was first to report that Oksana told law enforcement authorities she was holding Lucia, who was two months old, when Mel punched her. And broke the news on Thursday that Oksana says she has a photograph of the baby with a bruise on her face after the incident.
EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: See The First Photos of Mel and Oksana In a Passionate Embrace On The Beach
In this new tape, Oksana refers to that incident and tells Mel that there is something wrong with him and he needs medication. This is the recorded dialogue after she says that:
Oksana: You cannot raise the child with these symptoms.
Mel: What?
Oksana: You’re acting as a crazy man right now and you have been for many, many months. And you hit me, and you hit her (Lucia) while she was in my hands! Mel, you’re losing your mind. You need medication.”
Mel: You need a f*cking kick up the a** for being a b*tch, c*nt, gold digging whore! With a p*ssy son! And I want my child, and no one will believe you! So f*ck you!”

Miss Howard TV - Karin Noelle pic by jason

Monday, July 19, 2010

ROBERT DUVALL visits howars stern and JD looks like howard stern's son ?


Robert Duvall stopped by to promote his new film, 'Get Low,' and refused to count himself among the world's top 5 actors: "You forget the black guys. There's some good black guys." Robert also named Bill Murray, his 'Get Low' co-star, to the list: "He's one of the few guys out of Saturday Night Live that's a legitimate actor." Mel Gibson didn't make the cut: "The guy is strange."

Howard asked Robert to cite his best work, and Robert quickly answered that it wasn't on film--'Lonesome Dove' was on TV: "It's like the Bible in Texas." Robert then asked the crew a cryptic question: "Where's the cadaver?" Howard didn't know what to say. Robert laughed that he was looking for SiriusXM VP Scott Greenstein--back in his days as a producer, Scott saved 'The Apostle' from the clutches of Miramax.


Howard had a pile of reports about Robert and asked him to comment. The first was about his distant relation to President Obama: "That's what they say. I'm related to this guy." The second was about Joaquin Phoenix's attempts to get him angry on the set of 'We Own the Night'--Robert said he'd been annoyed with the process of method acting: "Just tell me to be mad. I'll be mad."

Howard then questioned Robert's friendship with right-wing pundits like Pat Robertson, so Robert shrugged: "It's better than these radical Muslims." Robert's conservative views also emerged when he said it was important for actors to stay busy between scenes: "Hobbies, hobbies and more hobbies. It keeps you off the dope."


At several points, Robert said he had something to share with Howard in private, but Howard later reported that it never panned out: "He said, 'That's going to have to wait. That thing I was going to tell you.' Cause the guys were all hanging around." When Howard asked what JD should do about his inability to orgasm, Robert thought Howard should counsel his protégé: "Only you can give him advice. He looks like your son."
Thoughts ?

Saturday, July 17, 2010



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Howard gave a caller named Bill a chance to win $711 dollars in a round of The Little Lupe IQ Game, explaining that the Spanish porn star had been asked a series of trivia questions--Bill must guess if Lupe answered correctly or not. Three out of five takes the cash. The questions, followed by Bill's predictions and Lupe's answers:

What country is Hitler from? No. "Oh...Germany."

Who was the small black actor who recently died? No. "I know him. I don't know him"

What is the First Lady's first name? No. "Michelle."

What is doody? Yes. "A dude that is small. A small dude."

Howard allowed Bill a bonus question for all the marbles: In what state would you find the Statue of Liberty? Yes. "New York."Spanish Pornographic Film Actors: Lucía Lapiedra, Nacho Vidal, Lupe Fuentes, Toni Ribas, Max Cortés, Rebeca Linares, Lina Romay, Celia Blanco

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Howard Stern Show returned live Monday morning and Stern responded to rumors that British actor Russell Brand is Sirius XM's "new Howard Stern

The Howard Stern Show returned live Monday morning and Stern responded to rumors that British actor Russell Brand is Sirius XM's "new Howard SternI read the article," said Stern Monday. "First of all I think somebody press released that from Sirius. I would almost guess that it was some sort of like dig at me king of like: ‘Hey Howard. If you’re thinking of leaving don’t worry. We’ve got the next Howard Stern lined up—Russell Brand.'" If the Russell Brander teaser really was an attempt at down and dirty "negotiations" for Howard Stern's new contract, the King of All Media isn't phased in the slightest. "Look, I like Russell," continued Stern. "I’ve had Russell on the show. I think Russell’s a real big talent. I think he’s funny and I would be happy to have him at Sirius. Here’s my problem though. They gotta get guys in here who can sell subscriptions.... If Russell Brand can bring subscribers to Sirius, I would hug him and blow him. I want the stock to go up and I want the company to be successful."While most self-respecting Howard Stern fans would gag at notion that that the greasy, goofyBrit could ever replace to the King of All Media, the bigwigs at Sirius XM are definitely in need of some kind of hero. Their 5-year $500 million contract with the real Howard Stern expires in January 2011. Russell Brand most recently appeared on the Howard Stern Show in May to promote his new film 'Get Him to the Greek' and talk about his engagement to Maxim's 'Most Beautiful Woman in the World' for 2010, singer katy perry Stern had one final message for Wormtongues in the Sirius XM basement trying to pressure him into a new contract through media manipulation. Anyone who can bring subscriptions is great. I’m not threatened by anybody if that was meant as a threat towards me...Teenage DreamNo one can be the next Howard Stern. You gotta be able to bring—I’m looking for the next Howard Stern myself! I’m sick of him!" Howard Stern's contract with Sirius XM exipres in January 2011.

Monday, July 12, 2010


'Little' Lupe Fuentes returned to show Howard her new (smaller) boob job: "Too big before." Robin thought Lupe's new breasts helped her look younger: "She actually looks 13 today." Howard told Lupe her new boobs matched his tiny penis, but Lupe was confused: "I don't believe you. I bet you have big--big huge cock." Robin laughed that Howard might have found his match: "She's a little girl. It might look big to her."


Lupe told Howard she had a very 'party'-centric lifestyle: "I shoot almost everyday for my Website. It's like a party, you know?" These 'parties' are more-or-less just orgies: "We film everything. We have sex many times." Lupe takes on partiers of both sexes: "I love pussies. I love vaginas. I love penis. I love penis mostly." Her boyfriend, Biohazard frontman, Evan Seinfeld co-hosts the parties: "He have a big cock, you know? Big, big cock."

Lupe said Evan's penis was so large, she can't give him anal sex: "We try many time but it just not work...he has huge cock." Howard praised Lupe's porn co-stars for managing to last longer than a second after entering her, and Lupe joined in: "I like f’ing for long time. When they ,,,
Lupe explained that she had to act larger than her 79lb frame when she lures other women into her bedroom, often commanding them: "Suck my pussy, bitch...all the girls suck my pussy." During these sex sessions, both of her dogs have to be locked away in an upstairs bedroom--where one recently died. The dog that survived has quite a future planned: "Her name is Lolita and she wants to become a porno star."

The tape you have all been hearing about is finally out! Listen to Mel Gibson's racist, sexist, almost violent telephone rant recorded by his girlfriend!Mel Gibson Audio Tape Released!

The tape you have all been hearing about is finally out! Listen to Mel Gibson's racist, sexist, almost violent telephone rant recorded by his girlfriend!Mel Gibson Audio Tape Released!

Here's Robin's appearance from Fox News: Geraldo gets so riled up! Well, he's been OVER THERE!

This is the first part of GROWN-UPS that act like kids. It's funny, because Geraldo Rivera and Robin Quivers get into a heated argument about the General Stanley McChrystal incident with the reporter from Rolling Stone. They both have good approaches to the situation OVER THERE but they act like kids when discussing it!

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