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Friday, April 30, 2010

HULK Hogen Talks about HIS EX-WIFE

Howard asked if Hulk was just pretending to be feuding with Bubba on TNA, so Hulk explained: "That was a shoot. We have stuff that's a work...a shoot is when it really goes down." Hulk went on to say Bubba was a positive addiction to TNA's talent roster--unlike 'Awesome Kong,' the female wrestler who infamously gave Bubba an off-script/on-camera slap. Howard asked if the name 'Awesome Kong' was latently racist, but Hulk balked: "Brother, I didn't name her that."


Howard wondered if Hulk's ex-wife, Linda, also had to share the cost of the damage from their son's car accident, but Hulk explained: "No, no she doesn't. She's out of the mix. She did some stuff to get herself out of the situation." Hulk said he was glad to have Linda out of his hair.
Hulk told the crew that his marriage was falling apart when Vh1 approached the family to film 'Hogan Knows Best': "It was already unraveling...I was hoping that if Linda got on camera and Linda became a star, that--that marriage that was unraveling, maybe it would pull us back together...but it didn't. It made it worse." The show's final season is a glimpse into that crumbling marriage: "When we hit Miami, it was pretty much over."


Hulk said he was glad to see Brooke had broken up with '$tack$,' her longtime boyfriend: "Mismatch, bro. You know, I fought that fight for so long. And Brooke's 21 now. Up until she was 18, I would bluff these guys. But then, you know, you gotta let these kids make the right choices and hope to God they make the right choices and that was the wrong choice." Howard asked if Hulk would've let Brooke marry the guy, but Hulk denied it: "Nah. I would’ve stepped in and said all that stuff."


Hulk ushered Jennifer, his fiancée, into the studio and Howard was obviously impressed: "You're some tomato." Howard hoped Jennifer was willing to sign a pre-nup, and she nodded: "I'll sign it right here. Right now." Jennifer told the crew that she and Hulk have a fun private life--but Hulk was worried about it becoming public: "I love to be naked. He's worried that people are going to see me."
Howard asked Jennifer what it was like when Hulk mounts her, and she laughed: "I feel trapped a little bit. I have to totally submit." Jennifer said things can get really aggressive: "Sometimes…especially if we drink sake." Hulk said he was really happy with Jennifer, as she honors his ban on all 'news' and 'entertainment news' TV shows: "I just don't want to lower the vibe."

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pre order - They Call Me Baba Booey By Gary Dell'Abate

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Lisa G reported that Gary had sold his memoir, 'They Call Me Baba Booey,' to Random House, and Howard confirmed the story, saying he'd recently signed off on the project after Gary promised it'd be about growing up with his mother, who apparently had some “issues.” Howard said Gary turned out alright thanks to his father, who once told him, "There's something wrong with your mom. There's nothing wrong with you." Howard commended Gary's father: "I thought your father was very wise for doing that."
Gary came in to say his shrink has a theory about growing up in the Dell'Abate household: "Every day when you turned the doorknob you didn't know if you were going to be kicked in the teeth emotionally or hugged." Howard laughed: Everything with you is teeth!" Gary said his boyhood home's front door prepared him for working on the show: "It's kind of like opening the door to the studio every day."
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Gary Dell'Abate (Author), Chad Millman (Author

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TRACEY'S 'HAPPY HOUR: on howard 101 ...


Howard played a clip from Stern office manager Tracey's 'Happy Hour' show in which she took aim at Gary: "Gary, you f’, I love you. I do. And I don't consider you a piece of shit but you're kind of a piece of shit. You know, one of things I can say about Gary is that when I first started here he always said, 'It's a boy's club blah blah blah it's gonna be hard for you,' [but] the only f’ing one that treats me any different than everybody else is Gary."
New Jersey Stuff


Gary came in to answer the charges, saying, "I probably stop in Tracey's office once a week because I--here's the thing with Tracey: The word of the day is respect. You either respect her. If you don't respect her enough, you disrespect her. You know what I mean? And my feeling is that if you hang around with Tracey long enough, you're going to disrespect her because it's impossible to give her the amount of respect she requires on a daily basis."
Gary added that Tracey's need for respect was unbecoming: "She desperately wants affirmation and respect. Desperately." Howard played another clip from the show in which Tracey ranted: "That motherf’er had the audacity to call me into his office to clean out his want to just slap me on the ass and hand me a five when I leave too? Could you be more f’ing disrespectful? How dare you, you f’ing Adelphi graduate? Treat me like I'm a f’ing piece of shit there to clean your f’ing ass after you shit?"


In yet another clip, Tracey said she'd recently tried to pass an important message to Gary but "He was busy talking to Ross Zapin, I'm sure about either f’ing Bruce Springsteen or the Mets or the Jets or something irrelevant." Gary said he was blindsided by Tracey's statement about his fridge, adding that she should change the name of her show: "The only one happy in that hour is Tracey...this entire office lives in fear of her."


Later, Tracey came in to say she did tell Gary she wasn't happy being his fridge-cleaner: "I told you how I felt about the refrigerator. We had the conversation. You don't remember it because you don't listen to me."
Tracey also told the crew she'd only aired her grievances with Gary because she was asked to: "I did the first show and I was flat out told by Tim, 'Ok. You need to be angrier. You need to be edgier. You need to do this. This is what we want. This is why we want to do the show.' But then if I'm gonna get f’ed the next day, it's not worth it! I don't need that shit. You make me seek out reasons why and then when I--when I do exactly what you've asked, I'm the f’ing asshole."

Monday, April 26, 2010

Courtney Love Visits Howard Stern and is Rock Star Late ....


Courtney Love stopped by to promote her new album, 'Nobody's Daughter,' and refused to explain why she was an hour late for the show: "Oh, I can't on the air. I'm just depressed about something." Howard repeated that she was due to arrive an hour earlier, but Courtney seemed non-plussed: "Was I? I'm sorry." Howard had Gary bring her some coffee, which set her off: "I'm not shaky or anything!"
Howard begged off: "I didn't say you were shaky. I can see you're out of it." But Courtney wanted to make an issue of it: "I'm not out of it! I'm not on drugs. I've just got a puffy face because I was crying all night." Courtney said she was in much better condition than her last appearance on the show: "Last time you saw me [was during] what we call the Letterman years and I was on C-R-A-C-K...I'm not ever supposed to say that word. My publicist told me not to say that word...I don't like alcohol and I don't like coke. Pills? Sure."


Courtney told the crew she only recently rebooted her sex life: "I didn't f’ anyone for five years...I didn't masturbate! Nothing!" She explained that she'd been celibate in an effort to be more productive: "I disentangled myself from all sexual and romantic relationships so I could make this bloody record."
Courtney revealed that since she’d begun sleeping with an unnamed guy--the same guy who'd ruined her morning somehow: "Because I'm only in town for a minute...[he said]: 'We're having a fight. That means we're too intimate.' What?! We've had like five fights." Courtney blamed the issue on her limited pool of potential sex partners, telling Howard: "You have a huge pool. I have a little teeny espresso cup."


Courtney told a story about hooking up with a sexually aggressive supermodel--based on the clues, including a British accent, both Robin and Howard guessed the same name--who'd chased her down in an unnamed Italian city: "I said to myself, 'If you're gonna do it, do it with this one.'" The sex wasn't very good: "I remember that it repulsed me some. The one-on-one-ness of it."
The story, on the other hand, is something she'll be able to tell forever: "I just remember waking up in the morning and looking at this face--I'm not going to say whose it was--but it was so feline and beautiful and I went--and she was asleep--and I said, 'Oh my god. I'm going to have a story to tell my grandsons.'"


Courtney said that while she was rich (estimating her worth--in hundreds of millions--exceeds her IQ), she'd made some regrettable financial decisions, like selling off part of Nirvana's publishing rights: "Emotionally I thought I was ready to do so but now I'm having second thoughts." The money that's left is frozen somehow: "I can't touch it because of the trust." Courtney said she only knew two numbers for sure: "One of them is 528. One of them is 518. Those are my credit scores." If she needs something from the store: "They give me $300. My people."


Courtney denied sleeping with Dave Navarro ("We’ve never gotten around to it.") and Mickey Rourke ("God no.") and Blur bassist Alex James: "All I did was spank him." Courtney said she had, however, slept with Bush frontman Gavis Rossdale--while he was dating his now-wife, No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani: "He got good in bed. Something happened. Yeah, Maybe Gwen taught him, for all I know. I can't imagine that but--but between point A and point B we were f’ buddies."
Howard asked if Gwen knew Gavin was also sleeping with Courtney, but Courtney's answer was unclear: "She sure does." Courtney said she really valued her relationship with Gavin: "He was an f’buddy in the sense that we didn't have a lot of pressure on each other and--but we did like each other quite a bit."


Howard asked why Courtney was estranged from her daughter, Frances Bean, so Courtney shrugged: "Probably just because she just has to be Frances and it sucks. It's a lot of money. She has no dad. She has a cuckoo-bananas mom." Courtney added that a lot their problems stemmed from Frances' education: "It's not about me it's about the fact that I need her to go to this one school to get into--the--Bard...she's got to go to this other school to get into Bard."
The pair don't talk in person over the phone: "We have spoken in--in--in sort of e-mail." Courtney blamed most of their problems on money-hungry lawyers: "If she didn't have money, this wouldn't be happening."

The "Autotune Intervention" clip Howard played this morning,...

Guy crying on "Intervention" a show on A&E.. Thought it'd be funny if I auto-tuned this! check out my channel here

Wednesday, April 21, 2010



Sarah Silverman stopped by to promote her new book, 'Bedwetter,' but first had to answer Howard's questions about her weight loss: "I'm making an effort! I have a calorie counter." Howard read a few excerpts from recent interview in which Sarah said the following: "The guy I'm dating now, who's awesome, is not my typical fare. He's really skinny." Sarah said the innocent quote was twisted to look like a swipe at her ex, ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel: "So then they go, 'Oh, she's calling Jimmy fat'...everything nice I say, they turned it into me slamming Jimmy, which--why would I ever do that?"
Sarah continued to complain about the media's obsession with her long-over relationship: "I have nothing but kind feelings for matter how safe I play it when I answer questions, it gets twisted into something that is a story for the writer. And then--but so the only thing I can do is go like, 'I'm not going to talk about that.' And then I'm like, that's so lame…I'm a f’ing comedian…to say I'm not going to talk about that? It's dumb."


Howard tried to investigate the sex Sarah enjoyed with her new man, but Sarah only offered a glimpse: "Everyone likes a little--a little smack on the tush." Sarah also joked that they were into racially-motivated roleplay: "We, like, say the N-word a whole bunch."
Howard noted that Sarah had sold her new book for $2.5 million, but Sarah claimed she still hadn't cashed in: "I am the poorest--in the ratio of non-scandal celebrity, I have the least amount of money to the most amount of fame...I'm a quality of life person. I like to do the stuff I like to do. I'd rather make an Internet video on my couch for free than be Jennifer Lopez's friend in a movie."


Sarah told the crew she recently came across her old SNL sketch proposals and reconciled with the cast members who had marginalized her efforts: "I realized why. Cause I saved them all these years. They were terrible...maybe I wasn't cynical enough at that point. I wrote real earnest stuff."
Sarah also claimed she didn't 'bomb' at the TED Talks conference, challenging the event's curator, Chris Anderson, to share her speech online: "The guy won't post it. He posted all of the [other] talks but he won't post mine." Sarah said she'd admit if she bombed--but she killed: "I always say when I bomb. I still bomb all the time."

Thursday, April 15, 2010

LUPE FUENTES Visits Howard Stern / Buy LUPE FUENTES Videos Here ..


Will started to usher 4’ 9”, 77 lb. porn star Lupe Fuentes into the studio, but Howard took one look and stopped him: "You sure she's of age? I don't want to go to jail." Will said he'd made sure: "I checked her ID." Lupe piped up: "I am so are so dirty." Howard loved Lupe's broken English andLeaving Lust Vegas: Prime Time Porn asked her to introduce herself, so she obliged: "My name is Lupe Fuentes and I here for have fun."


Howard continued to question Lupe about her age, so she thought for a second: "Uh, I am 20 years." Howard wasn't convinced: "I'm going end up in jail! I know it!" Lupe said her age had actually been the subject of a criminal case in Puerto Rico--a man found with one of her DVD’s in his possession was accused of being a pedophile, so she flew from Spain to testify on his behalf: "I said, 'I am 20.'"
Lupe said the trial was really graphic: "They showed me my videos--sucking and f’ing. I was like, 'What are you doing?' There were so many people there...They show my videos like it was a porno party." Lupe bragged that her testimony had exonerated the man: "In that moment? In that day? They set him free."


Lupe told the crew she was very proud of her vagina: "It's small and soft and so tight. Like a virgin." Later, in reference to her best-selling ‘Fleshlight,’ Lupe added: "My pussy is like a machine." [Ed.: Machine was pronounced Scarface-style: 'mut-cheen.'] Lupe also said her parents had come to terms with her XXX lifestyle: "They don't like so much, you know, what I do, but they love me."


Lupe said she'd had her first lesbian experience "with my best friend, Miss Spain. She is crazy. I kiss everything. Her vagina, her tits. She have big tits. I love big tits." Howard wondered if Lupe liked to dance, so Fred cued up some music and Lupe shimmied around, shouting: "I love dance! Woo! I love party!"


Asked about her celebrity encounters, Lupe told the crew about her experiences with Leonardo DiCaprio ("He's crazy. I don't like this guy. He's always drunk.") and Kid Rock: "He so nice. I love him...he's dirty. He's dirty guy." Lupe had even less love for gypsies ("I hate gypsies...gypsies, they are crazy. They steal.") and Arabs: "I feel like I can't trust them."


Lupe then took a seat on the Sybian and climaxed in less than a minute: "I love vibrator!" On her way out, Lupe said she'd once had 22 orgasms in a day--and would like another Sybian ride: "I have the most amount of orgasms."

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Ashley Dupré In Playboy Pic..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MEDICATED PETE GIRLFRIEND in studio / Porn megastar Jesse Jane stopped by to promote her new 'party pole'


Howard welcomed Medicated Pete--and his girlfriend Sarah--to the studio: "I can't even believe this!" Pete said he'd never had a girfriend prior to Sarah: "Even I'm taken aback." As Sarah told the crew about meeting Pete on ("He contacted me."), Pete's Tourettes syndrome took over. Howard had never seen Pete twitch so violently: "You're twitching like a motherf’er!" Sarah said Pete did it all the time: "When he's nervous...he's gotta get in his groove. He wouldn't even sit next to me out there [in the green room]."
Howard wondered where Sarah saw Pete working in the future--but Pete jumped in, saying it wouldn't be a desk job, as he's "not a 9 to 5 type of guy." Howard laughed: "Do you really think you're in the position to say you're not a 9-to-5 type of guy?" Pete replied that he hoped to build on what he'd started as a Stern show intern: "I like the entertainment business. I like the radio..either in the radio or in some kind of acting."


Sarah said she and Pete rarely let a day go by without having sex: "If we don't see each other." Pete nodded, saying he was actually a virgin before Sarah slept with him. Asked to describe their first night, Pete spoke softly: "It was a sexual--sensual experience, you know." Sarah said it started with belly-play: "I was playing with my belly ring and that kind of intrigued him." Pete said Sarah had to help him take off her bra. Sarah laughed: "He had no idea how to."
Sarah reported that Pete had the largest penis of any man she'd been with: "I think he's one of the best kept secrets around here." She added that Pete even managed to hold out--his first time--for nearly "5 to 10" minutes. Howard wondered if Pete wanted to marry Sarah, and Pete demurred: "I'd definitely think about it, yeah." Sarah interjected: "Not right now...we'll see where it goes."


Howard wondered how Pete could afford to take Sarah out, as he makes zero money as an intern, so Sarah covered for him, saying Pete paid "every now and then. We split back and forth." Pete said he got help from his mom: "My parents are helping me out. They're happy for me." Asked if she'd have dated Pete if he wasn't a radio personality, Sarah admitted that it had definitely helped: "I think because I kinda knew he was a good person before--you know--before. I think that's really what did it."


Howard asked Pete to use his Ronnie the Limo Driver impression to discuss his weekend plans: "You know what man I don't know what the f’ is going on this weekend. I have too many f’ing things on my mind right now. It's just like, you know, one thing after another here. I gotta--I gotta spend all this f’ing time doing all this shit."
Howard wondered why Pete-as-Ronnie was so upset so 'Ronnie' continued: "Because it's Cupcake Wednesday and I can't f’ing take these cupcakes anymore. I'm mean, c'mon! Every f’ing Wednesday. It just gets on my nerves! Get these f’ing things outta here!" 




stopped by to promote her new 'party pole'--and gave Howard an idea. Howard had Buzz come back into studio and told him he wanted to give him something back for his years of service to the country. Buzz thanked Howard: "I came here to talk and whatever happens..." On cue, Jesse removed her top. Buzz was impressed ("Who's got the picture?") and a more than a little smitten: "You ever visit LA? You ever visit Rome?"
Buzz said he'd soon be visiting Jesse's home state of Oklahoma: "I'll give you my card. You give me your card." Instead, Jesse dropped the rest of her dress--Howard was overjoyed: "Whoa! Where's your panties?" Jesse laughed: "I forgot them." Howard turned to Buzz: "You wouldn't need any Viagra for that." Buzz agreed: "I think you're right about that."


Jesse told the crew she actually lived somewhat-normal life in Oklahoma with her 10-year-old son and husband, another adult film star: "He does porn and we have an open relationship."
Jesse credited her marriage's strength to the Oklahoma "civilians" they welcome into their bedroom: "I bring a lot of girls home...when I see a hot girl, I just wanna get in her pants." Things are a little trickier when it comes to Jesse's son: "He just found out that I did Playboy...[I'm] kinda preparing him a little bit for it."


Jesse said she loved to be aggressive in her scenes--rarely taking a submissive role: "I'm crazy in my scenes...I love a big penis...I like to get f’ed hard." She doesn't do anal on film, but she did recently film an anal-fisting scene with fellow porn star Belladonna: "It might've helped that she kind of has tiny hands...they had to tell me. I knew that something was in my ass, obviously, but I didn't know it was her whole hand."
Howard asked how far Jesse's love of rough sex went, so Jesse explained: "I like to be choked at some point...there's a--like a certain way to choke somebody out and it feels good and like right before you pass out they just let go and you wake up and you actually orgasm harder."


Irish John called in to ask Jesse about reports that she once had sex with Tommy Lee in a nightclub--in front of everyone--and Jesse confirmed it: "It was I think at the Spider Room maybe or the club that was under it.
And, uh, we went there and we were seeing each other at the time and we were up in the VIP and everybody was down and Paul Oakenfold was spinning and we were just horny and in the moment and I had a dress on with no panties so I lifted my leg up on the bar and we just kind of went at it...we didn't get kicked out, so.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tila Tequila Pics You may not have liked her interview, but I bet you'll like these photos...

Tila Nguyen[1] (born October 24, 1981), better known by her stage name Tila Tequila, is a Singapore-born singer, model, and television personality. She is known for her appearances in the men's magazines Stuff, Maxim, Penthouse, her role as host of the Fuse TV show featuring performance striptease, Pants-Off Dance-Off and her position as the most popular artist on MySpace (according to page views) circa April 2006.[3] She was raised in Houston, Texas and now lives in Los Angeles, California. Her MTV reality show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila aired for two seasons Tila Tequila

You may not have liked her interview, but I bet you'll like these photos...
She showed more of her playful side on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM Satellite radio show, where Miss Tila revealed that she had her first lesbian experience at 8 years old and began masturbating at age 5. Too much information? There’s no such thing when it comes to Tila Tequila and Howard Stern. But the interview took a morbid note when Howard questioned Tila about the death of her partner, Casey Johnson. According to Tila, Casey came to her in a dream and told her to become artificially inseminated. Okay, weirdo. So where’s the baby bump? But what I’m really wondering is: how long is this chick going to be in the limelight? Aren’t her 15 minutes of fame way, way over?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Donald Trump Visits Howard Stern


Donald Trump called in to promote the latest season of 'Celebrity Apprentice,' and Howard asked if he was shocked when celebrities agreed to appear on a show that rarely makes them look good. Donald said he was "a little surprised" that some of the contestants signed on, but thought most of them had something to prove: "You see how hard they're a certain extent, it's to protect their brand."
Donald added that 'Celebrity Apprentice' didn't always have a negative impact on the contestants' careers, citing season 7's runner-up, country singer Trace Adkins, as an example. After his appearance on the show, Trace scored his biggest hit: "He said, 'You know, Mr. Trump, before I met--before I did this show, I couldn't get a ticket to the Country Music Awards. And now I'm hosting them.'"


Trump said Jesse James, another past contestant on 'Celebrity Apprentice,' was "really tough and he was really smart." But he seemed strange: "I used to ask him, 'What the hell does Sandra Bullock see in you?'" Donald said Jesse lost, in part because he refused to enlist his wife's help: "He really seemed to love Sandra, but he never brought her on the show." Donald said things might've gone differently if Jesse had: "He would've won...I thought he was very protective of her. Probably--in retrospect--he was probably screwing around and didn't want to have her around."
Howard wondered how Donald managed to stay faithful--Donald had an answer ready: "You have to be in love with somebody." Donald later added: "It's always good to be busy."


Donald told the crew that--like Howard--his controversial persona actually contributed to his success: "If you get good ratings, you can be the worst human being on Earth." Donald dovetailed the statement with a much more dubious claim, attributing the success of his outsized media presence to his good looks: "I honestly believe it's because I'm a very handsome guy."


Howard asked Donald how it felt to see Ivanka marry a Jewish guy, but Donald stonewalled him: "He's a great guy." Howard later wondered if Donald had worn a yarmulke--as tradition dictates--at the ceremony, and Donald denied it: "It's not a big is possible one slipped on my head for a while." Robin asked if a "country club guy" like Donald was happy to have a Jewish son-in-law: "You're used to banning these people." Donald laughed it off: "I'm happy with her decision."


Despite a relatively tame appearance, Trump broke his 'nice Donald' facade when Howard mentioned Rosie O'Donnell: "She's a loser. I mean she doesn't have much talent."

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