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Sunday, December 26, 2010

listen to howard stern show live here only ( free )

Friday, December 24, 2010

Rachel Fine visits howard stern video

If you were Howard's secret Santa, what would you get him?

If you were Howard's secret Santa, what would you get him?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Little Lupe Meets Sybian & Dave Lampert and howard stern again


Spanish porn star “Little” Lupe Fuentes and Sybian inventor Dave Lampert stopped by to meet over the Sybian. Lupe first had a question for Dave: “Did you invent that? You must be really smart.” Dave said he was just trying to fill a void: “I just realized something like that was needed.” Lupe replied that she had a machine of her own: “My pussy is a machine to make money.”

Howard then had Lupe straddle the Sybian, but she said Dave made her nervous: “What if it’s funny and I start laughing and I don’t come?” Dave instructed Lupe to close her eyes “so she doesn’t think she’s holding on to an old man.” Lupe said it was Dave’s pale skin that really creeped her out: “I like him but I think he’s made out of plastic...if you want to be beautiful, you have to go tanning.”


As Dave fired up the Sybian, Lupe’s teeth made a chattering sound: “I feel it in my face!” Dave walked her through it: “I’m going to do what I think that you want...does that feel good? Go ahead and let it go...let it feel good. Go ahead and f’ it’re doing it. That’s a good thing. Let it go...go ahead and come. Let it come.” Despite Dave’s creepy come-ons, Lupe reached orgasm easily: “I’m coming!” Dave wanted her to go further: “Go ahead and scream if you want to.”

Dave then talked Lupe through a second ride: “Go ahead and f’’re a beautiful girl. Let it go.” Afterward, Lupe was ready for a third: “I can come and come.” Howard laughed: “I think major poison came’re now pregnant with a plastic baby.” Dave talked Lupe through yet another: “You’re going to f’ me hard. You’re going to get all the poison out this time...I’ve got a big penis and I’m f’ing you.” Hilariously, Dave kept flubbing Lupe’s name: “F’ me, Loopy.”

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Howard Stern annouces another 5 year deal with sirius today live on air

howard agrees with Sirius & Mel C. to a 5 year deal , and the howard stern show will now be avaiable on apple's app and for your blackberry app . radio legend and media personality Howard Stern announced that he’s staying with Sirius XM for another five years. Like he normally does with big announcements, Stern drew out this announcement over a 45 minute period. He’s currently on the air talking about his schedule for the next five years and he says that, initially, he’ll be keeping the 6am through 10am time slot, four days each week. He also announced that his new contract allows him to be available via the various Sirius XM apps for iPhone and BlackBerry, which was important to him.

Stern announced that while he has signed a deal with Sirius XM, his staff hasn’t signed new contracts yet. Robin Quivers specifically stated that she’s not signed to a new contract and that her deal expires at the end of December. Of course, one would have to assume that if Stern was able to sign a new contract with the company, then the rest of his gang would be able to sign follow-on deals

Monday, December 6, 2010



Howard started off the show welcoming George Takei back to the show--George will be sitting in all week--and noted that George might have brought bedbugs with him. George said he and Brad recently returned to their New York apartment and discovered tell-tale bites the next morning. Surprisingly, they haven’t moved out while waiting for the exterminator to clean their apartment. Howard was shocked: “With the bedbugs?” George nodded: “With the bedbugs.”

George said an exterminator came in with a bedbug-sniffing beagle last Friday and found bugs on their bed and couch--but not their luggage: “We got it from the theater. Theater seats.” Howard fumed that Tim Sabean hadn’t been able to find a beagle to check George when he came in this morning: “We almost told you not to come in because we thought you were going to carry the bugs in here.”


Later, Gary said he could have a bedbug beagle in the studio by 10, so Howard told George he’d have to strip down: “You can leave your underwear on.” George just laughed: “You’ll find every way to get people to take their clothes off.” Howard said he was serious--the dog really can’t check clothes on your person: “You smell too much. They don’t smell people, they smell objects.”


Howard welcomed Steve Langford to the studio and asked Will to join them: “There are several sources who say you cheated on the IQ test.” Steve said several sources were telling him so: “Did you get some of the questions or part of the test ahead of time?” Will said he’d simply researched the test’s format: “I said to myself, is there any way I can, like, practice for it [or] figure out what the format of the test is?”

Will said the preparation was simple: “If you Google the test name, the whole test format will come up.” Of the samples Will saw, he only gleaned the test’s format: “None of the answers were on there...I never saw the actual questions.” But he did know a few answers: “I did get a couple of answers from people who work here in the back office and were yapping about it after the first round of tests.


Steve remained vigilant: “The truth is somewhere and we’re looking for it. Our sources claim that you had assistance from a professor.” Will threw his hands up: “Can we just say my IQ is 90 and get it over with?” Steve continued: “One of our sources...calls it cheating.” Howard thought a cheater would have done much better than Will’s score of 130: “If you cheated, you should’ve gotten a 180.”

Will insisted he didn’t do anything wrong--it’d be too hard: “Let’s say they gave me all the answers. This is a two-hour test. With thousands of questions on it. The fact that I could memorize the test...” George was impressed with Steve’s rigorous line of questioning: “I feel like I’m sitting in on the McCarthy hearings.” Howard said he believed Will’s story: “Will’s test scores stand.”
Christmas in Harmony

Howard wondered why Oprah had made the Kennedy Center Honors list: “I just don’t get it. I know she’s beloved. I know she’s had a successful television career.” Howard went over the Kennedy Center’s Website and couldn’t figure out what she was being honored for: “They don’t even have anything next to Oprah to indicate why she got it.” Robin didn’t understand how Oprah would be observed: “They sing Paul [McCartney]’s songs. What do they do about Oprah?”
Christmas in Harmony

Howard addressed rumors that he’d been negotiating with Apple, laughing that the reported 3-year/$600 million contract would be hard to turn down: “This one sounds like a pretty good deal, actually.” Howard said he kept asking himself three questions: “Where is the place that’s going to allow us to grow the most? Where can we be the most successful? And where is the future of radio?” But really: “We’re just looking for a place that doesn’t have bedbugs.”

crazy monday, georgehas a itch =bedbugs, will cheats= iq test, lisag=ny voice.whats next???

crazy monday, george =bedbugs, will=iq test,lisag=ny voice.whats next???????????

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Howard 100

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