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Monday, September 26, 2011

Howard stern new studio & couch picture

Howard Stern Show studio makeover: before and after photos

Howard Stern Show studio makeover: before and after photos

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

John Big Balls donation ? lets help john!

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Howard Stern = David Arquette's First Dance! - Dancing With The Stars

David Arquette's First Dance! - Dancing With The Stars
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Check out David Arquette's first dance, on Dancing With the Stars!

Howard stern talks Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer -- Cha Cha Cha -- Dancing with the Stars

Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer -- Cha Cha Cha -- Dancing with the Stars 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

John King of all balls visits howard stern



Howard welcomed a man named John to the studio, noting that John had unusually large testicles: “His balls are basically the size of a large watermelon.” It took several minutes for John to make his way into the studio before he wheezed that moving his balls around--and their pillow-topped resting place--wasn’t easy: “I put a pillow on top of the milk crate that I turn upside down.”

John said he last weighed his balls at 72lbs, so Howard had step over to the in-studio scale. With a (plastic-gloved) hand from Richie Wilson, the crew weighed John’s balls at 145lbs. John said people often stare on street (“I expect that. But the ones who stare too much, I stare back with a Jersey stare.”), not that he had such a great life before his balls blew up: “Not particularly because I’m not a very attractive person.


John said he first injured his balls getting out of bed a couple of years ago: “I slammed my right leg down so hard on my right ball...oddly enough, it’s not the worst pain.” Now it’s a struggle just to poop: “I have to bend over slightly and put a slot machine bucket back there...over the sink.” Even worse, his balls have swallowed his penis: “As the ball-sack continued to grow, it sucked in my dick. It’s created, essentially, a c-hole.”

John then--with some effort--whipped his balls out of the upside-down hoodie sweatshirt he uses as pants as Howard screamed: “Is that your penis?!” John nodded: “Inside the hole.” Robin turned away: “Oh, I’m gonna be...” John said he’d visited a surgeon who can fix the problem, but it’ll cost him cash he doesn’t have--and, essentially, his penis: “He says [I should] expect to pee through a tube for the rest of my life and never have sex again.” Dr. Billy Goldberg, Doctor Radio’s resident ER expert, came in later to report: “I’ve seen some big balls in my day...those are the biggest

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Tyra Banks is on Howard Stern Show. Picture Tyra Howard thinks her boyfriend would be perfect for Robin. He wonders why he hasn't married Tyra yet...

Tyra Banks is here.


Tyra Banks stopped by to promote her new book, "Model Land," and immediately had to answer for her “all-real” physique, saying she’d undergone X-rays on her old talk show to prove her claim: “I sure did. Because I was so tired of people saying they’re fake.” Howard asked why Tyra’s long-time boyfriend, John, hadn’t married his all-real catch, so Tyra shrugged: “Maybe we don’t want to be [married].” Tyra denied that he was scared of marriage: “Maybe we both are.”


Howard asked if fellow-supermodel Naomi Campbell had ostracized Tyra early on because she was black, and Tyra nodded: “And successful maybe? Yes. Well, no, the world said that. The world told her, ‘There can only be one and here is the new one and Naomi, you better back up.’ So she reacted very strongly to something that was already know that movie Showgirls? Just do that and make it the modelling industry. My life was a living hell.”Howard thinks her boyfriend would be perfect for Robin. He wonders why he hasn't married Tyra yet...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bubba the Love Sponge splits with wife Heather ?


Howard said he'd noticed that Bubba the Love Sponge had changed his Facebook relationship status to "separated," confirming the suspicion he'd held since day one: "When I was at the wedding, I did turn to my wife and I [went], 'This one ain't lasting.'" Robin laughed: "The only thing that went through my mind was, 'What's she marrying him for?'"

Later, Bubba called in to confirm his status--but refused to talk specifics: "Just like you don't want to talk about Allison and things like that." Howard pressed for more, so Bubba started to break: "We almost made it five years. Now you guys are really looking into it. It's the preliminary stages of something a little bit serious...we could end up back together as well, you know, [but] yeah, I moved out of the house."

Howard wondered if Bubba had gotten bored with Heather, but Bubba denied it: "It's just a long laundry list of things we need to work on...the major problem is the fact that I'm so busy and I've got this new racetrack now...obviously I've not prioritized correctly." Howard thought Bubba was talking in circles: "Was there anything involving a spin instructor? Was that just a rumor?"

Bubba refused to answer the question directly--at least while they were on the air: "I could come clean with you privately." Howard laughed: "I'm not interested in that, Bubba. There's no ratings in that." Bubba repeated that he needed to prioritize his marriage: "I think she'll be a better person when I'm a better person

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

David Arquette on cast of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ ?


Howard confirmed press reports that he'd counseled David Arquette's decision to join the cast of ‘Dancing with the Stars’: "It was a very difficult thing for me to answer." Howard explained that he'd once convinced Beth to turn it down, but, "between you and me, things aren't going well when you're doing ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ [And] David's got this whole thing going on with the divorce...he's trying to find a new identity."


Late in the show, David Arquette called in to discuss his ‘Dancing with the Stars’ gig: "I'm doing this to win it." Howard suggested David try to steal Chaz Bono's trans-gender thunder: "You should have a tail somewhere on your body. And say you're trans-species." David laughed off the idea, saying he was busy training with Kim, his "beautiful" dance partner: "I'm learning. It's really difficult...but I'm taking it seriously. I'm training my butt off."


Howard and Robin tried to find out if there was any romantic connection, but David begged off. Howard instead pitched another idea: a potential for a romantic connection between David's sister Alexis, a male-to-female transgendered person, and Chaz, a female-to-male transgendered person. David laughed: "That's not a bad idea!"
Asked if Courtney Cox would come out to support him, David said he thought so: "She'll be there. Listen. We're best friends." But things could get weird if she brings a date: "That would be awkward." Howard then suggested a few more ways for David to steal Chaz's press, like dancing in costume as Hitler or Osama bin Laden, but David begged off: "Now I really got to be goin

Howard Stern vacation plans in Vermont & Pittsburgh, PA during Hurricane Irene

Howard Stern had vacation plans in Vermont during Hurricane Irene

Howard Stern and wife Beth Ostrosky Stern were apparently headed for Vermont just days before Hurricane Irene hit the Green Mountain State with its worst flooding in a hundred years.
<---See photos of the Vermont flooding following Hurricane Irene here
Beth O reportedly called Philadelphia's FOX 29 weatherman John Bolaris for a personal meteorological consult before the storm, and Bolaris advised her to stay away from the land of maple syrup and Ben & Jerry's during Irene.
<---See video of the historic Quechee Covered Bridge near Woodstock, Vermont being flooded
Central and Southern Vermont caught the brunt of Hurricane Irene's wrath despite the fact that the storm had already died down while traveling up the Eastern seaboard. 260 Vermont roads and 30 bridges were closed following the storm. Three people were killed.

Continue reading on Howard Stern had vacation plans in Vermont during Hurricane Irene - National howard stern |
Howard Stern is a vocal advocate of "stay-cations," complaining frequently on-air about how much he despises travel to foreign countries. The Sterns came back from a vacation in Turks & Caicos earlier this year and Stern spent hours telling his listening audience about his ant-infested luxury hotel room for days.
There is no word on exactly where Howard and Beth Stern decided to ride out the storm. The couple has a penthouse apartment in Manhattan and an estate in the Hamptons
The Howard Stern Show returns live on Tuesday, September 6th

by : Howard Stern had vacation plans in Vermont during Hurricane Irene - National howard stern |

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