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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Robin cooks Vegucating Robin The Vegan Meat of Vegans

Robin and Gavan grill up one of Gavan's easiest recipes yet, a quinoa--stuffed portobello mushroom dish that works perfectly as a vegan entree or a side dish with seafood. Come and see how easy this is.Vegucating RobinThe day Robin almost burned the house down trying to boil water (seriously) she finally thought to herself, "it's officially time to learn my way around a kitchen."


Vegucating Robin came about when we (Robin and Gavan) discovered that we both believe healthy cooking is part great nutrition, part community building and part having as much fun as possible without burning the house down.

We're so excited that you'll be coming with us on this journey as we cook delicious vegetable recipes--all simple enough for you to try at home and tweak to make your own.

Learn more about chef Gavan Murphy at and keep up with Robin's fundraising work around children's nutritional education at

See you in the kitchen!

Robin and Gavan

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eric the Midget's Hey JD Your Video Was So Damn Boring

Eric the Midget's Hey JD Your Video Was So Damn Boring

Howard Stern: A Biography (Greenwood Biographies)

rejects monologue challenge, and then proceeds to give me another challenge?

The Social Network (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Medicated Pete visits howard stern


Pete said he also had to leave his job as a gym receptionist due to a kind of breakdown: “I had to get my meds adjusted because I was getting kind of--I was getting kind of panicky because of my Tourrette’s.” He had difficulty explaining what he meant by panicky: “Like an intense--like a real state of panic. It’s just like, yeah, I sorta--I started shaking and stuff like that.”

Howard noticed that Pete was repeatedly shaking his leg and asked if it was a result of his breakdown: “Is that a new tic?” Pete said it was a coping exercise: “Yeah, it’s something I had to do.” Pete later admitted his coping habits weren’t always harmless--he’s recently begun chewing his fingertips until they bleed. “It’s nasty. I just can’t stop.”


Howard asked Gary if there was position for Pete in the back office: “Is there anything he can do?” An opportunity presented itself later in the show: when Howard was ranting about Dr. Laura’s portrait being hung in the Sirius XM lobby, he sent Pete out to make sure it had been--as Howard requested--taken down. Pete grabbed a wireless mic, walked out and found portraits of Cousin Brucie, Martha Stewart, Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo, Rosie O’Donnell, Deepak Chopra and Howard--but no Dr. Laura: “It’s not there.” Howard was satisfied: “That’s all I wanted to know.”


As Howard went over Pete’s resume, he noticed Pete claimed to be an Eagle scout: “Do you think they gave him a mercy badge?” Jason looked it up: “They have special ones for people with disabilities.” The special badge was news to Pete: “Is that how it goes? I didn’t know that actually...maybe they took that into account.” Howard laughed: “You’re a Beagle Scout!”


Patrick Carlin, George’s older brother, called in to discuss his recent foray into stand-up (Patrick is 79 years old) and answer charges that he was cribbing his brother’s act: “Listen, man, we were talking that way in 1940.” Patrick said his comedy career was less traditional in another way: “I don’t think of myself as a stand-up comic...I just stand up and talk about stuff.”

Patrick claimed he wasn’t totally new to the comedy world--he supposedly wrote gags for The Chuck Barris Show and DJ’d on some ancient radio station. Howard then asked Patrick to preview his act. The results, as expected, were less than impressive: “I’d go to George’s house and look around for

Monday, January 24, 2011

Howard Stern Don Imus WNBC Commercial

Howard Stern - 2nd Day at WNBC 1982 (Part 1/3)

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Re-Mix of Eric The Midget's My Message For 01-17-11 To Losers Listeners


Sunday, January 23, 2011

On CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight," Howard Stern -Howard Stern is Piers Morgan's guest on the second ever show tonight, and the King of all Media was candid and controversial for the full interview.

CNN/Piers should have launched the show with Stern as the first guest. Oprah was a total bore and could not be more full of herself, she made Piers look like a fool and not because she's a "pro" but because she's a pompous bitch.


Howard Stern, you *are* a genius, one of the most entertaining people the world has ever known and by far the best interviewer that ever was. Don't ever let the haters convince you otherwise.

Howard Stern is Piers Morgan's guest on the second ever show tonight, and the King of all Media was candid and controversial for the full interview.Early in the show, Howard said he watched himself on Piers Morgan’s show last night and was disturbed by the show’s editing. At one point, Howard told Piers he was the best judge on ‘America’s Got Talent,’ but later added that he hadn’t forgotten about Howie Mandel--they cut that part out: “So if you’re Howie Mandel, you’re kind of like, ‘Howard dissed me.’” Howard also complained about how he looked on the show, but Robin thought he looked handsome. Howard was incredulous: “Where were you when I wasn’t famous



Dr. Debbie Magids then came in to read her evaluations, starting with the sanest--Howard, who leapt up, crowing: “I told you! Give me the money!” Before Dr. Magids moved on, she told Howard she did detect several ”personality features,” including excessive emotionality, dependence and a need for constant approval and attention.

Next up was Steve Langford, who had only one fault: “Steve Langford came out high but not overly high on obsessive compulsive personality.” Gary clarified Steve’s OCD score: “He scored a 77 on it. It was the only category he scored high in. Other than that, he didn’t even break a 65.” Dr. Magids said Steve also scored 67 on her ‘sadistic’ scale: “It means there’s a lot of residual anger inside.”

Dr. Magids said Fred was third most-sane participant, as his personality features, while high, canceled each other out: “Fred scored an 83 on narcissistic personality. Now Fred also had, as a secondary, schizotypal personality. It means he’s detached, a little withdrawn, socially balances out the narcissism.”


Personality and Intelligance at Work: Exploring and Explaining Individual Differences at Work

Dr. Magids cited Robin as the third-craziest, because of a 94-point score on the narcissism scale: “Higher than [Fred] and higher than Benjy.” She edged out Benjy--despite also having a ‘histrionic’ score of 74--because she’s a rare kind of narcissist: she cares about others. Dr. Magids said Robin just wasn’t hostile: “You scored a zero, meaning you don’t have that trait.”

Benjy came in as the second-craziest, due to a score of 80 on the histrionic scale and an anti-social personality features that registered a 71. Robin regretted taking the test, as she thought Howard was sure to bring it up in every argument, and asked Dr. Magids if she knew if someone might be smart enough to skew any psych exam. Dr. Magids said she did, so Robin pointed at Howard: “There’s one right there.”


Which left Ronnie, whose report read “RESULTS SEVERE” across the top. Here are Ronnie’s scores that topped 75--making them ‘major issues’:

Narcissistic personality disorder: 109.

Histrionic personality features: 79.

Paranoid features: 77.

Passive-aggressive features: 77.

Dr. Magids commended Howard for keeping Ronnie in check, as his personality traits are put to good use in his security position--things could be much worse “if Ronnie did not have this structure...[the job] normalizes the pathology.”

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Braco gazing sessions for $8 ? howard stern will do it for $ 4 ...

On 1-11-11, hundreds hoping for miracles follow man's gaze .
21 Days with Braco

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He goes by only one name.

21 Days with Braco

And for a limited time only, he'll be on South Beach to spread enlightenment for the price of a domestic beer plus tip.

Braco (pronounced Braht-zoh) repeatedly packed a Miami Beach Convention Center ballroom Monday as supporters of all ages and ethnicity paid $8 a pop -- or about a dollar a minute -- to gaze into his eyes and hopefully iron out a workplace drama, an internal dilemma or, perhaps, even cure a terminal illness.

``I felt a little dizzy,'' said Veronica Malazzo, 39, who saw Brazo for the first time Monday and immediately got in line for a second go-around. ``It was a little strong, like a shock when he came upstairs.''

Born in Croatia as Josip Grbavac, Braco is a spiritual healer, or a conduit of an ethereal energy, according to his followers.

A request to interview Braco was denied -- he reportedly doesn't speak in public or talk to the news media -- but supporters say the energy that flows through him can be channeled -- and is strong enough to eradicate brain tumors.

In search of that energy, hundreds, some from as far as California, repeatedly filed in and out of the ballroom, where Braco appeared before them in a pressed white shirt and faded gray jeans upon an elevated pedestal. Sessions lasted five to eight minutes as he slowly and silently shifted his gaze back and forth across the audience.

Some cried. Others stood quietly, clutching photos of family members to their chest in the hope of transfering Braco's energy. Some spent all day at the sessions.

Frank Weller, a filmmaker who brought Braco to Miami Beach, said Braco isn't a prophet or a religious figure. He said Braco doesn't take payments for appearing -- Weller said his Connecticut-based, nonprofit horse-rescue center reaped the admissions earnings, while Braco made only royalties from DVD, book and Braco jewelry sales.

``He's not trying to have followers,'' Weller said.

Weller said Tuesday's date, Jan. 11, 2011 -- or 1-11-11 -- is significant because Braco's gaze passes on a strong sense of oneness, something he hadn't felt since Woodstock.

Others described sensations that also evoked memories of the 1969 concert, such as seeing a glowing aura around the healer or watching his face morph into that of Jesus or their children.

Malazzo said she felt her bad left eye and a problematic ovary ``palpitating.''

Braco believers know that critics are skeptical.

``Perhaps for some of you, your families may think you're crazy to even come and try this,'' Braco book author and session emcee Angelika Whitecliff told the audience during one session.

Their response: Only someone open to his energy can benefit from it.

Malazzo said she would return Tuesday, and didn't expect doubters to understand why.

``The mind works like a parachute,'' she said. ``It only works when it's open.''

Braco gazing sessions go on Tuesday at Hall C, Room 126, from noon until 8 p.m., starting on the hour. For those who can't make it, there's good news: supporters say his energy also translates through YouTube videos

21 Days with Braco


21 Days with Braco

21 Days with Braco21 Days with Braco

your thoughts ? i say WTF !! &
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Monday, January 10, 2011

DOES SARAH PALIN SHARE THE BLAME? what's howads thougts ?


While they were on the topic of public figures blindly dedicated to the Republican agenda, Howard thought a graphic on Sarah Palin’s Website shared some of the blame for the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords: “[Palin] lists Congresspeople who are against guns...each person on the map here--like for example, here’s her name: Gabrielle Giffords. These are people ‘in the crosshairs.’ And you can see there’s a big giant scope.” [Don’t bother trying to see this for yourself, this content has been taken off her Website]

Gary shook his head at the graphic’s sub-head: “It says, ‘Don’t retreat. Reload.’” Howard loved the irony: “I like when Sarah Palin gets all upset with David Letterman, ‘David Letterman said something about my daughter!’” Howard thought she needed to be stronger: “This woman wants to be President of the United States? If she becomes President of the United States, we’re f’ed. She’s a loon. She’s about as credible as the golden-voiced homeless guy.”
Apple iPad MC497LL/A Tablet (64GB, Wifi + 3G)

The crew listened to viral video star Ted Williams reuniting with his ‘mommy,’ a word that made Howard’s skin crawl: “You want this guy working at the radio station with you? [...] What’s with the mommy thing? He’s 53-years-old.” Robin said it was still too early to call Ted’s Cinderella story: “We have [yet] to see if any of these supposed job offers actually pan out.” Howard nodded: “And if they do, how long he lasts.”


Gary told Howard that the show had sent (former intern) Steve Grillo to the AVN Awards to do red carpet intereviews over the weekend and had to field Steve’s bullshit all weekend long, including media pass requests for Steve’s wife, his friend and someone else. Steve even managed to complicate the simple delivery of a digital recorder--and then turned in an entire tape of over-modulated interviews: “We set it so that all he’d have to do was turn it he must’ve--” Howard shook his head: “You can’t understand a thing this kid did, Gary. Enough with him, OK? [...] What a waste.”

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011



Howard said he and Beth had gone on a trip of his own over the holiday break: to the Turks and Caicos: “I had the worst goddamn time.” The trip started with a short flight, but things quickly went awry: “First thing you do is get on a boat to get there. I hate boats.” And only got worse when they arrived: “Every day was very windy. Very strong winds. So we bundled up by the pool.”

Howard said they had move from room to room (to room) to escape a nearly resort-wide ant infestation: “They’re swimming over you. A sea of ants.” Beth tried her best to put a good spin on the The Turks & Caicos Islands: Beautiful by Naturetrip, but Howard couldn’t understand what drew the island’s seasonal residents--including Bruce Willis, Keith Richards and Donna Karan--away from the comforts of home: “It’s not for me, this travelling. I don’t like it.”


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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Howard 100

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