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Friday, September 24, 2010

LITTLE LUPE RETURNS Lupe Fuentes Super Pooosey movie video has her own website

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fleLITTLE LUPE RETURNS LITTLE LUPE IS TIGHTER THAN EVER Little Lupe stopped by and immediately started eyeing Robin--when Howard asked if she had a crush, Lupe was confused: "What is crush?" Howard explained and Lupe nodded: "I like her. She is hot." Howard noted that Lupe was originally invited back to the show so Sybian inventor Dave Lambert could administer one of his creepily-guided Sybian rides, but Dave (an 80-plus-year-old man) broke his hip after falling from a horse. Lupe was unsympathetic: "He is scared of me. He doesn't have can he fall from a hooker?" Howard laughed: "Not a hooker--a horse!" Howard thought Lupe's body was looking "tighter than ever," so she credited her hour-a-day running regimen, adding that she's often chased by on-lookers: "They chase me! Yes. They try to--yeah. I say, 'No. I'm running.'" Lupe said she was once running with a friend and pulled ahead: "Some Mexican guys from the park? They thought he was chasing me...and then we just f’ed." Lupe said f’ing outdoors was fun but uncomfortable: "When you lay down in the grass, everything start itching." LUPE BANGS A FATTY Lupe said she recently began hooking up with a fat girl--which is not usually her preference: "I never go for personality." Both Lupe and her fiancĂ©, Biohazard frontman-turned-porn star Evan Seinfeld, hooked up with the girl: "We f’ed her. We f’ the shit out of her." Lupe admitted she didn't understand why she was attracted: "Like, so fat...I liked it. I don't understand myself. I am completely shocked. And the worst part is I keep doing it. I can't get enough of the fat one!" ON GYPSIES, BOOKS & THE TICKLE CHAIR Howard asked if Lupe had ever banged a black guy, and she said she had not but was willing to--she'll bang any hot guy who's not a gypsy: "I don't like gypsies. Gypsies are like the worst." Howard then asked Lupe to sit in The Tickle Chair, and while she was resistant at first ("No! I gonna pee on myself! This is not sexy."), she eventually let Gary strap her in: "He tickle so bad!" Gary laughed that Lupe was so small, the restraints wouldn’t keep her hands locked down. Asked if she ever read, Lupe shrugged: "Books? Listen, nobody read books anymore. Books are boring...I don't understand people that read." Howard played along, saying "Books are for fat guys." Lupe agreed: "Ugly people." Lupe said she other interests, like Manga comics and dancing: "I am really good dancer. I dance all over the country." EVAN SEINFELD MOVES ON Evan Seinfeld then came in to say life was much better with Lupe than his ex, porn star Tera Patrick: "She became very asexual." Evan said he'd anticipated a swinging sex life when he married Tera: "That's what I thought the deal was. But she was really trying to just get me alone so she could complain to me." Evan didn't miss her at all: "There was a lot of drama.

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 That girl is a handful." EVAN AND LUPE TO MARRY SOON Evan and Lupe then announced they were planning to marry within the next couple of months. Lupe planned to wear white: "I was thinking to make it bikini wedding!" Howard asked Lupe if she planned to convert to Judaism, but Lupe misunderstood: "Jewish make good husband." Evan credited Lupe with his renewed health and happiness: "[She's] why I look younger and feel great." Lupe nodded: "Because he has young pussy. It's true." Lupe detailed why she'd make a great wife: "I bring home girls. I cook. I take care of my dogs. I look hot and I work out. I don't complain." Evan said Lupe's 4'9" 78lb-frame kept things interesting, showing the crew a "piggyfront," a means of carrying her "on the street." Howard was disturbed: "You hold her like a baby!" Evan shrugged: "Yeah but I'm caressing her buttcheeks."

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