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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nick and Artie conan o" brien show ?

Set your Dvr’s for Conan O’ Brien show on Monday February 27th at 11pm EST on TBS, Conan’s guests will be Nick DiPaolo and Artie Lange. I can’t wait to hear from Nick and Artie with Conan, it should be a great time and rumors are flying around atie may return to the howard stern show for an interview ?.   listen every night to The Nick and Artie Show here : click

Wednesday, February 22, 2012



Mr. Skin stopped by with this year’s Anatomy Awards, saying much of the legwork had been done by an army of “Skin Skouts”--men around the world with their eyes peeled: “They’re just guys that live in their mom’s basement and go see movies and report to me.” At Howard’s behest, Mr. Skin then read off a few of this year’s winners--all of which can be seen on
Best Bikini Scene: Brooklyn Decker in “Just Go With It”Best Coin Slot (Butt Cleavage): Mila Kunis in “Friends With Benefits” Best Network Upskirt: Meredith Vieira on The “Today Show”Best Network Nip-Slip: Nicki Minaj on “Good Morning America” Best Nude Debut: Emmy Rossum on “Shameless”Best Thong Scene: Natalie Portman in “Your Highness”Best Breasts: Lake Bell on “How To Make It In America”Best Butt: Nathalie Emmanuel on “Misfits”Breast TV Show: “Game of Thrones”Creepiest Nude Scene: Emily Browning in “Sleeping Beauty”Best “Skiing” (Double Handjob) Scene: Rachel Germaine on “Weeds”Best (Similated Oral with a) Banana Scene: Jennifer Aniston in “Horrible Bosses”Best 3D Nude Scene: Charlotte Ross in “Drive Angry”Best Grannie Panties: Laura Ramsey in “Kill the Irishman”Best Nude Cheerleader: Kaitlin Doubleday on “Hung”Best Nude While Ironing: Shanola Hampton on “Shameless”Breast Picture: “Shame”And everyone’s favorite, Most Niptastic Nips: Rachel Shelley in “Strike Back”

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Star Spangled Banner Whitney Houston

Howard was talking about Whitney Houston last week her Superbowl performance R.I.P Whitney

Howard was talking about Whitney Houston last week her Superbowl performance R.I.P Whitney

What a waste of a great and beautiful talent….Howard was talking about her last week, about her Superbowl performance….R.I.P Whitney……

America"s Got Talent ticket ?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Adrianne Curry pic on live howard stern show

Adrianne Curry pic on howard stern show

Sunday, February 5, 2012

howard stern watch Super Bowl XLVI Commercials: America's Got Talent

See Super Bowl XLVI Commercials: America's Got Talent

Howard Stern will appear in a commercial for America's Got Talent Super Bowl XLVI ?

Howard Stern will appear in a commercial for America's Got Talent during this Sunday's Super Bowl XLVI between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.
Stern tipped his audience about the commercial on Monday morning's satellite radio broadcast and warned his own Howard 100 News team off digging for details."Cooking up a Super Bowl ad?
"We shot two different versions," said Stern. "The content of the commercial is top secret."
The tradition of watching Super Bowl commercials has become almost as popular as the watching the game itself. Matthew Broderick is also scheduled to appear in a commercial for Honda, reprising his iconic role of Ferris Bueller.
Super Bowl XLVI kicks off on Sunday, February 5 at 6:30PM Eastern on NBC.
Howard Stern begins taping episodes of America's Got Talent later in the month

Howard’s Super Bowl Commerical To Air Today live during the Super Bowl on NBC !

Can’t wait to see The America’s Got Talent commercial with Howard, and a Giants Victory…Let’s go Giants!!…Hopefully later tonight, we will have the America's Got Talent commercial here for all that missed it during the Super Bowl.......

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is Lisa G in love w/ Benjy Bronk?


Early in the Show, Howard addressed yesterday’s Wrap-Up Show, noting that Benjy had defended his relationship with Elisa Jordana to both Gary and Lisa G. In a clip, Lisa G could be heard questioning Benjy’s constant partnership-promotion: “Benjy is trying to be a hero to a non-career.” Lisa insisted she wasn’t jealous--just annoyed: “If she’s that talented, she’ll be fine on her just feels like too much.”


As the Wrap-Up clips played out, Gary echoed Lisa’s complaint: “It feels very manufactured.” Howard said he agreed with the points Gary and Lisa had tried to make: “Benjy is obsessed with getting his girlfriend honest to the point where he feels like this is cache with her.” Howard continued: “It seems to me that you’re devoting a tremendous amount of your energy to promoting Elisa’s career...and it seems like there’s a lot pressure to get her airtime. Like there’s a lot of pressure to keep her in the limelight.”
Howard thought Benjy should quit promoting their projects (“It looks desperate.”) and Gary agreed: “You’re crowbaring in plug day and night. That’s not an interpretation. That’s a fact.” Benjy insisted he was doing nothing wrong: “What I’m doing is not a bad thing. And I did it for another purpose.” He claimed he was not trying “to get her to love me”, but Howard didn’t care: “It’s odd and it’s a distraction.”


Lisa came in to tell Howard she was no longer covering any Benjy-and-Elisa stories for the Howard100 News because they irritate her too much: “I’ve been a little consumed. That’s why I didn’t cover feels tacky to me and disrespectful to you.” Howard turned to Benjy and sided with Lisa: “It’s a sad situation for you...if she’s going to have a big career, you can’t be Colonel Tom in this situation.” Robin, head down, refused to even take part: “Benjy

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