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Monday, May 24, 2010

Andy Dick Lives in a shed ?

Gary said he also produced an episode of Andy Dick's ‘Shit Show’ while he was in LA and noticed a shift in Andy's (formerly "bi-") sexual proclivities: "I don't think he's that confused.Lonely Island & SNL Dick in a Box Gift/Costume He makes a lot of boy references now." Gary added that they'd done the broadcast from Andy's shed/home on a hippie-like compound in Topanga Canyon: "The ex-wife's in the house, the ex-girlfriend's in a trailer, Andy's in the shed...and then there's a bunch of kids hanging around." The Ben Stiller Show
Gary noted that Andy's shed was a lot nicer than he anticipated--Andy may have only spent $3,000 on the shed itself, but spent $5,000 retrofitting it with "a decent-sized bed," artwork on the walls, a flat-screen TV and custom flooring. Gary said there didn't appear to be a place to shower or take a dump. There was only a bucket in the corner: "Like the kind I have to pee in when I go to the doctor for kidney stones."

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Johnny Knoxville is a Hillbilly


Howard said he even took a sip of some moonshine Jackass - Signed 8x10 By Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Jason Acuna, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Ryan Dunn and Dave EnglundJohnny Knoxville was passing around ("This was made in some dirty hillbilly's basement with his feet.") because Courtney Cox and Demi Moore goaded him into it: "They were saying to me, The Ringer'C'mon Pussy! Drink it!'" Howard didn't think Knoxville looked any younger, referencing Johnny's broken penis: "That'll age a guy. I mean, when you get your dick broken, everything goes downhill."

Thursday, May 20, 2010

JOHN STAMOS Calls in to the Howard Stern show ...


Vinnie said he'd tried to get John Stamos to sing one of the demos for him, but John turned him down: "John broke my heart." John called in to defend himself: "I'm never doing this play as long as I live." Howard wondered what the singers who recorded Vinnie tunes had told each other about the gig, and Robin was ready: "There's some asshole over in Jersey who thinks he's written a musical."


After Vinnie hung up, John stayed on the line to talk about his upcoming role in 'Entourage' and about his behavior at Jimmy Kimmel's party last weekend: "I've been so infuriated by your shows this week. I was upset...I don't know how I was the shithead at the party." John said he regretted being short with the other musicians at the jam session: "[Mark] McGrath has been emailing me like crazy."
Howard said he spent 99% of his time at the party with John, and John agreed: "I couldn't get rid of you. You felt nervous around everyone else." Howard claimed it was the other way around--he couldn't get rid of John--and asked why John had committed to Nikki, the beautiful girl he brought to the party. John shrugged: "She's a great girl, but she's not here." John later revealed that someone else was with him: Leah, the girl he'd brought to Howard's wedding.


Howard said he knew John really wasn't into Nikki when he started talking about other girls in front of her: "When I talk to you about with chicks, I make sure Beth's not around...why is the girl who was with you at the party not your girlfriend?" John said it wasn't her--it was him: "There's no problem! We hang out. We date." Despite being in bed with Leah, John kept singing Nikki's praises: "She's the greatest, nicest girl I've met and I hope, you know, to make it work."

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Howard stern gets a IPAD ...

Apple iPad Tablet (64GB, Wifi)



Howard welcomed Corin Riggs, Miss HowardTV for the month of June, to the studio and complimented her outfit: "You do a great job with that purple bikini." Jimmy was unsettled: "It's kind of unusual when someone comes in a bikini. I mean, it's not for you, but is there going to be swimming?" Corin told the crew she was a medical assistant--but more importantly, has had anal sex 5 times: "You either do it correctly or you don't. A lot of people don't realize you’ve got to prep." Corin recommended using a silicone-based lubricant: "It's a lot nicer than this KY stuff."
Howard asked if Gange had been hitting on her at all, but Corin didn't know who he was talking about. Howard had Gange come in to jog her memory, and it took Corin a while recognize him: "He hasn't done anything creepy." Howard laughed: "Poor Gange follows these girls around like a lapdog for two days and he tries so hard. And they never even have a clue that he's into them. He's like every girl's best friend." Jimmy agreed: "She didn't even recognize him." Gange blamed the webcam he'd used for their videochat pre-interview: "Maybe it was blurry." Gange did admit, however, to hooking up with one Miss HowardTV once (and only once) after a night of drinking and her taking all her clothes off in the taxi on the way home.

Visit Jeff The Drunk's Trailer

A Visit to Jeff The Drunk's Trailer

by Jason Kaplan
Nicholas Lue, from Energy Productions, recently paid a visit to Jeff the Drunk's trailer home and sent us a bunch of the pictures he took. Jeff would only let him photograph the inside of his room but Nick reported back that Jeff's trailer home is actually pretty nice. He said it's a decent sized place with normal furniture in it. And, as you can tell from the pictures, Jeff's room was pretty neat and tidy. Nick also had an opportunity to meet Jeff's mom whom he described as an elderly woman who was relaxing in front of the TV watching Wheel of Fortune. He said she was extremely nice and sweet and it was a pleasure to meet her. Nick also said he had no problem locating Jeff's room because when Jeff opened his door a cloud of smoke wafted out.
According to Nick, Jeff has quite a collection signed photographs on the walls of his room.Some interesting things of note. Jeff said he took many of those pictures of himself and he's pretty proud of them, check them out and see how many super-stars you recognize. Jeff also seems to have a never ending supply of varied and odd knickknacks around his room - make sure you study all the details. There's a ceramic basketball player that Jeff said his mom made for him among the many oddities that look pretty interesting. Enjoy!
- Jason Kaplan  /

Monday, May 17, 2010

ASHTON KUTCHER hangs out with Howard Stern In L.A.


Ashton Kutcher stopped by to promote his new film, 'Killers,' and Howard started grilling him right off the bat, asking if Ashton's co-star, Katherine Heigl, was as hard to work with as the 'Knocked Up' crew has claimed. Ashton said Katherine definitely had an air about her: "She had a thing...I don't know what it was." The upside was filming love scenes with a famous actress: "It was like free cheating, you know." 


Ashton said he had no interest in actually cheating--Demi keeps things interested by sexting him all day long: "We have a two week rule. We're never apart from each other for more than two weeks." Ashton said he knew Demi was the one early on in their relationship: "I just shut everything off and focused on this is the person I want to be with." The couple jumped in with both feet: "She had more money than me. I didn't do a pre-nup."
Howard asked how they handled their finances now that they're equally successful, so Ashton explained that they shared a little: "We have a joint account and then we have our own separate accounts." Howard also asked after the couple's interest in Kabbalah, and Ashton came to the movement's defense: "I think religion is kind of awful...but it doesn't preclude me from studying spirituality."

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Howard Interviews Lupe Fuentes / little lupe calls bigfoot

BUY Lupe Fuentes DVD

Thursday, May 13, 2010

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. CALLS IN..................


Robert Downey Jr. called in to promote 'Iron Man 2,' and Howard and Robin immediately began joking about what a struggle it must've been for him to work with a ‘hack’ like Jude Law in 'Sherlock Holmes.' Robert got the joke but answered seriously: "Did you see his 'Hamlet'? He's actually extraordinarily gifted."
Howard referenced the stories about Mickey Rourke using pictures of his dead dog to get into character for 'Iron Man 2,' but Robert came to Mickey's defense: "I was doing the same kind of stuff in my own way." Howard asked if Robert was a method actor, but Robert answered, "I could never afford just try to be good in the scene like, uh--it's why I listen to you guys. It doesn't seem all, pre-packaged."


Robert said he often spoke with his friend, 'Spiderman' star Tobey Maguire, about the pressures of starring in a successful superhero franchise: "He's been kind of a great source of inside information. ‘Cause it's--I mean, c'mon. It's ridiculous. It's just a strange trajectory to have for a life, let alone a career." Robin wondered if he still had any interest in starring in smaller art films, but Robert shrugged it off: "Boring!"
Asked how many 'Iron Man' films he was contracted to star in, Robert revealed: "These two and then Avengers, which is a very ambitious project, you know, putting all these superheroes together. And then 'Iron Man 3.'" Howard assumed Marvel must've gotten Robert pretty cheap for the first 'Iron Man,' leading Robert to laugh: "You are assuming correctly." The studio has since renegotiated the contract and made up the difference: "They got me a Bentley. It's crazy. Yeah. Susan [his wife] drives it. I think we have to convert it to biodiesel or something. It's embarrassing.


Howard thought Robert was "too good" to have spent a season as a 'Saturday Night Live' cast member, but Robert claimed he and Anthony Michael Hall were anything but good on-set: "I am not too good to be doing anything. As a matter of fact, I think I was really lucky. I just feel bad for them because we were--you know, we were really misbehaving, so to was a lot of trouble for them."


When Howard tried to investigate how many times a week Robert has sex with his wife, Susan, Robert put her on the line. Susan was forthcoming: "If we're on vacation, two or three." Howard then asked about a story Scott Weiland told on the show about showering with Robert when they were in jail, so Robert explained that Scott was the aggressor: "I was buck-naked and the next thing I knew I looked over and there he was."

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Beth Ostrosky Stern on Regis & Kelly

Beth promotes her new book "Oh My Dog." One of the dogs proceeds to pee and poop on the set. It happens on live TV !!

EMMA THE AMISH MODEL vists Howard Stern Show


Howard welcomed Emma the Amish model to the studio, telling the crew: "Now she's excommunicated. Kicked out." Emma said she was 20 years old and had left the Amish community when she was 18--as the Amish community's 'Rumspringa' dictates--to experience the world on its own terms, but never returned. She's since been shunned: "I can't sit at the same table with [my family] and they can't drive with me." (She explained that the Amish can be passengers in automobiles, they just can’t drive them.)
Emma said her family saw it coming: "They knew I was gonna leave because of what I was getting into. I was talking to my 'English' sisters a lot. I've had four sisters who left too." The second she was off the farm, "I got a cellphone. That was the first thing I got." When she returns, she must sit at a small side table next to her family diningroom table: "I can't wear shorts or anything short like that. It has to be a dress or long pants...I just wanna show respect."


Howard asked if she'd go from softcore porn into hardcore, but Emma insisted that her splayed-and-naked photoshoots had just been 'nude modeling.' Howard disagreed: "That's porn." Emma then reconsidered her career choice: "I don't wanna do it again. Well, I feel like it just went a little too far that time...I'm ok with it for now. Like, I'm ok with it for it to be on the web but that's not what I wanna do for the rest of my life."


Emma wasn't sure how her Website made money--someone else runs it--so Gary came to tell her that the site sold what's called a 'Shoofly Pie Panty Pack': "It's a shoofly pie, an autographed picture and a pair of her panties." Howard asked Emma what she thought guys did with her used panties, but she wasn't sure: "I don't wanna know." Robin asked: "Do you know how to use the Internet?" Emma nodded: "Oh yeah. I have one at home."
Gary told Emma to show Howard the back of her dress, and Howard was duly impressed, asking who made it--Emma claimed it was a 'Sassy Assy' dress. Emma later hoped her appearance on the show would get her more modeling work: "I got fired because they found out I was on the Website and they found out I was coming on the show...I worked at a crazy place [as a waitress]. They were Mennonites."

Monday, May 10, 2010

Carolina Chocolate Drops performing "Hit' Em Up Style" / Carolina Chocolate Drops perform preview of their Nonesuch debut album, Genuine Negro Jig

Carolina Chocolate Drops performing "Hit' Em Up Style" 
Carolina Chocolate Drops perform 

the Carolina Chocolate Drops offer a preview of their Nonesuch debut album, Genuine Negro Jig, capturing live performances, interviews with all three band members—Dom Flemons, Rhiannon Giddens, and Justin Robinson—and a few words from the album's producer, Joe Henry.

MEDICATED PETE'S Hour Of Power - TOP 40 SHOW count down on howard 101 ...

Tonight on howard 101 7pm est. Top 40 Hour Of Power ......

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The 'Girls' for the Tranny Contest L to R: Jesse, Jessica, Celeste and Hazel

The 'Girls' for the Tranny Contest

L to R: Jesse, Jessica, Celeste and Hazel

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beth O Stern Talks about her book Oh My Dog - Buy here...


Beth O stopped by to promote 'Oh My Dog,' her new reference book for dog owners, and told Howard she gave serious thought to pranking the office: "Honey, I just used the [staff] bathroom. I was going to put fake poo all over...[but] I was so paranoid about leaving." Howard confessed that he was nervous himself: "I'm feeling a lot of pressure with this interview because the book is important to Beth and I would prefer all our fans go buy it."
Beth was blunt about the book's inception ("I'm a celebrity wife so I got offered a book deal.") but said she was honestly interested in animal care, noting that she's even developed a toothbrush that can help lengthen the life of your dog. It's called The Pawfect Smile--a dental 'pen' filled with peanut butter or vanilla-flavored toothpaste: "It's been proven that it can prolong your dog's life. Periodontal disease can wreak havoc on vital organs--their heart, their lungs."


Willie told the crew he had "8 or 9" children--he really wasn't sure. He laughed that he once awoke from a nap outside his ranch--and met his son: "I sleep outside a lot. I woke up and there was this kid standing over me. About 18 or 19 years old. He said, 'I'm your son.' This is true. Then he started telling me about who his mother was and I honestly didn't remember. I didn't know. And, uh, I didn't--I still don't know that it's true that he was or he wasn't. No. I--I gave him a ride down the highway and gave him a couple hundred bucks and said, 'Hey, see ya later.'"


Howard presented Beth with an Sophie's Choice scenario: their dog, Bianca, or their new cat, Apple, but Beth refused to answer: "That's the grossest question I've ever heard." Howard persisted, goading her: "Me or your mother in a boat. Who do you save?" Beth laughed: "My mother!"


Beth said she was going to appear on Letterman Thursday night: "I'm very nervous about Letterman. I worked there, but I've never had a conversation with him." Beth explained: "I think we weren't supposed to go out of our way to bother him? I think that was made was the most professional atmosphere. I've--I mean, I lived--I worked in Europe for 4 years, I've modeled all over New York City, I can't [cite] a more professional atmosphere than the David Letterman show. So when all of that stuff came out it was baffling to me because I don't see him that way."
Howard asked if she would have gone out with Dave back in the day, and Beth thought about it: "If he was not married? I have to say I probably would. Yeah! If he asked me out?" Howard was crestfallen: "It's disappointing to me that you'd go out with David Letterman. If you want to go out with David Letterman, go ahead." Beth laughed it off: "Honey. I'm so madly in love with you." Beth then begged Howard to accompany her to the show: "I think people will be more excited if you're's because of you that I even--I'm known to have--love for animals, that I wrote a book, that I'm on Letterman. You're a part of the whole thing."

Tuesday, May 4, 2010



Willie Nelson stopped by to promote his new album, 'Country Music,' and told Howard he was strictly a weed man: "Alcohol was making me a mean guy...we didn't have [weed] when I was growing up. We had cigarettes, Bull Durham and whiskey." Willie said he'd recently taken steps to improve his puffing habits: "I've kind of switched over to the vaporizer...vaporizers are better for your lungs because you don't inhale any heat and you don't inhale any smoke."
Willie said it'd become a way of life: "Some people smoke to get high. I smoke to get normal." Howard asked if Willie's wife, Annie, smoked but Willie said she did not--but doesn't mind that he does: "I think I finally found someone who'll put up with me." Howard wondered about their sex life, so Willie laughed: "We'll hit the hot tub occasionally...I think the desire stays the same but the ability [goes away]."


"Billy Bob is a great actor. A great actor. And he can act like he's singing and it sounds pretty good. And he can act like he's playing and it sounds pretty good. Because he has good musicians around him. He picks songs he can sing. But he'd be the first to tell you he's no Sinatra." Willie added that his words probably applied himself as well: "Maybe a lot of people think I should stick to music and stay out of acting."


Howard noted that Owen Wilson stayed at Willie’s house after his suicide attempt, so Willie explained: "Owen and I are good buddies. And Woody Harrelson. The three of us are kind of like the Three Stooges. We hang out together over in Maui and play poker and dominos and chess." Willie said it was quite the scene: "There's been a few good looking women come through the door over there...Owen or Owen's brothers bring them by."

Monday, May 3, 2010

MEDICATED PETE'S TOP 40 SHOW count down ...


Lisa G reported that Medicated Pete has been talking with people at the Hits 1 channel about his desire to work in Top 40 radio, so Pete came in to explain, saying he hadn't yet handed them a formal audition tape. Howard had Pete talk up a few U2 songs, but Pete couldn't hit the post or come up with any introductory anecdotes. Howard said he'd like to hear Pete's Top 40 show but didn’t really hold out much hope for its

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Carlos Simon-Timmerman was traveling in Venezuela and bought a flick called Little Lupe the Innocent

A New Yorker named Carlos Simon-Timmerman was traveling in Venezuela and bought a porno flick called Little Lupe the Innocent; Dont Be Fooled By Her Baby Face starring porn star Lupe Fuentes. But when he got to customs in Puerto Rico, he was detained for transporting images of a minor. He faced a whopping 20 years in jail. After spending two months awaiting trial, his case finally went before a judge. A customs agent and pediatrician both testified, saying the girl was absolutely underage in the video. However, she wasn't—Lucky for him, Lupe Fuentes packed her bags and flew to Puerto Rico. She showed up in court with proof of her age. All charges were dismissed, and Simon-Timmerman was able to go home.

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