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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Robins new marijuana Juicing recipe [ The Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis ]

PleAlthough the results may not be shocking to everyone, many people on the planet are just starting to wake up to the tremendous medicinal benefits that cannabis has to offer. A recent study conducted by the Institute of Molecular Psychiatry at the University of Bonn in Germany just discovered that the activation of the brain’s cannabinoid system triggers the release of antioxidants that act as a cleansing mechanism. This process is known to remove damaged cells and improve the efficiency of mitochondria. Mitochondria is the energy sources that powers cells. The study was published in the Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society, B (1).
There is also a large amount of evidence supporting the fact that cannabis can also be an effective treatment, and even a potential cure for cancer. We provided a list of 20 medical studies that prove cannabis can cure cancer(2). We already know that prescription drugs kill over 100,000 people each year and that a plant-based diet can prevent over 60% of chronic disease deaths. It’s time to lose our stigmatism about cannabis, the only reason we’ve been made to look at it in a negative manner is because it would threaten multiple industries (including the pharmaceutical industry). Cannabis along with hemp has over 50,000 uses and could help transform our world.
Cannabinoids have been proven to reduce cancer cells as they have a great impact on the rebuilding of the immune system(2). While not every strain of cannabis has the same effect, more and more patients are seeing success in cancer reduction in a short period of time by using cannabis. Contrary to popular thought and belief, smoking the cannabis does not assist a great deal in treating disease within the body as therapeutic levels cannot be reached through smoking. Creating oil from the plant or eating the plant is the best way to goase RT & Share w/ fellow Howard Stern Fans . Help support Blog Shop @ Amazon Click above on Amazon Links . THX


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(All opinions are Eric's and Eric's alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Howard Stern Show)

Back in August the country recognized the 50th. Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s great "I Have A Dream" speech, and March on Washington D.C. Let's not let another 50 years go by before Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream of all men being equal is finally realized and the hate finally ends. Let's start accepting everyone as equals and not hate them anymore. I myself have a dream. A dream that words like hate get replaced by words like acceptance, and that it not that 50 years for that to happen. The Olympics in Sochi, Russia have ended, and what we should all take away from the 16 day sporting event that had 86 different countries some of which do not really get along were all there side by side without any fights other than the fights that got the athletes gold, silver, and bronze medals. When the athletes were not trying to out due each other in each of the events they were all spending time with either having fun. That really came through on the closing night. There was one shining example of great sportsmen ship was in the opening week there was a really great moment where a Canadian Cross Country Ski coach went out of his way to get on the track and help out a Russian skier replace his broken ski by giving him a extra ski from team Canada. So let that be an example that hating is worthless. Even two people from two completely different countries in the middle of an Olympic event can look past team competition and show great sportsmanship and respect. The Olympics really show that people of around the world can all be in one place at the same time, and completely get along, and just compete for medals, and the right to be called the best at their sport.

It would really be great if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's dream can finally be realized before his living relatives all pass on. Clearly all anyone has to do is look around to see that yes, we are rarely ever equal on the outside. Rather it is in height, weight, skin, facial features, or even hair we are different, but that is the way it is meant to be. I know that is God's will and intent. To me it would be one boring world if we were all walking around looking the same and the animals looked the same too. Just because we are all not equal on the outside does not mean that we can not treat each other as equals. I mean, we pretty much have all the same number of organs in our bodies and the same number of 206 bones. Of course, there are people that from either accidents or medical reasons, do not have all their organs or all of their bones. There's no reason at all to hate anyone for their race, religion, their sexual orientation, or anything else for that matter. It says in the bible that we are all made in God's image. The key words in that are: that we are all made in his image. No matter what groups like G.H.F., and KKK Skin Heads, and the Neo Nazi's think, God does not exclude people in any way like we exclude people. They think that God does not open the gates to gay people or people of certain races. What keeps people from heaven's gates is being hateful towards your fellow man, and not hold love for God and his son in their hearts. It is not like being gay is some kind of new hot fad and is just going to ever go away. In fact it seems to be getting more and more acceptable to be someone that is an openly gay person in the past few years. Which really a good thing nobody should hide who they are. I mean from my very first call in to The Howard Stern Show on 09/19/2002 I have been up front, and open about who I am. I never kept the fact that I was a little person in a wheelchair to myself. I could have kept that to myself if I felt like it, but I did not do that, because I have no reason to hide that. I feel bad knowing that there are still people that in this day, and age feel that they still have to hide who they are. By now no one should have to hide anything about themselves just because they feel that they will not be accepted in whatever they want to do in their lives. What is great is how in the last couple of years there have been actors, athletes, and other being in the spotlight coming out of the closet, and being accepted. Sunday night Jason Collins the NBA star that came out last year finally got to play for the first since he came out, and there was positive response by the fans. So far people have been for the most part very positive about the first openly gay guy to enter the NFL Draft in a few months. Actresses, and actors have been coming out as well. Not one of them are any different now than they were before they came out. They are just as human now as they were before. Here is an idea for all of these hate groups, because all of the things that they hate so much are not passing fads that will be gone somewhere down the road. Find some island in the damn middle of nowhere, just pack up, and leave no one will miss you I am sure of that. It should be crystal clear that being openly gay is getting more acceptable by that fact of how many TV shows and movies have featured openly gay characters, or openly gay actors. I feel that all this hate, and bad feels towards the LTGB Community comes from everyone that are still having the uneducated, ignorant idea from the 1980's that gays started the HIV/AIDS epidemic. I guarantee you that if there was a research poll taken on the opinions of people born before 1988 about how they feel about gay people, and than asked the same thing of people born earlier than that I guarantee that the number of older people that hate older people, and do not support the gay lifestyle will be so much higher than the people born after 1988. All of those older people are not as grown up as they think that they are. Being around gay people is not going to do anything to hurt you in anyway. Just like being around anyone that is different than you. Passage John 3:16 in the bible says "God So Loved The World He Gave His Only Begotten Son, That Whoever, Believeth In Him Should Not Parish, But Have Everlasting Life." I know that he did not give up Jesus hoping that in the future we would hold so much hate for on another. They will all be surprised to find out the only people excluded from heaven are people that hold hate in their hearts and are not following God's word. Which that means they would be excluded. They are all going to end up meeting Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and other awful people in the history of the world, and also all of the people who follow any cult leader or false religion like Scientology. The only way that any of those people have any shot, excuse the pun, in hell of avoiding an eternity in hell is if on their death bed they get a priest, repent for their sins here on earth, and accept (there is that word again, Accept) God into their heart. I know that bible does not accept gay people and their lifestyle at all, but what we all need to keep in mind is that god himself did not write the bible that you find in churches, and even motel rooms. This past weekend I got into a little bit of a direct message argument with Stern Show's writer Benjy Bronk about his views on what Arizona is doing about discrimination in restaurants, and businesses. His views were awful. Here it goes. First what I first to him: So from what your logic says from your tweet a restaurant can refuse to serve you because they think they dot want to contribute to your weight problem. That is awful. Now him: I dont think its nice, but yes, I think that should be their right. Me: That is reverting backwards to the white restaurants and the color restaurants. Him: if someone wouldnt want me in their restaurant because Im Jewish, I would think thats wrong, but legally I think it should be their right. Me: Well being someone who clearly is different from others because I am in a wheelchair and a little person if a business told me that I had to leave. I would be back there with a lawyer, and news cameras for sure. Him: if a business didnt let you in for that reason, I would think that was very wrong and mean and I would not support that business, and I would encourage others to not support that business either, but I dont think the Government should force people to be nice. Me: As a country we need to finally end all of this worthless bullshit of hate, and start finally accept all people as equals. Like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted 50 years ago. Him: I 100% agree with you, I just dont think its Governments business.

If you look at the past of our southern states you can see that acceptance was not a word that anyone would use to describe that part of our history. People could not go to the same schools, restrooms, restaurants, or sit in the front of buses just because their skin color was different. Sitting writing this, something just popped in my head and that is the fact that the people of the south back then were complete idiots, because more than likely it was their distant relatives that brought over the distant relatives that they were excluding from schools, restrooms, restaurants, and the front of buses. My point is, if their distant relatives never brought over the slaves it would have not been a headache that they had to deal with. Of course, I hope that I am not coming off sounding racist because I am not trying to be. I am trying to point out that the whole history of the Civil War and years later the fight for Civil Rights, they brought that on themselves but yet I am sure they would not own up to it. To me, it is stupid to place blame for that part of our country's history on African Americans. They should not have had to be slaves to anyone in the first place. I mean, really think about it. It's not like all those many years ago when the slave ships showed in Africa they said to the men on the ships, "Take us to America to use as slaves to pick your crops and do the cleaning," and then years later after we gain our freedom, you all exclude our distant relatives from having all the rights that they should have, treat them like crap, hurt them, and even torture and kill them. I get why so many African American people are so frustrated with us white people. Another thing is, why in the world did our U.S. Government make this month which is the shortest month of the whole year, to celebrate the history of African Americans? I mean really, why the shortest month after all of the years of torture? I think that the month of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's birth should be Black History Month. To me that makes more sense. Like I just said, to me, January should Black History Month, followed by February as Presidents Month, because of Washington and Lincoln's birthdays.

We are on the final week of Black History Month, and today the NFL made an announcement about the use of another word that I feel needs to be thrown away for good, and that is the "N" word. They are considering a new rule that says any player calling another player that word first the team will get penalized fifteen yards, the second time the player will get kicked out of the current game. To me no one should use that word. Not even other African American people. I mean I would no greet another little person or another person in a wheelchair "Hey What's Up Midget," or Hey My Crippled Friend". That is not how people should greet each other.

Our very own government, in many ways, needs to be taught the word Acceptance. Acceptance of things have got to start being done differently or we are going to have an even harder time digging out of our massive crushing debt problems. Acceptance that the more people lose their jobs, the more that in order to support their families they will turn to committing crimes for their families to survive. Acceptance that more attention and money needs to somehow go into the country's public education system so that areas stop losing so many schools. The more schools that are lost, the more over crowded the open classrooms get. Which hurts kids grades, and test scores. Not only that but the more schools that close mean that totally qualified teacher are sitting at home instead of a classroom. The education of the kids now, and the kids in the future is as important as important should be. Another thing that the government needs to accept is the fact that not only is crime going to keep climbing higher and higher because more and more people losing their jobs and looking for ways to get money, cities are going to be in more of a need to have completely fully staffed police departments, fire departments, and paramedics. A lot cities are losing funding for all three of those: police, fire, and paramedics. They are having to cut services and lay off a lot of police officers, paramedics, and fire fighters. I know you be thinking, why are fire fighters and paramedics needed for crime problems? For arson and crimes where people are hurt or killed. Maybe it really comes down to us American voters, we need to stop accepting the same politicians running for office every year. Maybe instead of electing pretty much the same older white men and women that we have been electing, maybe we should elect younger people with fresher ideas of how this country should be ran. People that are economic and mathematic experts that can maybe get our budget and country on track. Get our economy the kick in the butt that it badly needs. Get our unemployment numbers down lower, our employment numbers go up, and cost of living and gas cost go down. Our current politicians are doing more to hurt the country than they are doing to help the country. They need to accept the fact that they need to raise federal minimum wage up to a much higher level. A level that makes it worth getting up everyday getting in to either a car or public transit, or enough that does not go all into a tank of gas. They need to accept that people want to make more at their jobs than they have to spend to get to their job. Why should a person go to a low paying job that puts them in the hole financially by getting to the job daily? A job should have a paycheck that is worth spending the time to do the work.

Our government needs to accept that their tired old ways are just that: tired old ways. Times are changing, big time. The old policies that worked just fine years ago do not work now. We need them to make some newer policies that will pick us up out of this deep economic ditch that we are currently struggling to get ourselves out of. They need to find ways to get more people off of our streets and safely in either homes or apartments especially families with small children. Not only do they to make get strides to make sure more families are off of the streets, and have a roof over their heads, but they also need to make sure that every family can stay fed, healthy, and clothed. It is hard enough to raise a family the government needs to accept that they need to do their part to make it easier. The last thing that the members of our government needs to accept is the fact that it is completely time to bring our tired men and women of our military all home. I mean, it is cool watching the news and every once in a while seeing a soldier surprising their loved ones, but it is time for them to all be home now. Also, they need to make that those returning men and women coming home can get jobs if they need them, to be able to completely proved for their loved ones, and get any medical help that they may need. Today the government announced that they are considering major military cut backs. I t great that they finally want to get all of our men and women back in this country, and out of Afghanistan and Iraq, but now it not the right time to be just cutting a bunch of them loose. We have enough people already struggling to find jobs, and our government wants to add a lot of men, and women of our military to the already long list of unemployed people looking for jobs. Wise up government.

Here's a thought to all registered voters. Maybe something that should change is that our next President, and Vice President should be two women. I think that it should be Hillary Clinton for President, and Michelle Obama as the Vice President. I am sure that a lot of the women reading this would agree with me that really it is the women that run every household. I think that it time that women run the most well known house in this country, and our country out of the Oval Office at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I think that a total of sixteen years of our former First Lady, and our current First Lady maybe what our country needs. Plus their husbands could give them advice if they need any. As far as the rest of the government goes stop electing guys that have law degrees it is the country's budget which is an economic issue that needs the most help. So the politicians should be voting in should have economic, and mathematic degrees

This is going to be my final paragraph about Acceptance. My final thoughts I am going get back to the whole thing of acceptance over hate. I know that one way to make sure that there is way more acceptance in this world than there is hate is to simply lead by example. What I mean is to grow up, stop acting like an immature juvenile little hateful person. Kids will see it in you. It is true how they are like sponges, they do and say whatever they see the adults in their lives do or say. If they see adults treating each other like crap, clearly they are going to get the wrong message of how they should treat the other kids at their schools or in the neighborhood. Bullying and harassment, both on-line and in face to face, has got to come to an end now!! Acceptance needs to be a normal and acceptable part of our future. All bullying and harassing does, whether it is kids or adults, is make the victims feel like less of a person and put them into depression. The fact that there are groups like the Be A Star campaign, and probably close to two dozen or more anti-bullying anti-harassment groups actively out there, shows that bullying and harassment are very serious matters right now. Clearly, kids can not teach themselves because if that was the case there would be no need for schools, teachers, and school supplies. The Crosby, Stills, and Nash song title "Teach Your Children Well" is right we need to teach our children well by teaching them acceptance not hate. March 11th., this year I will be turning 39 years old, and since 2002, when I started calling The Howard Stern Show I myself have been a target of bullying, harassment, and hate by people that have never grown up at all, and really learned right from wrong in the way you treat people. They are just totally pathetic, worthless, juvenile, immature people that have self-esteem issues. They themselves feel better when they harass, and make fun of others. The bad things that I have written about in this need to be a complete part of our history, and the good things need to get better. I am sick of all of the damn negative crap in the news daily. To whomever just read this and has perception that I am a low intelligent, self-centered, hateful, miserable, delusional, racist, homophobic/anti-gay, idiot, that lives in his own little world, and is someone that doesn't get what is going on in the world, his entitlement issues clouds his view. Than you are seriously in need of help, and accept the fact that maybe you are the one not living in reality. For still having that bullcrap perception of me. I think that I have said enough in this to prove how full of crap that perception of me is.

Lady's track "Pussy" discussed on The Howard Stern Show

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mr. Skin BIO & Buy DVD Here #Mr.Skin Skincyclopedia & 501 Greatest Movies for Sex and Nudity

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Mr. Skin is a website that specializes in locating, rating, and posting instances of female nudity in television and film. Founded in August 1999, Mr. Skin is also the nickname of the company's chief executive, whose real name is Jim McBride.[1] As of 2007, attracted more than seven million visitors per month.[2]


After an appearance on The Howard Stern Show in 2000, McBride became a regular guest, ultimately producing a "Mr. Skin Minute" that continues to air every Thursday as part of Stern's Sirius Satellite Radio program. You can listen to him every other Wednesday at 9:40 am on The Rude Awakening Show on WOCM. Other radio shows that have featured Mr. Skin include Lex and Terry, Tom Leykis, The Adam Carolla Show, Loveline, Steve Dahl, Opie and Anthony, Kidd Chris, The Bob & Tom Show, The World Famous Frank Show, Todd and Tyler, The Regular Guys, The Jeff O'Neil Show, "The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show" and a weekly call in to the BS on Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando, Florida. He also appears on The Drew and Mike Show on WRIF radio in Detroit.

In 2007, was referenced in Judd Apatow's comedy, Knocked Up, which was discussed in a New York Times Business section feature which detailed's history, its prominence in Knocked Up, and the site's positive relationship with Hollywood companies as a marketing tool.[3] In the article, interviewer Andrew Newman wrote that "[T]he movie studios not only tolerate Mr. McBride but also court him by sending advance screeners of DVD releases."[3]

In October 2013, McBride introduced the spin-off site Mr. Man, devoted solely to male nudity. [4]


St. Martin's Press published the nudity guidebook Mr. Skin's Skincyclopedia: The A to Z Guide to Finding Your Favorite Actresses Naked in 2005.

Mr. Skin's Skintastic Video Guide: The 501 Greatest Movies for Sex and Nudity on DVD was published in the fall of 2007
Greatest Group Shower Scenes

Kaki Hunter in Porky's (1982) 01:02:37

Why shower alone when a group is much better? Here Mr. Skin has used his skills and knowledge to put together a playlist of the hottest group shower scenes ever. From classic comedies to great dramas this is a wet, wild collection. You can’t have a group shower scene without including the classic scene from Porky’s that includes Kaki Hunter and numerous other girls all going full frontal and showing off every inch of their bodies. Sarah Silverman broke her on screen nudity cherry when she stripped down and went full frontal bush to bush with Michelle Williams as they talk and shower in Take This Waltz. Uschi Digard exposes her heavy hangers and thick thatch while in the shower with other prisoners in Prison Girls. Dina Meyer pulls off her shirt and shows her perky tatas when she showers with the other soldiers in Starship Troopers. Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt do a sexy fully nude photo shoot and show off their fantastic racks and perfectly groomed biscuits in The Girls Next Door. Red hot Patrice Rohmer and several other girls sneak into a locker room completely naked, treats us to an eyeful of boobies and bearded clam and joins the guys in the shower for a bubble bath orgy in Revenge of the Cheerleaders. We catch a quick glimpse of Linda Blair and Sharon Hughes’s great chest pillows while other girls behind them go full frontal in the shower in Chained Heat. Things get wet in a hurry in this playlist so be prepared for some hot, steamy good times as you check out the hottest group shower

Dr. David Agus is one of the men who saved news icon Robin Quivers’ life / David Arquette Gives a Short Tour of the Stern Show Compound

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World-famous Super Newswoman Robin Ophelia Quivers won an NAACP Image Award for her book, the Vegucation of Robin and Howard was over the moon.

Like Woody Allen or Marlon Brando, Robin was too cool to go collect the award herself, but she did bask in the adulation of being one of the most powerful black people in the world this morning.

Howard suggested Robin wear her award as necklace like Flavor Flav or make it into a large hood ornament. And he marveled that there’s finally an NAACP Image Award winner who admitted to shitting her pants in public.

All in all, it was well-deserved. Robin was glowing with pride and promised to deliver a proper acceptance speech. Howard pointed out that Oprah didn’t win an NAACP this year, so for at least a year, Robin is more powerful than Oprah.


Scott - either about to start his first round or after three straight days of bowling. Doesn't matter, he always looks the same


Scott Salem doesn’t have a lot going on – when he quit smoking, his life was reduced to only engineering and bowling.

He is so passionate about bowling that he famously tried to get a few frames in on 9/11, but the rest of his league stayed home with their families, nobody told Scott.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the thousands of hours Scott has spent bowling have made him all that good. He recently competed in the PBA tournament and bowled poorly, sometimes as low as a 117, and coming out with a final ranking of 443 out 468 bowlers.

He tried to blame it on conditions and ‘oil patterns’ on the lane (if you thought Scott was dull before, listen to him talk about oil patterns).

Howard 100 News reporter Shuli Egar challenged Scott to a contest and Scott immediately wanted to bet him $5,000 that the baldest man (Scott) would win. If Scott lost, he’d have to borrow the money to pay Shuli, but Scott was confident. Howard thought that was typical Scott Salem finance – bet money you don’t have.

Finally, it was settled that a bunch of guys from the show – Gary, Jon Hein, JD, and Shuli would all throw in $500 and the winner would take the pot.

We’ll see how it goes, but let’s just say Scott doesn’t have the greatest luck.

Bonus Scott!

ESPN sat Scott in the first row of the PBA Final Round on Sunday and his mug made it all over TV! Fans sent us their screen shots, see our Facebook gallery below - #FrontRowScott!



Actor, Club owner and occasional Stern Show Celebrity Intern David Arquette stopped by today to promote his new Lifetime movie ‘The Happy Face Killer.’

He came in smelling of vanilla cologne and wanted to talk more about his profound new idea, ‘The Kindness Game’ - which he called up drunk to discuss a few months ago – along with fatherhood, Robin Quivers, and Courteney Cox.

Here are the highlights of David’s interview:

* David drunkenly sort-of revealed that his girlfriend, Christina Mclarty was pregnant when he called into the show in 2013, and it’s still true. The couple are expecting a baby boy and, contrary to a report Howard read in the Globe, did not buy a ‘baby jacuzzi’.

* David seemed a little jealous that Howard was in Mexico hanging out with his ex-wife Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston over the holiday break, because he understood that it was probably a blast.

* David continued to flirt with Robin Quivers – the two famously kissed, it was revealed last year. David went further than ever, exclaiming ‘I want to drink your titty juice!’

* David is back to drinking, but tries to stick to beer, wine and champagne (like our own Richard Christy). ‘I'm an alcoholic,’ David said. ‘I'm a drug addict crazy mad man.’

* David told Eric the Actor that he wants to hang out in LA, promising to get the little handicapped hellion laid. David even admitted that he would have sex with a female Eric the Actor, which we’ve never heard before from anyone who want being paid.

* David once again spoke about his wish that people were nicer to each other – something he calls ‘The Kindness Game’. He wants everyone to know that we’re all equal, celebrities are no better than commoners. Howard asked if his club, Bootsy Bellows (named after his mother’s burlesque alter-ego) had a VIP room. David reluctantly admitted that it did. David realized that the separation of VIPs from commoners does make him a part of the problem, but he will fight on anyway.

* Also, for some reason, David asked the media that he be quoted saying the following: ‘God is at least half a f*cking woman, bitches.’

Check out David’s new TV Movie ‘The Happy Face Killer’ on Lifetime.


Thanks to Superfan David Arquette for giving a quick fan tour of Stern Show compound
Dr. David Agus is one of the men who saved news icon Robin Quivers’ life last year as she battled cancer, so he’ll always be a hero to Howard.

He called in this morning to promote his book ‘A Short Guide to a Long Life’, which Howard and Robin both loved.

While Dr. Agus’s plan for a long, healthy life is almost the way Howard lives to a T, the one tip the good doctor gives that isn’t in Howard’s routine is baby aspirin. Dr. Agus claims it will drastically reduce all kinds of medical problems in the long term – cancer, heart disease, etc.

What Howard really wanted to get into was Robin’s attempts to ‘detox’ through crazy experiments like enemas, ayahuasca in Peru, juicing. Dr. Agus’s reply was that there is no data that says any of these things improve your health, but there also isn’t any evidence that, as Howard alleged, any of this caused Robin’s cancer.

He did point out that Robin likes to argue with facts, which is rare for a newswoman.

Stern Show writer Sal Governale also goes to weird extents to get healthy, and his newest obsession is vitamins. The doctor thought Sal’s regimen was nonsense and pointed out that it is damaging his liver. Sal said he’d been experiencing bloating in his liver and gallbladder area, and now he knows why.

Sal's Vitamin Bag

Other tips from the doc include wearing your seat belt, brushing your teeth, washing your bed sheets once a week for better sleep, and eat fish three times per week.

Dr. Agus has also helped two of Howard’s heroes, Steve Jobs, who taught Dr. Agus how to dress, and Neil Young, who refers to Dr. Agus as his ‘mechanic’ and goes to him for general check-ups.

Check out Dr. Agus’s book ‘A Short Guide to a Long Life’ and live exactly like Howard does

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Baba Booey Ice Skate

Artie Lange will be on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon March 12th!

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Artie Lange
Also gotta thank Jimmy for letting be a guest on my first Tonight Show March 12! Can't wait to see you Higgins and The Roots. ‪#‎watchALSHOW‬

GARY From Turks and Caicos to shoveling snow off the roof - vacation week #SternShow #PorchCeilingFans

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From Turks and Caicos to shoveling snow off the roof - @robertAbooey’s vacation week #SternShow #PorchCeilingFans

Saturday, February 15, 2014

"Sharknado 2" producers hope for a Howard appearance & a wack pack weather update on Nor'easter

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tiger Woods crowd yells MASHED POTATO & Baba Booey, he cusses

This one is from the 4th tee (3rd round) from the Deutsche Bank Championship (PGA Tour) from the TPC Boston in Norton, Mass on 9/2/12 (Labor Day Weekend). Just as Tiger takes his swing, some ingenious fans in the crowd yell "BABA BOOEY" & "MASHED POTATO"! You can tell this really infuriates Tiger as he promptly thumps his club hard against the ground and exclaims "goddammit!" as the ball goes straight into a deep bunker. Haha love it! "Mashed Potato(s)" has become the new "Get in the Hole". My favorite part of watching golf is turning the volume up after they swing to hear what newest nonsense the crowd is going to yell to get on Tiger's nerves. He's so fun to rile up, and if he wasn't such a reactionary, nobody would do it. But Tiger can't help himself and has to lay the blame for his recent poor play on somebody other than himself, because we all know Tiger is perfect. MASHED POTATOS!!!Please RT & Share w/ fellow Howard Stern Fans . Help support Blog Shop @ Amazon Click above on Amazon Links . THX

Howard Stern Show - Fans Yelling ''Baba Booey'' At Golf Tournament And A...

Monday, February 3, 2014

Howard Stern Birthday Bash 2014

Naked Seahawks Fan on Live TV News Blooper!

An excited Seahawks fan goes pants free - completely naked - on Live Fox 13 News broadcast in Seattle. The camera man tries to blur it, but he's too late. Please RT & Share w/ fellow Howard Stern Fans . Help support Blog Shop @ Amazon Click above on Amazon Links . THX

Sunday, February 2, 2014

RadioShack Super Bowl Commercial 2014 HD

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Lena Dunham Gives It To Howard Stern While Attending His Birthday Bash!

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Lena Dunham and Howard Stern have had their fair share of Beef in the past, but Dunham served one up for Stern during his birthday bash by throwing a couple of shots while hitting the stage; hit the jump for more!

Adriela Batista

Howard Stern is known for his outrageous, raw, uncut comments, so when he threw a couple of shots at Lena Dunham last year, calling her a “little fat chick” who “looked like Jonah Hill and was raping his eyes,” Dunham decided to serve Stern a piece of his own medicine at his own birthday party! Dunham took the Hammerstein Ballroom stage and stated:

“He [once] asked me if I was intimidated because my boyfriend could be getting much hotter ass. I didn’t have the wherewithal to ask Howard if he was intimidated because Beth [Ostrosky Stern] could definitely be with someone . . . who doesn’t look like a cartoon of a Jewish female horse.”

Guest have dubbed Dunham the life of the party, and even stated about the birthday boy that he is a “champion of women in the arts.”

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Howard Stern Birthday Bash Full Broadcast 1/31/14

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The Full Broadcast of The Howard Stern Birthday Bash Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel , featuring Robert Downey, Jr , David Letterman , Paul McCartney .Bryan Cranston ,George Clooney ,Jimmy Fallon ,Seth Myers, Ellen DeGeneres , Fred Armisen, Lena Dunham ,Rosie O'Donnell ,John Stamos ,Chelsea Handler, Ryan Phillippe .

Musical Performances from Rob Zombie ,Train , Adam Levine , John Mayer , Dave Grohl, Neil Young, James Hetfield , ,Jewel , John Fogerty , Daniel Mendelson , Steven Tyler and Slash , Sara Silverman & Natalie Maines and Robin Quivers herself Enjoy

Big Meals Small Places with Sal and Richard: BEEF SLIDERS

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Tan Mom Escorted Out By NYPD @ Howard Stern Birthday Bash #howard

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The always controversial and fun Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil was a guest at Howard Stern’s Birthday Bash on Jan 31st at The Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. Tan Mom appeared under the influence during the walk of the red carpet, and as the night went out got more and more “happy” . The New York Police Department were called to escort Tan Mom out of the building. There is never a dull moment with The Tan Mom. Here are some pictures of Tan Mom at the event:

Howard 100

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