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Friday, January 22, 2010

Gary Vs Yucko The Clown

Yucko called in to insult the crew and started with Robin's 'Joy Behar' appearance: "She sounds more stupid on that show than she did on 'Jeopardy.'" Yucko then turned to Gary, who returned fire with a reference to Yucko's recent divorce. Yucko tried to shrug it off ("At least I got more than Techno Beaver and Solitaire going on in my life.") but Gary stayed on the attack: "You wanna *not* be known? You're doing a great f’ing job!"

Gary really opened fire on Yucko: "You haven't been funny on the show in ages and you probably won't be on any time soon because you suck on the show!" Yucko's attempts to return fire kept missing the mark and Gary parried well: "You were vicious and funny and then you just became sad." Yucko started to sound defeated ("Whatever. I'm not f’king sad. I know that f’ing much.") so Gary went for the knockout: "Your act is stale. You haven't created anything new and you're kind of're not a funny clown. You're a depressing clown." Yucko replied that he would go write some zingers to respond to Gary and call in with them tomorrow.


On the Wrap Up Show, Scott DePace claimed he'd tried to have a discussion about the Jets/Chargers playoff game but Gary had dismissed his opinion outright. Gary laughed: "That's because your opinion was wrong." Scott said Gary never considered opinions that differ from his own, and Gary said the same thing about Scott, adding that Scott's opinion – that the Chargers blew the game – was a biased/"sour grapes" take on the outcome.

Gary speculated that Scott didn't respect him, but Scott clarified – he merely doesn't respect Gary's football opinions, just as he wouldn't respect his golf opinions: "I'm not arrogant. Just confident." As the argument heated up, it came out that Scott didn't even respect Jon Hein's take on TV. Jon replied diplomatically – saying he wasn't a 'TV authority,' but rather someone who conducts arguments in a way that some people respect and want to hear out.
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