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Monday, January 30, 2012

Christina Aguilera Sings "At Last" at Etta James' Funeral - howard stern period


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Joan Rivers visits howard Stern


Joan and Melissa Rivers stopped by to promote the new season of “Joan Knows Best,” but Howard was more interested in Melissa’s porn kingpin boyfriend, Vivid CEO Steven Hirsch. Melissa said Steven kept his business separate from his personal life (“He’s very normal.”), but their relationship has generated several sex tape offers from rival porn companies: “I don’t want it.”

Howard noted that Joan often stays with Melissa when she’s in LA--Joan doesn’t keep a place of her own in California--and asked if her visits were ever a burden. Melissa laughed: “Uh, can I have a sip of coffee? No, she’s not a burden...maybe a little burden.” How little depends on the length of Joan’s stay: “Two days a week it would ideal. Four it gets to be a little close quarters.”

Howard asked about Melissa’s most recent ex, so she recounted how he left his laptop open in the kitchen--when she bumped it, she saw an inbox full of Ashley Madison replies and emails “soliciting” women on Craigslist: “I learned it had been going on for quite a long time.” She called him immediately and called it off. And not a second too soon--the emails leaked just hours later: “The next day, I started getting calls from tabloids. … It was much easier explaining what he did to [her son] Cooper than why.”

Asked if it was difficult growing up in full view of her mother’s infamously-harsh critical eye, Melissa said Joan has always been on her back: “She still is.” Joan confirmed as much: “Every phone call I end with, ‘Put on make-up.’” Melissa nodded: “And ‘Don’t eat.’”

Howard asked Joan if it was horrible to go on vacation with Cindy Adams and Judge Judy (“I can’t think of a worse time.”), but Joan denied it, encouraging everyone to visit Williamsburg, VA: “I had the best time.” Still, Joan admitted she was jealous of Judy’s wealth: “It burns my ass because I never syndicated anything.” But Judy’s a friend. Chelsea Handler? Not so much: “The girl made it on her back, f***ing the president...we all know how she got there...whatever. But don’t you come after me. You whore.”
by howard

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Howard's Hottest Chick Oldest Fart Contest


Howard kicked off the Hottest Chick, Oldest Fart contest by welcoming Jimmy, 45, and his wife Erica, 26. Jimmy said he’d been married once before--and might not be able to give Erica children: “I had an accident on a motorcycle...not the penis. Just the vas deferens.” Howard laughed that he was jealous: “Wow. I should start riding a motorcycle.”

Erica said Jimmy wasn’t her first sugar daddy: “I’ve always dated older guys [but] he’s actually the oldest.” Not that Jimmy seems to know it--he still bangs her 4 to 5 times a week. And that’s after almost 5 years of marriage. Ronnie the Limo Driver, in studio to judge the contest, thought Jimmy had done well for himself--when asked for Erica’s “definition”, he quipped: “Smokin’ hot.”

The next pair, Jim, 54, and Araceli, 37, shocked the crew, but not with their marked age difference. Jim said his massive belly was definitely an issue: “I lay on my back a lot.” But Araceli claimed that Jim’s size didn’t slow him down: “We do it like 3 times a week, but if he’s rested, we can do 3 a day.” Jim said he also keeps her happy in kitchen: “I know how to cook. First thing you got to do is feed ‘em. Then you f’ them.”

The final couple, Gary, 69, and Danielle, 26, had the biggest age difference by far. Danielle said Gary’s so old, she’s rarely accused of having daddy issues: “They think he’s my grandfather. He’s older than my dad.” Gary, an aging widower, met her at a golf course where they both worked: “He was just a nice guy and a gentleman and encouraged me to go back to school.”

A nice guy and a gentleman, sure, but a nice guy and a gentleman with a keen eye: “I was a stripper for about two years and then I took some time off to get a boob job and then I was working at the golf club.” Gary said he rarely needed help to keep up with Danielle, but when he does, he just pops a pill: “Viagra is your friend.” Howard saw a clear victory: “It is so drastic. It’s not even a compliment. It’s crazy what’s going on.”

Howard ruled out Jimmy and Erica: “They don’t look like such a mismatch...Jimmy’s in pretty good shape, so he looks younger. They look plausible.” Robin agreed that only Jim and Araceli contended with Gary and Danielle: “Even though there’s just a 17-year difference, it looks greater.” So Howard crowned Gary and Danielle the victors: “Gary sounds like he’s half in the grave and he looks it.” Only Ronnie disagreed: “I’m going with number two. Gary looks too happy.”


Robin then asked to have the floor: “I have something to report. I have something to say to all of you, as a matter of fact.” Howard laughed nervously: “Uh oh. It’s usually not good when you get that lecturing [tone].” Robin knew what he meant: “That is indicative of why I have something to say to you. You immediately think you’re in trouble.” To that end, Robin explained how she has taken a vow: “I took an oath this weekend that I would never emasculate any man ever again...I want you to keep me honest.”

Robin said she’d spent the weekend in Boston at Allison Armstong’s “Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women” workshop: “What I learned this weekend was that I’ve been emasculating men--especially the men I love. All of you!--most of my life. Probably all of my life. [I’m] probably like the expert of emasculating men. And I want to apologize to all of you. I’m treating you as if you need to be controlled.” Howard hoped for the best: “I’m not getting involved in this latest thing because it will only backfire.”

Howard continued around, asking each of the crew for personal updates, eventually settling on JD. A caller asked if his video chat avatar was still “Dabadass”, but JD claimed he’d dropped it, revealing that his real nickname was even worse: “My nickname in high school was Cheesy.”

Howard couldn’t believe it: “Looking at you, the last thing I would goof on was that you said something cheesy. I mean, there’s a million nicknames they could have given you. Cheesy? You got off easy.” JD tried to back out of the studio, but Howard pressed him for more. JD eventually buckled, confessing that he still pays girls to video chat with him--and suck on dildos--for $7 a minute. He cleans up with ill-fitting novelty t-shirts he pulls from the show’s “glom box.”


Roger Waters stopped by to promote his current tour, a re-staging of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall,” and look back at his long career. Howard had him start at the very beginning, so Roger cited losing his father as young boy as a formative experience: “Very young children are even more narcissistic than you or I am [now]. Something bad happens, you go, ‘I must’ve done that.’”

So it’s not by mistake that he sought out creative camaraderie--he doesn’t regret writing his biggest songs as a member of Pink Floyd: “Absolutely not. We were a cracking team when we were younger...from ‘68 to ‘Dark Side of the Moon,’ we were a tightly-knit group.” But after the release of “Dark Side of the Moon” in 1973, the band began to fall apart: “That was the first time we started making any cash.”

Howard asked if Roger met David Gilmour in college, so Roger laughed: “Gilmour didn’t go to college! He was a van driver.” David had just been Roger’s roommate: “I started the band. If you can’t play [well], it’s the only way to do it.” The songwriting process was rarely collaborative--Roger brought “Money” to the band fully-written and ready to be recorded.

But Roger cited “Wish You Were Here” as a collaborative effort, saying he wrote the song around a short riff that David had played in studio. Short, sure, but not small: “The riff is a super-super important part of [that] song.” Roger said songwriting was never easy. While the first “Money” verse came fast, the rest were hard work: “That’s the trick. Adding shit to the end of it.”

Asked why the band was less public than their peers in The Beatles and Rolling Stones, Roger denied that it was intentional: “They were completely different bands.” Roger acknowledged a need to retreat--a need that actually inspired “The Wall”: “This was actually a wall I was building around that younger self of mine. Because I wasn’t ready for that career.” The idea of building an actual, non-figurative wall on stage came from an aggressive audience member: “Because he was climbing up the f’ing front of the stage!”

Roger said it was difficult, after Pink Floyd had broken up, to see his former band play his songs live--especially to bigger crowds than he could draw on his own: “It was character forming...[but now] I think I was wrong to think they were wrong.” Still, the band will likely never reunite: “Of course not. Well, possibly Nick...I don’t think David’s interested in doing anything.” But the hatchet’s been buried: “It’s not acrimony that prevents us from getting together.” Roger added that both Nick and David joined him on stage during a performance of the “The Wall” in London last November - but that was probably the closest to a Pink Floyd reunion we will ever see.

Monday, January 9, 2012



Riley Martin stopped by to promote the Kindle release of his book, “The Coming of Tan,” with his wife, Joy. Howard was clearly taken with her: “I would make beautiful love to you. Are you 100% human or are you from an alien planet?” Riley laughed it was no struggle to land such an interstellar beauty: “Miraculous things happen when you mess with the space cowboy.” Joy said she actually sought out Riley: “I pursued him.” She was attracted to their shared belief in alien life: “I did [believe]. I always did as a child.”

Joy said she first heard Riley’s voice while staring into a bright light: “I was in a tanning bed in Pennsylvania. And the person before me had the show on...I heard his voice and immediately [had to meet him].” She fell hard immediately--when Riley greeted her with a hug: “It was a feeling like I’ve always known him. And it was the most powerful feeling that I’ve ever felt in my life.” Howard asked for one of said intergalactic hugs, and Riley jumped at the chance: “I’ve got to lift your wallet, you cheap bastard.”

Riley was sure his connection with Joy was genuine: “With what you are paying me, it was not for my money, Howard, you cheap bastard.” Riley said they have sex several times a week--a frequency that surprises many of the young men he meets: “One of the young men was saying, ‘You keep going up there 4 or 5 times a week, that could lead to a heart attack.’ And I said, ‘If she dies, she dies.’”

Joy clarified that “up there” referred to their separate living arrangement: “The first place that we lived in had really bad energy.” Robin thought she knew why: “Riley was there!” Riley cited Joy’s pets--Joy lives with 12 domesticated birds--and Joy nodded, admitting they didn’t make for a peaceful symbol-drawing environment: “My birds and I need our own space. They scream a lot.” Asked if he was packing, Riley bristled: “Take what you have and double it.” Howard laughed: “That’s not a lot.”

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nick as he's fighting to recover from a mild kidney failure. pic Mariah Carey

 Nick as he's fighting to recover from a mild kidney failure.
 Nick as he's fighting to recover from a mild kidney failure.Mariah Carey

Buy Riley Martin book The Coming of Tan: Millennium Edition from kindle

The'>">The Coming of Tan Millennium Edition" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />
Originally written in 1990, The Coming of Tan is an incredible account of the many things learned and experienced by a poor sharecropper’s kid who took his first trip to the Biaviian mothership in 1953. Riley's second trip was when he was 18. It was on this trip that they placed a strange looking headset on him. Then, in a matter of seconds, they downloaded beautiful symbols by the thousands into his brain. While Riley slept, they downloaded the history of humanity, alien wisdom, and a massive amount of knowledge into his memory. Riley made friends with these aliens and shares his many conversations and experiences throughout this book. This new edition includes Riley’s further insights and comments on some of the things that have come to pass since the first publication of this book. In his own words, Riley shares the aliens’ message, which is one that we should all take a responsibility for: Save this Planet.

“The impression that one gets from the Biaviians ranges from the comical (in appearance) to the lovable. However, when you learn about the potential magnitude of their power, coupled with the deductive scope of their reasoning, you are given cause, on occasion, for apprehension. This is because they do not respond in the expected manner to human rhetoric; it is sometimes easy to momentarily think of them as misguided munchkins, but then you are jerked back to reality when they suddenly zap you with something about yourself that even you may not have been consciously aware of.”

Monday, January 2, 2012

Rumors swirling that Fidel #Castro has died. Anybody in Cuba know?

Rumors swirling that Fidel on Twitter has died. Anybody in Cuba know?

Howard Stern holiday party 2011 Holiday Party highlights and photos

Ronnie Mund was set to deliver the long-awaited follow up to his controversial nature poem 'Winter' at Thursday night's shindig, and Harmeyer says the sequel doesn't disappoint:
"nothing can beat "Winter"....but it's close" he tweeted.
Harmeyer also reported that HSS writer Richard Christy and his new bride Kristen Christy were the last to leave:
Christine Governale, Ralph Cirella and Robin Quivers at the 2011 Howard Stern Show Holiday Party.
Christine Governale, Ralph Cirella and Robin Quivers at the 2011 Howard Stern Show Holiday Party.

Slideshow: 2011 Howard Stern Show Holiday Party

Richard and his wife were last to leave party at 1 am. Swept out by the janitor
Howard 100 News reporter Jon Leiberman tweeted that Harmeyer's ugly sweater was also a highlight sure to make the air in 2012.
Sal Governale posted three photos from inside the party to his Twitter account Thursday night, and then deleted them Friday morning

Sunday, January 1, 2012

TODAY Entertainment - Howard Stern personally calls Twitter fans on New Year's Eve

Howard Stern fans who follow the radio host on Twitter had a chance to get up close and personal with the King of All Media on New Year's Eve. Stern tweeted this message to his followers Saturday night: "Beth and I are drunk dialing.Stern and wife Beth apparently followed through on that promise for the next few hours, at least according to Stern's Twitter feed, where he would tweet about who he spoke to. In numerous cases, he didn't reach the person, but tweeted that he left them a voicemail message.When he was finished, Stern tweeted "Just made my last call. Going to bed. Wishing everyone a happy new year. If u get a call after's not me."

Howard 100

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