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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ashley Dupre talks to Howard Stern live in person - JD asks out Ashley Dupre ?

Ashey Dupre finally shows up , 2nd time is a charm , however she was late ! Isn't it very convenient that he knows Spitzer's chick Ashley Dupre and, more importantly, that she has the most beautiful vagina, according to him? I wonder if he's up to the same old shenanigans. I'm not saying that he's still pimping, but he seems very, very opportunistic. If he still has her contact details, he's probably cooking up some things that will make both of them lots of many with all the attention she's getting. Saying she has a great vagina on the Howard Stern Show could definitely be the foundation for something good . howard stern asked if she has the best looking vagina , and breaking news , she turned down 2 million from hustler and playboy . also she announced she has a shaved V......Ashley Dupre, the infamous prostitute frequented by former NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer, is aware of the Stern show – and a fan. Howard said he had no problem with Ashley’s (former) chosen profession, but disagreed with her public claim that all women are prostitutes. Robin jokingly took Ashley's side: "You think we'd be here if we could find a rich guy?"

Howard replied: "Everyone wants to be taken care of. That's the fantasy...but do women sell their souls for that? No." Howard added that he'd love to have Ashley on the show and got his wish , "But don't demonize all women to make yourself feel better. It's not fair." 4,500 for 3-4 hrs , Ashley would make . Also Ashley annouced she was a run away and was i trouble maker at a young age she had sex for the first time at 15 years old. Buy girls gone wild and see Ashley in action

After hearing that JD had a huge crush on Ashley, Howard demanded that he come in to meet her. JD obliged – and asked her out: "I don't know what kind of guys you're into or whatever but I would take you out to lunch or something." Ashley wanted to test the waters first: "Maybe we can go get a hot chocolate. If you like." JD thought that was just fine. Howard jokingly tried to get JD to impress Ashley with his nerdy interests ("Tell her how you love fantasy football.") and – as Fred played JD's techno theme – dance skills.

Ashley loved JD's moves: "He's got, like, little fist-bumps...have you been watching 'Jersey Shore'?" JD played it cool: "F’ that show...Facebook me." Later, Howard asked JD if he'd followed up on it, and JD said he had: "I gave her my card...I put my cell phone [number] on the back." [Later, on the Wrap-Up Show, Gary revealed that she had emailed him after the show to thank him and had mentioned going out for hot chocolate with JD.]

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