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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Eric The Midget Was A Clue On The New York Times Crossword Puzzle !?


Steve Langford reported that Eric the Midget was a clue in a recent New York Times crossword puzzle, so Eric called in: "That's the first I've heard of it...I'm sure that's a really big deal." Howard thought it proved that Eric should embrace his moniker, 'the Midget' and not run from it, but Eric refused: "No. I do not. I don't care what publication it gets into. I'm not embracing that nickname. Ever!"

Eric then said his 'American Idol' commentary show was back up and running: "All technical difficulties have been fixed." JD came in to say he didn't want to record and pull clips from the often-horrible and pause-ridden show, and Howard relented: "I don't want you coming in here at night. You had a nervous breakdown in my opinion." Howard then asked Medicated Pete to record Eric's Idol show – Pete agreed: "Of course."
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