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Monday, March 30, 2009

Ozzy & Sharon Visit The Howard Stern Show

OZZY & SHARON RELOADED Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne stopped by to promote their new TV show, "Osbournes Reloaded," and Howard said they both looked great, adding that Ozzy’s appearance was even more impressive given all the substances he’s put in his body over the years: "You're a walking advertisement for drug addiction." Ozzy said he was "pickled," and was no longer suffering from tremors - he quit taking the medication that caused them. Howard asked Sharon if she'd really had her stomach band removed, and Sharon confirmed the rumor, explaining that the band never curbed her food addiction: "It's ish-ish under control." Ozzy laughed that he almost didn't want "Osbournes Reloaded" to succeed, as it felt like a job: "I got into rock-and-roll to live the bohemian lifestyle and now I'm getting up at 5am!" Sharon said the sacrifice was worth the opportunity to do whatever they wanted on network television. Howard congratulated them on the gig anyway, noting that Fox seemed to be proud - the promos air almost constantly and "American Idol" will be their lead-in. LOSE THE SHAKES – GET AN ERECTION Sharon bragged that - in addition to ending his tremors - Ozzy being off prescription meds meant he didn't need to take Viagra anymore. Ozzy said he and Sharon had sex five times a week, but his penis was nowhere near Howard's 10" estimate: "F’ off. If I had 10", I wouldn't be sitting here right now." Howard also asked if Ozzy would ever mind doing "American Idol," and Ozzy denied it: "I wouldn't mind doing a couple of contestants." BEWARE SHARON’S SHIT LIST On his children and rehab, Ozzy said: "It's a family's rampant now, drug addiction." On the infamous shit-filled revenge boxes, Sharon laughed: "I said, 'Well, eat this motherf’er' know what it is? I'm confrontational." After learning that Leno had blackballed the Osbournes for once appearing on “The Jimmy Kimmel Show,” Howard said: "He's garbage and he's a no talent nothing." Sharon agreed On suing Courtney Love for dragging Jack into the drug scene, Sharon said had to pass: "Because she's sick."
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