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Friday, March 27, 2009

Lou Bellera Helps with the Sybian

LOU BELLERA THE SUPER SYBIAN DIRECTOR LOU BELLERA RUBS IT Lou Bellera, Amy Fisher's husband and sex tape co-star, stopped by to add some of his signature dirty/creepy talk as some girls ride the Sybian, in a competition for the hottest Sybian ride. Howard asked Lou what Amy was up to now, so Lou told the crew she now made ends meet by "feature dancing" at strip clubs: "She has her own Website now." Lou then thanked Howard for turning his "Let me see your clit" quote into a famous catchphrase - and prepared to meet the girls. DON’T BE NERVOUS, DADDY’S HERE All the girls were a little nervous at first, so Lou had them all call him “Daddy,” which oddly enough seemed to make them feel a little better. The first girl was the most nervous but did seem to enjoy her time on the Sybian. The second contestant explained that she was a recovering heroin addict and had about 15 different tattoos. Her Sybian ride featured much more interaction between her and Lou than the first one did, including a lot of instructions to “spread this,” “rub that” and “suck on this.” The final contestant got a lot of compliments on her looks, while Lou turned up the “charm” with his own version of the “babysitter,” asking to see her credentials. Her Sybian ride was so intense, she nearly fell on the ground afterwards, fortunately her “daddy” was there to catch her. With all the Sybian rides completed, the hands down winner with the hottest, Lou Bellera-directed Sybian ride was contestant #2.
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