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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Flo Rida rain storm

FLO RIDA RETURNS IN A BLIZZARD LOOK AT THAT ASS, HOWARD Rapper Flo Rida and his buddy, 4Mill, stopped by perform his latest #1 single, "Round and Round," and told Howard he made music for "the hot sexy ladies with the bottoms." Flo Rida said "Round and Round" wasn't - like Howard thought - about oral sex, but rather stripper poles. Flo Rida then ushered two strippers, Ebony and Yasmin, into the studio to dance during his performance. Flo said he chose the girls for their particular talents: "Turn around. Look at that ass, Howard." Howard was blown away: "You could hurt me with that thing." FLO RIDA PERFORMS "ROUND AND ROUND" Before his performance, Flo Rida pulled out a bag of $10,000 in singles and handed out wads to Howard and the crew. Flo told them to make it rain - or as he calls it now, snow. Flo then performed "Round and Round" as Howard and Artie threw cash around the studio and the strippers booty-clapped. When they were through, Howard laughed that Benjy took his pants off during the song. Benjy explained: "I wanted to make it rain."
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