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Monday, March 16, 2009

Gay For Pay ?

PORN STAR BARRETT LONG IS “ONLY” GAY-FOR-PAY Gay porn star Barrett Long stopped by to explain how he reconciles the gay sex he has on film with his heterosexuality. Barrett said he rarely takes it: "But, I have given it hundreds of time." Barrett then presented the crew with a dildo molded from his 11" penis - and then amazed Howard by taking out his own penis, bending over and giving it a lick: "I could blow myself." Robin asked how long Barrett had been sucking his own penis, and Barrett admitted he learned to do it as a teenager. Howard noted that Barrett got into gay porn strictly for the money, claiming he could make more in an hour doing porn than he did in a whole week at his previous job, and Barrett added that he chose gay porn over hetero porn for the "safety issues." Howard asked how it was possible to get hard for a man if you're not gay, so Barrett explained that he was broke, fresh out of jail (drug charges) and desperate: "I was working at a debt consolidation company for 50 hours a week...I wanted to blow my brains out...I knew I was meant for greater things." YOU SPELL IT B-I, HE SPELLS IT B-U-Y Barrett told the crew he recently started his own porn company, and he'll be releasing films in which he bangs both guys and girls. Howard asked if Barrett ever blew a dude outside of porn, and Barrett confirmed it: "Gay-for-pay. You can call it 'bi' and spell it however you want. I spell it B-U-Y." Barrett said he still worked as an escort: "For men or women...husbands will hire me to screw their wives." Barrett also rattled off his rates: $400 for the first hour and $200 for each additional hour - with a 2-hour minimum. Barrett noted that he had a long client list, including a member of the Dallas Cowboys (which Artie loved). Howard thought Barrett must have "a ton of the New York Mets" on his list, but Barrett denied it. Artie said it was one thing to get hard for another guy: "But f’ing a guy for a while?" Barrett said he used a lot of pot to take his mind off it and relax: "I only smoke weed on days that end in Y...It's about me. It's about getting my big dick serviced and opening up asses with it."
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