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Monday, June 6, 2011

Captain Janks Ronnie the limo driver on twitter !


Captain Janks called in to boast about pranking Ronnie the Limo Driver’s ‘Hot Chick of the Week’ feature on Twitter, so Ronnie came in to dismiss Janks’ “bologna crap...he has no business calling anyone a dumbass [Ronnie said Janks’ fake profile called him a dumbass, Janks, however, denied this] when he sits home and this is his whole f’ing life.” Ronnie explained that Janks had posed as a hot chick, and once Ronnie had declared her Hot Chick of the Week, switched his avatar’s sexy image to one of Nicole Bass in a bikini.
Ronnie said he quickly corrected the issue, extending the reign of last week’s Hot Chick of the Week, and now thoroughly vetted the coming weeks’ picks. Janks hinted that Ronnie had sent his avatar some embarrassing messages, but Ronnie had nothing to hide: “Nothing inappropriate, dude...put ‘em up!”
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