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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Howard Stern show's writer Benjy Bronk. Bronk was one of the loud men heckling Weiner who resigned on June 16.

The drawn out slow death of Rep. Anthony Weiner's (D-NY) political career was capped off at his final press conference by a New York institution, the Howard Stern show's writer Benjy Bronk.
Bronk was one of the loud men heckling Weiner who resigned on June 16. Kindle, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl TechnologyThe NYTimes reported that Howard Stern writer Benjy Bronk was at Thursday's media gathering and interrupted Weiner while he announced he was resigning.
Bronk asked, "Will you maintain your hot physique and smooth sexy chest?"
Bronk told the New York Times, "I didnt go to make moral judgments,
Representative Anthony D. Weiner came to Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, to resign from Congress, and Benjy Bronk came to steal Mr. Weiner’s glory, if it could be called that. Fortunately for Mr. Bronk, no one was checking press credentials at the door.
Midway through Mr. Weiner’s four-minute speech Thursday afternoon and moments after Mr. Weiner had announced his resignation, Mr. Bronk, a writer and performer from “The Howard Stern Show,” leaped from his seat in the crowd and began to heckle the New York congressman, asking crude questions about the now-famous picture of Mr. Weiner wearing gray boxer-briefs.
I went to make comedy ... but I shouldn't have interrupted him, that was wrong. I don't think of Anthony Weiner as a pervert, I think he's a horny guy who handled his thing wrong, and I think the words 'horny guy' are redundant."

 Hecklers shout out, "Goodbye Pervert," as Congressman announces his resignation as a result of lewd photos surfacing on Internet
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