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Saturday, May 28, 2011

FLAVOR OF FLAV on howard stern show

Flavor Flav: The Icon The Memoir


Flavor Flav stopped by to promote his new book, ‘The Icon The Memoir,’ shouting in his trademark hype-man fashion: “Yeaaaah, G! What’s up, man?” Flavor said he’d only been passively involved with the book’s publication: “I told it all to the tape recorder and then I just gave the tape recorder, you know what I’m saying, to a writer.” A lot of the book details the addictions that got him kicked out of Public Enemy: “I really drove them to that point.”

Flavor told Howard that he picked up his crack and cocaine habits well before Public The Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav: UNCENSOREDEnemy blew up: “It was a habit. But it was a small habit. My drug habit didn’t get real big until we got paid.” His struggle with addiction lasted a long time: “That stuff had your boy going crazy...I did that shit every day for six years.”

Flavor Flav: The Icon The Memoir

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