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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Howard started the show celebrating Osama bin Laden’s death OSAMA’S DEAD-- navy SEAL team #6


Howard started the show celebrating Osama bin Laden’s death: “I’m declaring this a holiday.” Howard thanked the men responsible (“All Americans can be proud of our military.”) as the job was difficult: “In a nation of rats--and Pakistan’s full of them--it’s hard to root out [just] one.” Robin hoped bin Laden’s supporters would visit his body at sea: “I would love for all of the people who care about Osama bin Laden to go to his grave.” The Warrior Elite : The Forging of Seal Class 228

Howard asked Robin if she would offer herself to the Navy SEAL whoFascinating Facts About the United States Military - Featuring the Elite Navy Seals Team Six pulled the trigger on the world’s most famous headshot, and Robin nodded--but thought the military might keep him under wraps: “If I could actually get to the ‘the guy.’” Howard offered himself as well, in case the trigger man was gay: “I would suck him off...but I don’t think they want me sucking him off. They want John Stamos.”

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