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Monday, May 23, 2011

Will Shuli Egar get in the Artie ? Vote here who should ?

Shuli Egar in the Artie ChairPosted  by sternsuperfan As a Superfan I really want Shuli Egar from Howard 100 news and The Miserable Men show as a regular on The Howard Stern Show, its time to get somebody NEW in the Artie chair. WE all love Artie, but we know he’s not coming back any time soon, and we want somebody fresh and funny like Shuli in there mixing it up with Howard and Robin. I have met Shuli on a few different occasions and I was a guest on The Miserable Men show two times, and Shuli is one of the nicest down to earth person, who deserves this shot. Shuli has worked his butt off as a reporter on Howard 100 news, as host of The Miserable Men and working on his stand-up comedy..Its time Howard, bring in Shuli!!..Shuli Rules!!…Shalom Biatch!!

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