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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Visit Jeff The Drunk's Trailer

A Visit to Jeff The Drunk's Trailer

by Jason Kaplan
Nicholas Lue, from Energy Productions, recently paid a visit to Jeff the Drunk's trailer home and sent us a bunch of the pictures he took. Jeff would only let him photograph the inside of his room but Nick reported back that Jeff's trailer home is actually pretty nice. He said it's a decent sized place with normal furniture in it. And, as you can tell from the pictures, Jeff's room was pretty neat and tidy. Nick also had an opportunity to meet Jeff's mom whom he described as an elderly woman who was relaxing in front of the TV watching Wheel of Fortune. He said she was extremely nice and sweet and it was a pleasure to meet her. Nick also said he had no problem locating Jeff's room because when Jeff opened his door a cloud of smoke wafted out.
According to Nick, Jeff has quite a collection signed photographs on the walls of his room.Some interesting things of note. Jeff said he took many of those pictures of himself and he's pretty proud of them, check them out and see how many super-stars you recognize. Jeff also seems to have a never ending supply of varied and odd knickknacks around his room - make sure you study all the details. There's a ceramic basketball player that Jeff said his mom made for him among the many oddities that look pretty interesting. Enjoy!
- Jason Kaplan  /
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