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Monday, May 17, 2010

ASHTON KUTCHER hangs out with Howard Stern In L.A.


Ashton Kutcher stopped by to promote his new film, 'Killers,' and Howard started grilling him right off the bat, asking if Ashton's co-star, Katherine Heigl, was as hard to work with as the 'Knocked Up' crew has claimed. Ashton said Katherine definitely had an air about her: "She had a thing...I don't know what it was." The upside was filming love scenes with a famous actress: "It was like free cheating, you know." 


Ashton said he had no interest in actually cheating--Demi keeps things interested by sexting him all day long: "We have a two week rule. We're never apart from each other for more than two weeks." Ashton said he knew Demi was the one early on in their relationship: "I just shut everything off and focused on this is the person I want to be with." The couple jumped in with both feet: "She had more money than me. I didn't do a pre-nup."
Howard asked how they handled their finances now that they're equally successful, so Ashton explained that they shared a little: "We have a joint account and then we have our own separate accounts." Howard also asked after the couple's interest in Kabbalah, and Ashton came to the movement's defense: "I think religion is kind of awful...but it doesn't preclude me from studying spirituality."
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