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Monday, May 24, 2010

Andy Dick Lives in a shed ?

Gary said he also produced an episode of Andy Dick's ‘Shit Show’ while he was in LA and noticed a shift in Andy's (formerly "bi-") sexual proclivities: "I don't think he's that confused.Lonely Island & SNL Dick in a Box Gift/Costume He makes a lot of boy references now." Gary added that they'd done the broadcast from Andy's shed/home on a hippie-like compound in Topanga Canyon: "The ex-wife's in the house, the ex-girlfriend's in a trailer, Andy's in the shed...and then there's a bunch of kids hanging around." The Ben Stiller Show
Gary noted that Andy's shed was a lot nicer than he anticipated--Andy may have only spent $3,000 on the shed itself, but spent $5,000 retrofitting it with "a decent-sized bed," artwork on the walls, a flat-screen TV and custom flooring. Gary said there didn't appear to be a place to shower or take a dump. There was only a bucket in the corner: "Like the kind I have to pee in when I go to the doctor for kidney stones."
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