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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beth O Stern Talks about her book Oh My Dog - Buy here...


Beth O stopped by to promote 'Oh My Dog,' her new reference book for dog owners, and told Howard she gave serious thought to pranking the office: "Honey, I just used the [staff] bathroom. I was going to put fake poo all over...[but] I was so paranoid about leaving." Howard confessed that he was nervous himself: "I'm feeling a lot of pressure with this interview because the book is important to Beth and I would prefer all our fans go buy it."
Beth was blunt about the book's inception ("I'm a celebrity wife so I got offered a book deal.") but said she was honestly interested in animal care, noting that she's even developed a toothbrush that can help lengthen the life of your dog. It's called The Pawfect Smile--a dental 'pen' filled with peanut butter or vanilla-flavored toothpaste: "It's been proven that it can prolong your dog's life. Periodontal disease can wreak havoc on vital organs--their heart, their lungs."


Willie told the crew he had "8 or 9" children--he really wasn't sure. He laughed that he once awoke from a nap outside his ranch--and met his son: "I sleep outside a lot. I woke up and there was this kid standing over me. About 18 or 19 years old. He said, 'I'm your son.' This is true. Then he started telling me about who his mother was and I honestly didn't remember. I didn't know. And, uh, I didn't--I still don't know that it's true that he was or he wasn't. No. I--I gave him a ride down the highway and gave him a couple hundred bucks and said, 'Hey, see ya later.'"


Howard presented Beth with an Sophie's Choice scenario: their dog, Bianca, or their new cat, Apple, but Beth refused to answer: "That's the grossest question I've ever heard." Howard persisted, goading her: "Me or your mother in a boat. Who do you save?" Beth laughed: "My mother!"


Beth said she was going to appear on Letterman Thursday night: "I'm very nervous about Letterman. I worked there, but I've never had a conversation with him." Beth explained: "I think we weren't supposed to go out of our way to bother him? I think that was made was the most professional atmosphere. I've--I mean, I lived--I worked in Europe for 4 years, I've modeled all over New York City, I can't [cite] a more professional atmosphere than the David Letterman show. So when all of that stuff came out it was baffling to me because I don't see him that way."
Howard asked if she would have gone out with Dave back in the day, and Beth thought about it: "If he was not married? I have to say I probably would. Yeah! If he asked me out?" Howard was crestfallen: "It's disappointing to me that you'd go out with David Letterman. If you want to go out with David Letterman, go ahead." Beth laughed it off: "Honey. I'm so madly in love with you." Beth then begged Howard to accompany her to the show: "I think people will be more excited if you're's because of you that I even--I'm known to have--love for animals, that I wrote a book, that I'm on Letterman. You're a part of the whole thing."
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