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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Donald Trump Gives Artie Lang good wishes and talks about Artie's violent suicide !

Donald Trump is sending good wishes along to Howard Stern Show sidekick Artie Lange who is currently on hiatus from the show while he recovers from a violent suicide attempt in early January.

Trump gave the Artie Lange quote during an interview with New York Magazine in response to Lange's interview for the Magazine's '21 Questions' column in November 2009. When the Howard Stern Show second banana was asked: "What do you think of Donald Trump?" he responded: "I like him, but he owes me $42k from the last time I was at the Taj."

Donald Trump's statement on Artie Lange was a lot less flip: "I like Artie too. He's a really good comedian. I hope he's going to be okay." New York Magazine reporter Tali Yahalom said Trump ended the interview abruptly after the Artie Lange question.

The Howard Stern Show has been without Artie Lange since the comedian was ordered to take time off for health reasons in December 2009. Since news of his failed suicide attempt by stabbing in January, his future with the Howard Stern Show has remained uncertain. Both Howard Stern and Sirius XM Vice-President Tim Sabean have stated that Artie Lange's job at the Howard Stern Show will be waiting for him when and if he decides to return.

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Artie Lange's dark and painful secret was finally exposed by the New York Post early Thursday morning with a story in their 'Page Six' gossip column that Artie Lange attempted suicide by stabbing himself nine times. 

Howard Stern waited until 7:10AM on Thursday morning's Howard Stern Show broadcast to talk about the Artie Lange 'Page Six' story, and even then he spoke about it reluctantly.

"I don't even know why I don't want to read it on the air," said Howard Stern.  "Maybe I'm in some kind of denial or something."

Howard Stern couldn't read more than a line of the story revealing the suicide attempt and the method and then put the story down.  "I'm so upset about this story," said Stern.  "I'm pissed off that the story got out there."

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