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Monday, February 23, 2009

Todays show was all about Arti Lang & Richard "s Epic heavy Metal Comedy viking rock opera !

ARTIE SHACKS UP WITH "NOT-A-HOOKER" Artie told the crew that he met up with a former hooker in Vegas over the break: "She's a - well, she used to be paid. I think I fell in love with a hooker...she's a real person. You know, a lot of people think whores aren't real people." Howard said he was surprised to learn that several well known, wealthy guys married former hookers, but Artie didn't think he'd follow suit ("She has kids."). He also claimed to have gotten the numbers of a few of the Playmates he met at the taping of Sam Simon's charity poker show (for Playboy TV). Artie said he got so turned on by the Playmates, he called up his "not-a-hooker" and took her to his hotel room: "This was quick because I told her I was horny." Artie then changed his flight to a later hour and shacked up with his friend for a good 10 hours, banging her a reported 4 times – all with condoms, of course. HE'S UP $6K, NO THANKS TO SAM SIMON Artie laughed that the rules of Sam's show were suspect - after getting knocked out, losing players were told they owed Sam any money (outside a complimentary $500) they'd lost on camera. Howard joked: "It's like being on 'ER' and then getting a hospital bill." Artie then did a little math, saying he lost $8K on Sam's show, but won $14K at the casino tables - in the end, he was up $6K. After Artie sang some “suggestive” songs he thought the African guides might have sung to her as they climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, Angie had one comment: "You really are a foul man." ARTIE'S LIVING THE DREAM Artie told a story about being offered a lot of money to do the next season of Celebrity Rehab, but he turned it down: "My dream is right now: being able to turn down 'Celebrity Rehab.'" Artie said one thing could convince him: "I wanna know what damaged chicks would be on with me." Howard noted that Andy Dick was offered $500,000 to do the show's first season, so Artie should hold out for more cash. Richard Christy's Epic Heavy Metal-Comedy-Viking-Rock Opera MAJESTIC LOINCLOTH Perhaps the Manliest Movie Ever Made! Watch At Your Own Risk, Contains Dangerous Amounts Of Testosterone.
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