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Monday, February 2, 2009

Howard stern on Facebook ??

HOWARD IS ON FACEBOOK Howard said Beth signed him up for Facebook (under a pseudonym) and he spent the weekend exploring the site: "I already hate it. I hate Facebook so much." Howard started writing messages on Beth's wall and was annoyed that he had to come up with witty shit all the time. Gary came in to explain some of the network's finer points, but couldn't explain the image on Scott DePace's page of a cartoon Obama with klansmen in the background. Scott came in to claim he didn't realize klansmen were in the image on his page ("I had no idea!"), adding that he was just learning his way around as well. Howard then listed his complaints (other than Scott's background), including the burden of coming up with "witty shit" to write on people's "walls" and some of his friends' lame status updates: "Like, 'Ross Zapin is eating dinner.'"
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