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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Artie Out Sick Again !?

ARTIE IS SICK AND WE ALL SUFFER Howard started off the show noting that Artie wouldn't be in: "It's a sick day for Artie." Robin was irritated, referencing the way Artie's absence seems to take over the conversation: "And it's a sick day for us." Jason came in to say Artie called his cellphone, which isn't wired for recording: "I was actually really worried about him...he said it wasn't anything drug related." Before hanging up, Artie scared Jason: "He said, 'I'm not gonna hurt myself if that's what you're thinking.'" Robin thought Artie was lying about his illness: "He's said here that he's never been sick." Benjy had a different take: "Based on what he's said, he's most likely withdrawing from drugs than doing drugs." "MISSING THIS SHOW SEEMS TO BE OK" Gary came in with yet another theory, this time based on the [off-air] issue Artie has said was plaguing his personal life. Howard dismissed all the theories in favor of proof: "I would know Artie was really sick if he missed [his upcoming poker gameshow with Norm MacDonald and Sam Simon in] Vegas. Missing this show seems to be ok." HOWARDSTERN.COM
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