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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Johnny Knoxville talks with Howard

JOHNNY KNOXVILLE BROKE HIS PENIS JOHNNY KNOXVILLE SAVED STEVE-O Johnny Knoxville stopped by to promote his new MTV show, "Nitro Circus," and Howard told him he looked good - much better than the last time he came in (right after "Jackass 2" had wrapped). Howard asked how Steve-O was doing, so Johnny said: "Fine! He's been clean and sober since after we had him in 51-50'd...he's done amazing." Johnny told the crew that toward the end, Steve-O was doing a whole laundry list (including hundreds of Whip-it canisters) of drugs every day. Johnny added that he had an easier time getting Steve-O into rehab than he thought the show would with Artie: "You better have some big dudes with you." Howard asked how Johnny had succeeded in getting Steve to rehab, so he explained that a bunch of Steve's friends decided to help - the last straw was Steve threatening to jump a mini-motorcycle from his apartment window onto the roof next door: "We got 7 or 8 or 9 big guys...I took the camera from him and said, 'You're going and we're taking you.'" A SINGLE JACKASS ROAMS HOLLYWOOD Now that Johnny's divorced, Howard finally got him to comment on all the celebrity women he'd been photographed with during his marriage: "I never got so far out of control...but I hurt a lot of people, honestly." Johnny said he'd since met a new girl and hardly ever leaves her side. Howard asked what Johnny did to his wedding ring tattoo, so Johnny held up his finger, confessing: "I got it lasered." Johnny denied ever hooking up with Kate Moss: "No. I knew Kate...I know Kate. She's very nice, but, uh..." A caller disputed Johnny's account, saying he was actually in rehab with Kate when Johnny came to visit, so Johnny admitted: "I did visit her. Yeah. Uh..." Howard mentioned Lindsay Lohan as well, but Johnny claimed he'd never banged her either - they're just victims of media speculation: "I don't think that puts me in any, uh, in any exclusive club anyway." STICK THIS UP YOUR PENIS TWICE DAILY Johnny told the crew about how he tore his urethra during a stunt, explaining how he has to flush it twice daily by sticking a tube into his penis - all the way up to his bladder (only 10 – 11 inches). Johnny claimed the process prevented scar tissue from constricting: "In the beginning it was [difficult]'s not that bad anymore. I've gotten used to something horrible." Howard was appropriately shocked, and Johnny sympathized: "It's not cool...I'm just like, "Ok, this is a consequence.'" Johnny added that breaking his arm or leg never phased him, but breaking his penis got his attention
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