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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Janessa Brazil Is the new March Miss Howard TV

Month: March 2009 Age: 24 Height: 5'8" Weight: 120 Measurements: 34D-24-35 Sign: Aquarius Janessa Brazil, next month's Miss HowardTV, stopped by to say hello, and Howard told her she was even more attractive in person than on her X-rated website. Howard remarked that there wasn't an ounce of fat on Janessa, and Artie marveled at her amazing skin: "Alright. I gotta get outta here...look at her ass. I mean, that is f’ing flawless." Janessa then told the crew she'd only had sex with one man, but many women: "I like my women." ASS AND PANTY-STUFFING Janessa said she made money by starring in personalized videos in which she masturbates on a webcam for her customers. Janessa claimed she even did fetish videos that feature acts like "panty-stuffing," which involved shoving panties inside herself ("All the way. You can't even see the panties."), masturbating and pulling the soaked panties back out. She also does foot fetish videos: "Sometimes they just like to see the bottoms of your feet crinkle." Howard asked if Janessa had a limit, so she replied that she won't put a high heel in her vagina: "It's just dirty." Artie stepped his usual "hottest chick we've ever had up here" line up to another level: "She's my favorite person in the world." Janessa then noted that she'd just started stretching her anus with her fingers: "The furthest I'll [currently] go is two fingers." WAS IT AS GOOD FOR YOU TOO? It took no effort to get Janessa to strip down and jump on the Sybian. Gary donned a welder's mask (so that no one would be distracted by his lips/teeth/face during Janessa's ride) and took the controls. Janessa seemed to enjoy the ride: "I'm coming! Oh f’!" Howard commended her style: "I notice you grabbed your breasts a lot during that." Janessa loved it: "That was the best orgasm ever...that was the real deal. I'm shaking."
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