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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Howard stern will be on David LETTERMAN late night show tonight


Howard again noted that he wasn’t looking forward to his appearance on tonight’s Letterman show: “I really have nothing to talk about.” Vinnie Favale, CBS’ Vice President of Late Night, East Coast, called in tell Howard that he needn’t worry--Letterman’s a huge fan. Back when both Dave and Howard were at NBC, Letterman secretly watched Howard through the windows that looked in on his studio. Howard remembered the staffers crowding around them: “I used to hate those windows.” But Robin was amazed: “Who knew Letterman was one of those guys?”

Howard noted that he’d also been complaining to Beth about Vinnie and the many other hangers-on who will likely crowd his dressing room tonight, so she’d promised not to be one of them: “So I said, ‘Ok.’ And she goes, ‘You don’t want me to go with you?’” Howard said he quickly sidestepped the argument and insisted she come along: “She’s coming. Yeah. She cheers everyone up.”

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