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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ASPEN RAE miss howard tv & JESSICA HAHN visit howard


Aspen Rae, Miss HowardTV for the month of February, stopped by to meet the crew and said she was glad to find work--she once was refused a job at In-N-Out Burger. Howard couldn’t understand: “I would fire the whole crew...I would hire her just so I could beat off to her at night.” Aspen said she’s also had trouble finding a guy: “I guess you could call me a lesbian for the last year and a half. I haven’t been with a man in a long time.”

Aspen told the crew she worked as a ‘webcam girl’ to pay her college tuition--but refuses to be a prostitute: “You can watch me f’ myself for $10,000 but that’s where I draw the line.” Howard asked if she often ran into guys who, like JD, enjoy watching her suck on dildos, and Aspen nodded: “I actually have a dildo that I can make come. Like, make it shoot out fake cum.” JD came in to say he wasn’t interested: “I’m not on any sites anymore. Since January.”


Aspen then jumped on the Sybian and said she was more than familiar with the device: “I have one at home.” Gary asked Aspen if she’d like to remove her bottoms and took over the controls. Aspen displayed remarkable control: “Oh my god. It feels so think I can come right now? You want me to?” Howard nodded (“Do it, baby!”) but Robin was shocked by the result: “Catch her! She’s going to fall!” Aspen later explained: “I have violent orgasms.” Howard laughed: “I was afraid for your life!”


Jessica Hahn stopped by to catch up with the crew and show off her hot new body: “I just lost like 40 pounds.” Howard asked what had happened to Jessica after the last time they spoke--shortly after the death of ‘Married With Howard Stern's Butt Bongo FiestaChildren’ producer Ron Leavitt, her long-time partner--so Jessica said Ron’s death sent her into a downward spiral: “I laid in bed for three years. I was embarrassed because I was gaining weight.”

Jessica explained that Ron’s children immediately turned on her after his death, telling her she had to survive for 60 days before she’d inherit what he had left her: “The very next day, the kids turned off my heat, my electricity, my phones...” Somehow, Ron’s ex-wife even managed to keep Jessica from mourning with the family: “I was prohibited by his [ex-]wife from his funeral.”

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