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Monday, October 11, 2010

Johnny Knoxville ( JackAss 3D) visits howard stern & ROBIN TWEETING

Jackass - The Movie (Unrated Special Collector's Edition)Johnny told the crew about the "hell" of filming a 'Jackass' movie: "We find your greatest fear and exploit it...there's no safe area." In the latest film, they even employed the services of Stern show regular Will the Farter:Jackass Logo T-Shirt Size : Medium "We asked him to do things with his bottom that he's never done before." This time around, they did their best to the set's hell-party atmosphere beer-free: "We wanted to keep Steve-O sober. We can wait until the end of the day to drink."

Asked if he had any great unused bits, Johnny said they'd once considered getting real human balls attached to their faces: "They would sew them to their chin. We would have to go to Mexico or something for that, Howard." The guys would then conduct their lives normally for a week or so--with balls hanging from their chins. Howard laughed that Johnny was doing God's work: "Johnny's trying to get us all to get over our fears. There's a real message."
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Late in the show, Howard welcomed Heidi and her son, Derek, to the studio: "Derek and I play chess together...and Derek wins. Derek is five years old." Howard said he'd been friends with Heidi for a while, but only recently took an interest in Derek, suggesting that he take up chess: "Derek took a few lessons and it turns out he's a chess genius."

Derek was quiet but we learned that he liked basketball and football--and disliked avocados, girls and coloring books. Howard commended Derek's chess achievements, like beating an 11-year-old at a recent tournament: "I'm proud of you, you know that?" Howard then had Derek head over to the HowardTV control room and direct the next segment--Derek proved a quick study--and wondered if he'd found Scott DePace's replacement: "Scott, next we want to see if a monkey can do your job."


After coming back from a break, Howard noted that Robin had been Tweeting during the show, so Robin stopped him: "I just did one or two. That's not going to be a regular practice." Howard thought it was a break from Robin's typically focused work ethic ("How does that come about?") so Robin explained: "I wanted something new up there." Howard said Robin had a microphone in front of her: "Why?! We're on the radio! You had to do it now? Good for you." Howard considered an NFL-like ban on Twitter during work hours: "I might have to set a rule for you that you're not allowed to tweet during the show."


Howard reported that their pets were taking up all of Beth's time: "I'm feeling neglected." On top of Bianca's constant health problems ("It's always something with her. That's a full-time job with the dog."), the cats have begun fighting: "Apple the cat hates Walter and is fighting tooth and nail with him. She can't warm up to him. She hisses at him. They fight. Walter then bites Apple hates [Walter] so much she's starting to lose fur! She's nervous." Howard regretted the slippery slope of pet adoption: "Two cats. Too many!"
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