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Sunday, September 19, 2010

JOSH’S BOUNCING OBSESSION and Benjy Late for the last time ? Is Howard a push over ?



Howard welcomed Josh, the proprietor of, to the studio and started quizzing him on his customer service day job until Robin stopped him and asked what Josh was on. Josh confessed: "I'm on a bottle of Goldschlager right now. Not a huge bottle. A little bottle." Josh slurred on, detailing a personal interest in his website's subjects: "I have a huge fetish for bouncing boob entertainment.

Josh said he'd had a bouncing-boob fetish since high school, but only recently made good on his interests and "semi-attractive" looks: "One or two of the [] ladies have definitely shown some interest in me." Josh cited one of the show's own as his most coveted prize: "Robin is a beautiful Josh Girl. There's no question."


Josh then introduced Howard to 3 of his 'Josh Girls.' The first girl Howard met was Anastasia, who told him her family knew about her (softcore) porn career: "My parents are totally supportive. Yes. They're fine with it." The second, Sabina Leigh, said her 34H breasts had bounced around so severely during her Josh Girls shoot that she'd popped blood vessels: "I've been in the porn industry for 8 years...I'm also a writer and I work--I live in Colorado so I work in medical marijuana. I grow it."

The third Josh Girl was fetish porn star Scarlett Rouge, who said she'd yet to have anal sex on camera: "Unfortunately not yet." Scarlett noted that she had filmed an 'erotic food scene' with fast food: "I had sex with a guy and was eating a cheeseburger and fries during it." Scarlett then did some Josh Girls-style topless jumps for Howard, who laughed: "Oh god! Look at those things!" Scarlett said she'd bounced for Josh's website for over 6 hours: "I had a great time."



Howard started off the show announcing that Benjy was late once again: "We have an empty seat this morning which means I have to fire Benjy." Howard couldn't figure out what went wrong ("He was doing so well.") and regretted his position: "I'm like 'Dad' around here. I hate that aspect of this job, that I'm 'Dad' and everyone has to answer to me." Robin thought Howard should punish--but not fire--Benjy: "Maybe put him out of the studio and off the Wrap-Up Show." Howard agreed, saying he'd pull all of Benjy's privileges: "everything short of firing him."


When Benjy finally arrived, Howard lay into him: "You put me in that position again. You did it to me." Benjy could only muster a sad excuse: "I hit snooze." Unmoved, Howard kicked him out: "Go write in the other room. And you're off the Wrap-Up Show for the remainder of the time we're here."

Howard couldn't figure out why Benjy was so disrespectful: "I gave the guy a break and he's breaking my balls." Benjy asked to stay in the studio and instead pay a "financial fine" each time he was late, but Howard refused: "I'll come up with some master calculation? A financial fine? You don't have a pot to piss in."


Howard turned to JD, thanking him for being nothing like Benjy: "You break my work hard and you don't ask for anything." As he did before with Ronnie's car show, Howard asked JD to decide Benjy's fate. JD was honest: "I would put him out in the back office. [But] if I were you for real--for real? I would fire him."

Howard also asked Evan, the show's hardest-working engineer, and Evan agreed with JD: "It's the same thing as stealing money, man. It really is."


Howard later extended Benjy's punishment with a no-tolerance policy: "If you are late, just don't show up. Never show up again...agreed?" Howard told Ronnie he was serious—the next time Benjy is late, "don't allow him into my studio. Don't allow him into work." After word came from the back that Benjy was complaining about his new workspace, Robin was indifferent: "The optimum work conditions were in here--where he should have been at 6 in the morning."
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