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Monday, March 1, 2010

Get BeetleJuice iphone App.


Beetlejuice stopped by to promote his new iPhone app and claimed he was the one who developed it: "I'm a scientist." Beet went on to say he'd banged Tiger Woods' wife, Elin, "about two weeks ago" as well as most of Tiger's mistresses--even brandishing the golf club he'd used on them. A caller asked how many women he'd managed to bang in a day, so Beet bragged: "Like 30."
On his way out, Beet also claimed to have banged Beth O: "Howard, everyone's got to get a piece of it." Robin wondered if he'd used his golf club on her as well, and Beet nodded: "Oh a couple times...I'm a delivery man...I just have to do it."
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