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Monday, March 22, 2010

Howard stern returns from vaction and talks about Robin's trip to Guatemala

ROBIN'S TRIP TO GUATEMALA Howard mockingly thanked Robin's Twitter feed for keeping him updated on every moment of Robin's 'fact-finding mission' to Guatemala: "What a waste of a week's vacation." Robin accused Howard of cynicism: "You call everything a waste." Howard then read a few of his favorite Robin-Tweets: "We saw your Twitter. You don't need to tell us [about the trip]. I could tell you when you took a shit." 1. "It's nice that a dollar still means something in some part of the world." 2. "I need a nap from a heavy lunch. Beans, beans, beans." 3. "I'm at a coffee farm. This is where they grow coffee." 4. "I'm with the Guatemalan children. We're playing Duck-Duck-Goose." HOWARD (FINALLY) GET’S TO RESPOND Howard said he was disappointed with the media's handling of his comments on 'Precious' star Gabourey Sidibe's weight: "I'm sad that this has become fodder for debate instead of a wake-up call for this girl." Howard continued: "This isn't about me. I'm commenting on has nothing to do with her per se. Her problem is she's not gonna live a long healthy life. She's gonna miss out on a's not worth it." The media's spin also had a negative effect on Howard's anxiety levels, as the show was 'dark' and he couldn't answer every accusation the next morning. Eventually he had to see a doctor to have an EKG: "I thought I was having a heart attack." Beth thought his 'heart attack' was just bottled anger, and Howard agreed: "I go, 'Yes! And I've got nobody to talk to!' People need to be straightened out. They're ganging up on me." BEN & RAY COME TO STAY Howard confessed that his parents also played a big part in his heightened anxiety levels, as they'd stayed with him for a few days while their power (and heat) were restored at their home Roosevelt. To compound things further, his parents' steadfast routine nearly botched their ride out to Howard's house. When they arrived, Howard had to deal with the complications of their aging ears: the TV at top volume and replies of 'What?' to anything he
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