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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sal Droping Loads ?

RICHARD TAKES A LOAD ON HIS BACK Howard learned that Richard had offered to blow a guy if the show would book "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane, so Richard came in to say he was exaggerating: "Can't I just drink my own pee." Howard thought it would be better if Richard agreed to let a man blow a load on his back. Richard asked Robin for advice: "What's it feel like Robin? What if he shoots ropes and it gets all in my hair and stuff?" After a little debate, Richard agreed to let porn star Nick Manning drop a load on his back in a nearby hotel room: "Seth MacFarlane, I'm doing this for you, buddy." Later, Richard decided that he'd feel safer if his partner, Sal, were the load-dropper. Howard asked if it would be too weird for Richard to take a moneyshot from his comedy partner, but Richard didn't think so: "I'll be face down." Sal, on the other hand, was not wild about the idea.came in to complain that "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane was booked before he promised to take a load on his back: "I'm very gullible." Howard admitted that Seth was booked - but unless Richard goes through with the stunt, Seth will be turned away at the door. Sal followed Richard in to say a poll proved that he wasn't the fan's choice to the load-dropper to Richard's load-dropee: "Technically I lost the poll...52% don't want me to do it." Howard didn't care what the poll indicated or what Sal wanted and instructed him to go through with the stunt anyway. Sal tried a different tack, speculating that he wouldn't be able to get hard with dudes all around him. Gary came in to remind Sal how often he'd encouraged others to be a "team player," so Sal said he'd think about it. Richard also offered to let Sal use his MyView glasses so his field of vision would be filled with his favorite porn during the stunt.
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