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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Iron Sheik Returns !

BEWARE THE IRON SHEIK The Iron Sheik stopped by to promote his return to the Killers of Comedy line-up and told the crew that rumors about his recent behavior were untrue: “That jabroni Beetlejuice has a big mouth!” Sheik went on to complain about sharing a room with Beet when the comedy crew's on tour: “It was insult!” Howard asked if he knew that Beetle was at least partially retarded, but the Sheik claimed not to have known this. Howard then noted that Sheik recently got kicked out of a bar after the bartender claimed she didn’t know who he was, so he let lose with some of his favorite insults. Sheik claimed it was all the bartender’s fault: “She make me very mad.” The Sheik confessed that his wife of 35 years left him three months ago because he was poor: “She's a no-good golddigger!” Howard said he'd heard she left the Sheik due to his alcohol and drug use, but the Sheik claimed he'd changed his ways: “No more hard. No more coke.” The Sheik's manager came in to confirm the account: “I watch him on the road. It's a full-time job.” “I AM LEGEND! YOU ARE FAT PIECE OF SHIT!” Sheik then told several antagonistic callers that he was going to f’ them in the ass, but when Howard asked if the Sheik had ever followed through with the threat, the Sheik admitted that it was “against his Shiite religion.” A fake Macho Man Randy Savage called in and, as usual, the Sheik called him a “cheap Jew son of a bitch.” Artie then called in as “King Kong Bundy” to tell the Sheik he was gay, so the Sheik replied, “I am a legend! You are fat piece of shit!”
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