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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chevy Chase Talks w/ Howard Stern

CHEVY CHASE IN STUDIO BEWARE THE LANDSHARK Chevy Chase made stopped by for his very first visit to the show to promote his charity, and Howard asked how Chevy got started in show business. Chevy said he started out writing in college and moved on to Channel One and then Mad magazine, Alan King, and, later, Saturday Night Live. Howard wondered why Chevy left Saturday Night Live, and Chevy explained that he let the first season's success go to his head and ruined his relationships with the cast members. Howard asked what Chevy’s favorite SNL skit was and he answered, “Landshark.” After a while, Chevy introduced himself to Artie, which cracked everyone up – Chevy clearly hadn't remembered Artie from the week they'd spent working together on "Dirty Work." Artie had to remind Chevy about the time they worked together, and Chevy lamented that the best scene in the script never made it to the screen. Artie agreed, describing the prank – a giftbox of defiled doughnuts with a picture of them being violated at the bottom: "Somewhere out there is a picture of me and Norm with doughnuts on our cocks." Howard asked Chevy how much he was paid to film “Caddy Shack,” so Chevy reported that he got $800,000 for a week's worth of work. Chevy said he was also offered “Animal House,” but he turned it down (“I'd already lived it.”) to work with Goldie Hawn. Howard marveled at how good Goldie looked at the time, and Chevy agreed, noting that he didn't manage to bed Goldie until after the movie was through with principal production
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