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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Danny Bonaduce Vs. Bob Levy Fight !

DANNY BONADUCE VS. BOB LEVY LEVY & BONADUCE FACE OFF The Reverend Bob Levy and Danny Bonaduce stopped by to promote their upcoming boxing match, and Howard told Bob that he should re-think the whole affair. Bob said Danny's lifelong training meant nothing: “This is all I need for Danny.” Danny stripped off his shirt to show Bob the shape he's in and explained how the two started feuding: “Bob comes in and slaps me [in front of the cameras at some event] and thinks he's gonna get famous.” Danny said he was taking a lot of steroids to prepare for the show: “I have no concern for my health.” Danny also bragged about his new girlfriend, a 26-year-old tenth-grade math teacher. Howard asked Danny how he planned to take Bob out, and Danny explained that he would take one of Bob's punches. If it hurts, he'll take Bob out early. If it doesn't, he'll torture Bob for all three rounds. Howard pleaded with the guys to call off the fight, but both refused.
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