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Monday, September 22, 2008

Big Problems For Bigfoot ( Angelique Morgan Talks With Howard Stern )

BIGFOOT & ANGELIQUE MORGAN FACE OFF Howard welcomed Bigfoot and porn star Angelique Morgan ( Nude Pic Above ) to the studio to play Bigfoot Password. Howard asked Bigfoot if he was getting any action lately, so Bigfoot told the crew that he frequents a few women of the night: “I paid one girl with a laptop it better believe I banged her. All night long.” Bigfoot said he paid another girl with a fifth a vodka “and a couple other things I can't talk about on the air it is.” Angelique told the crew she was also hitting some roadblocks on her way to love: every guy she meets is “super gay or is, like, taken.” Bigfoot said his recent legal troubles in the state of Vermont have solved themselves: “They found me uncompetent it is.” Richard then called in as “Vermont” to threaten Bigfoot, but Bigfoot wasn't scared: “My problem is your Newport cops up there in Newport it is...I wouldn't even hire them to push my wheelbarrow around.” DUMBASS PASSWORD Howard asked Bigfoot what he'd do to Angelique, and he responded quickly: “Prolly eat her out and lick her tits. I don't know prolly stick my dick in a few times. You know, do her every which way.” Howard then explained the Password game and gave the first word “nun” which Angelique didn’t even know how to describe, so Howard gave her a new one, “clitoris.” Angelique's clues, followed by the guesses they prompted from Bigfoot: Orgasm. “F’ing you?” Female. “I don't f’ng know.” Sex. “Coming on herself? Having an orgasm to herself?” Angelique's next word, “vagina,” didn't go much better: Pussy. “Juice.” Female. “I don't know.” Orgasm. “F’ing on her tits?” Bigfoot tried his hand at “astronaut,” with Angelique guessing in vain: Space. “Sky.” Stars. “Galaxy.” Moon. “Sky.” The pair then struggled with the word “monster” for several rounds in a row, first with Bigfoot's horrible guesses: Halloween. “Prick or preet.” Scary. “Herman Munster.” Ugly. “Sasquatch?” After the two switched roles, Angelique guessed “monster” and Howard presented the pair with $2,500 to split between
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