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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Best 15 Howard Stern Show celebrity interviews of 2012

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Howard Stern continued his longstanding tradition of hard boiled interviewing in 2012, getting some of the industry's biggest celebrities to reveal some seriously personal stuff.

1. Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil - Howard Stern's final interview of the year was also his best, and he may have even unearthed a brand new Wack Packer. Read the interview details here

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2. Katey Sagal - The "Sons of Anarchy" star got downright raw and talked about her tragedy-packed life, which included the untimely deaths of both her parents, her drug history and what it was like to have sex with Gene Simmons. Read the interview details here

3. Bryan Cranston - The "Breaking Bad" star made his first ever appearance on the Howard Stern Show and talked about coming up in the business before hitting it big. He also revealed that he got to cook real meth in preparation for his role. Read the interview details here

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4. Quentin Tarantino - The director appeared to promote his new film "Django Unchained" and talked about crying during the filming of his pre-Civil War slave revenge fantasy film. He also revealed that a bearded Indian girl he hooked up with this year sold him out online by blogging that he jacked off while sucking on her toes. Read more about the interview here

5.Octomom Nadya Suleman - The mother of fourteen had visited the Stern Show before, but never like this. Suleman appeared to promote her brand new masturbation porno and even rode the sybian in what may have been the most disturbing use of the apparatus in the show's history. Read the details and see video here

6. Victoria Jackson - The "Saturday Night Live" alum and Tea Party darling appeared to express her uniquely conservative political views. Jackson denied global warming, said sex shouldn't be allowed on TV and that gay people can be "reformed".

7. Billy Corgan - The Smashing Pumpkins frontman delivered a stellar interview and a stellar musical performance on the Stern Show. Corgan talked about the rise and fall of the Pumpkins during indie rock's heyday in the 90s. He also performed one of Stern's favorites "Tonight". Read 10 great quotes from the Billy Corgan interview here

8. Jenny McCarthy - At long last, the prodigal daughter returned. McCarthy stayed away from the Stern Show for six years before appearing to promote her latest (and final?) Playboy cover this year. McCarthy said she only stayed away from the show because she was "so sad" about her autistic son Evan and the struggles he was facing. McCarthy also took the opportunity to bash her ex-boyfriend Jim Carrey for failing to keep in touch with Evan after their breakup.

9. Hulk Hogan - The long time Stern Show pal found himself in the spotlight in 2012 after his sex tape with Bubba the Love Sponge's ex-wife Heather Clem was leaked on the internet. Hogan admitted to Stern that he had lied about his relationship with Heather during his previous interview and said that his relationship with Bubba had been wrecked over the scandal. Read the details here

10. Rachel Maddow - Not long after Howard Stern admitted to having a crush on the MSNBC smarty pants, Maddow turned in a fearless appearance on the Stern Show. Maddow talked about her "love at first sight" relationship with her girlfriend and gave a sound tongue-lashing to Mitt Romney, Rush Limbaugh and the propaganda institution that is Fox News. Read 10 quotes from the Rachel Maddow interview here

11. Nick Cannon - The "America's Got Talent" host appeared on the Stern Show in December and talked about his love for his love for his "good friend" Chris Brown, his love for his wife Mariah Carey and why he masturbates to her music when she's away from home. Read more on the interview here

12. Jonah Hill - The Stern Show favorite returned in March 2012 to talk about his Oscar nomination for "Moneyball," what it's like to be one of the hottest young actors in Hollywood and his new relationship with Dustin Hoffman's daughter Ali. Read more on the interview here

13. Jimmy Fallon - Fallon appeared on the Stern Show in June to promote his new album "Blow Your Pants Off". He talked about what it was like to interview President Barack Obama, and what it was like to give Neil Young his first hit in twenty years with his "Pants on the Ground" cover.

14. Sacha Baron Cohen - The in-your-face attack-actor called into the Howard Stern Show as his character "The Dictator" in August. He revealed that he's a bigger fan of Kim Jong Il than Hitler as far as a "favorite" dictator goes. He also talked about his 188 PhDs.

15. Joe Walsh - The classic rocker appeared to promote his new album "Analog Man" and talked about the downfall of rock thanks to digital recording methods like ProTools. Walsh also talked about his intense drug history and what it's like to hang out with his in-law--Ringo Starr.

16. Chelsea Handler - The bawdy late night talk show hostess talked about what it was liked to be wooed by 50 Cent and what it was like to be hated by industry execs who feel she only got her position by sleeping with Comcast president Ted Harbert. Read more on the interview here

17. Sharon Osbourne - Howard Stern's ex-"AGT" co-judge appeared on the Stern Show in December and revealed the details behind her tiff with NBC. Osbourne said she tried to get her job on the panel back after flipping NBC the bird, but she's now persona non grata at all NBC shows. Osbourne also talked about her double mastectomy, her distaste for Jay Leno and why she told Piers Morgan that the "chemistry" on "AGT" was off this year. Read interview details here

18. D.L. Hughley - The actor/comedian came in to promote his new Comedy Central special and ripped into "SNL" alum turned uber conservative Dennis Miller. Miller apparently accused Hughley of stealing one of his jokes. Hughley's response? "I hate him. I want to fight Dennis Miller so bad!"

19. Henry Winkler - The Fonz appeared on the Howard Stern Show to talk about his latest film "Here Comes the Boom" in October 2012. He talked about his abusive childhood, how he raised his kids differently, and the genius of "Arrested Development" creator Mitch Hurwitz.

20. Roger Moore - The 85-year-old ex-James Bond talked about what it was like to play the world's greatest Casanova while having an extremely small penis. He said his female co-stars frequently giggled at his lack of girth. Moore said he hopes to have a chance to play a Bond villain before he dies and proclaimed Daniel Craig the best Bond ever.
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