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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SAMMY HAGAR visits howard stern


Sammy Hagar stopped by to promote his book, ‘Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock,’ and told Howard the sale of his Cabo Wabo tequila company was the “Biggest thing I’ve ever done in my life.” Robin asked if it was bigger than his music, and Sammy nodded (“Absolutely.”), revealing that he made over $80 million from the company’s sale.


Asked about his time as Van Halen’s frontman, Sammy revealed: “We were the greatest friends on the planet from 85 to 95...but they turned on me. They friggin’ turned on me, man.” Sammy said he already had a successful career before joining the band: “I took a cut in pay, Howard. I really did. I was in multiple arenas too...I was coming home with 70% of my gross. They were coming home with 17%.”

Sammy said he’d been asked to come in and run the show: “I ran the band...When I walked in, it was like they were looking for a fearless leader. Roth was the leader of that band. Like it or not, Ed was the musical guy [and] Roth was the leader.” After multiple reunions, he’s gotten used to being fired-- he expects Joe Satriani, the leader of his latest band, Chickenfoot, to do the same: “He’ll fire me eventually. He’s gonna do it.”


Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock

Sammy blamed the failed ‘Van Halen VS. Van Hagar’ joint tour on David Lee Roth: “Every night he was unreasonable. And every night he tried to get the upper hand.” Sammy said he wished David the best (“I’d love to be friends with those guys again.”) but thought he should come clean, as David (according to Sammy) is clearly bald (“C’mon, Howard. He is.”) and gay: “The way he always dressed and acted, I was like, ‘Well, this guy’s...[gay].”


Sammy said Eddie didn’t make things much easier: “Once Valerie [Bertinelli] had split, he didn’t take care of himself. He’s not that kind of guy.” Sammy said he was comfortable discussing Eddie’s state because his book made the chances of a reunion “on a scale of 0 - 100, about seven below zero.” Still, Sammy said Eddie was obviously better of late: “He looks great. He’s got his teeth back in. He’s got, you know, his hair was short. He had color. He gained a few pounds. That always means he’s on the wagon. The skinnier he is, he’s drinking.”
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